How to increase sales on Amazon in 2023

How to increase sales on Amazon
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Do you want to know how to grow your sales on Amazon?

Well you came to the right place to become an Amazon Seller, here we will offer you everything related to this world of sales on this platform, and what to do to see good numbers for each sale you make.

You can start with an average capital; everything will depend on your interest in selling or the strategies you are going to use to get your products to certain customers; that is why advertising and the price of the items to sell, will determine your process in this Amazon store business.

What to consider to get more sales on Amazon

It is not easy to increase your sales on Amazon from one day to another.

You need a good way to increase sales plan, good advertising and products that attract the attention of your customers; therefore we will offer a series of steps that will help you increase Amazon sales and your income through this platform.

Create a title that catches the attention of the customer; you can choose to place the name of the products plus the specific characteristics of the same; so you can catch the eye of the buyer and arouse their interest in knowing a little more about this article.

When users go for products on Amazon search, the title will be a first poing of contact of your Amazon listings, so make sure it is specific.

By fully breaking down the features of your product listing, you can add photos or images to your products that may be interesting and make you win the buy box.

Enable the comments section, so that these users interested in your product can leave their opinions of it from their Amazon accounts.

Finally, we recommend the use of advertising through different social networks; thanks to these ways to boost product sales you can sell on Amazon without problems.

How can I make my sales on Amazon?

We will present a series of steps that will help you a lot to make your sales on Amazon correctly, these are:

First register on this platform and create your sales plan, you must choose the type of products you are going to sell.

Amazon offers both individual and advanced selling plan with an affordable dollar price for you, in order to help you in this world of buying and selling.

If you are a seller, reseller or owner of your own brand, you will have to create a strategy to supply your sales. Each one will have a different plan and everything will depend on the time invested, capital to be used and products to be launched.

Choose to create your own account as a seller, you will be asked for personal data and card.

Once you have created it, do not hesitate to make your sales on this platform, follow the steps mentioned above and you will notice the growth of your sales on Amazon.

Finally launch your product to the market, having the product well studied, product features and good advertising, take the option to upload it and wait a period of 90 days to see how it turns out the launch of the product.

Optimize your Amazon Product Listing with Keywords

For Amazon SEO it is important that the Amazon product page at the time of being launched has a number of Keywords, in fact it is one of the requirements to sell on Amazon, as it provides advertising your product in Google search options, and Amazon attracts more and more traffic.

Add keywords to your products before selling on Amazon, we recommend you to study well the competition, which are the most used and the purpose of these.

Once you have chosen the keywords of your product, take the initiative to add them to the item you want to offer, and you will have in the future an optimization for better Amazon product ranking and push up the sales opportunities of visits from users asking about that produc

Ask for Customer Product Reviews

As we mentioned earlier in the tips to increase Amazon sales; it is very important to facilitate the comment system, as it helps these users to clarify doubts about the product they are interested in.

The positive side of this, is that as they ask questions about the item and answer each question correctly, you will see the interest of this in buying a particular item, and this will significantly boost your sales on the Amazon marketplace.

There are Google reviews platform where several users discuss certain ideas about some items uploaded on Amazon.

They can be found as good or bad comments on these products.

The ideal is to provide customers with good descriptions of the products, images that attract attention and quality of the products; to get good reviews from them.

As you take care on the quality of your products and also deliver a good customer experience along Amazon, then it is more likely that you will receive positive feedback that can help you to drive more sales.

Use Amazon Advertising

Amazon ads is the future for sales on this platform, it offers an advertising service that not many brands have.

Amazon advertising is an Amazon seller central tool that allows businesses to promote their products and services on

It gives you some information about the management of advertising content to be handled, recommendations and usefulness of some tools that will efficiently optimize your digital business.

Businesses can create ads on Amazon that target customers based on their search terms, Amazon browsing history, and other factors.

Amazon product display ads can appearacross the web on sites that participate in the Amazon Advertising Network.

This way can help you to be found inside the platform and also can help you increase sales.

Leverage of FBA when you sell on Amazon

The FBA is a very useful extension of Amazon, which has successfully allowed the correct organization of purchases and sales of products by users who buy on this platform. 

Fulfillment by Amazon over the years it has become a strategy to sell on Amazon; by simply receiving and distributing these products from Amazon warehouses.

Through the Amazon inventory management, you can check your stock levels and know when you have to send more products to the warehouse.

It has been a great way to offer lower shipping times that make users more comfortable when buying online.

Take advantage of this option, since it will give you security of what you are selling that very few virtual stores have.

If you use this tool correctly and offer a quality product to your customers, you will notice a noticeable growth of your online sales on Amazon.

Promote your Amazon Brand Store in Social Media

If you want to increase sales on Amazon then you need a good management of social media.

Social media is a great tool to generate traffic to your Amazon listing and for driving additional sales.

You can get customers easily through social networks like Facebook, Instagram Youtube, Linkedin and TikTok.

You can also make advertising content on theses platforms to present information about the product, such as the name of the product, prices or promotions, features and the link that directs these customers to the section of Amazon where you are selling a certain product.

Use Jungle Scout Software to Increase your Amazon Sales

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is one of the best software for Amazon sellers that has great utility for the search of the big trends of the huge Amazon market.

It is one of the great tools to make more sales for those Amazon business sellers who are very focused on the popularity of their product.

Amazon sellers can take the initiative to enter Jungle Scout platform to find out a little about the product launched by the competition, Amazon search results volume, investigate Amazon PPC and coming across the most influential keywords, features and subtitles.

This is one of the best alternatives that you should take advantage of before launching your product on Amazon for selling products.

How much are Amazon's commissions for selling?

If you are new to this business of selling on Amazon, you should know that this platform charges a certain commission for each successful sale, and this varies from 6 to 45% with an average of 15%.

This commission may or may not be in your favor; because if you have a set price to recover your profits and you present a somewhat low capital, you will depend in some way on the sale of your product and quickly to recover your investment.

Getting to the point of lowering the price for immediate sale, to recover these profits you will have to pay this small commission that could be extra in your business for this platform.

What products can be sold on Amazon?

Below we will present you a lita of items that will help you a lot to increase your sales on Amazon, we will also add some recommendations for the quick sale of this type of products, these are:

⦁ Fashion accessories and garments.

⦁ Electronic devices.

⦁ Books or songs.

Fashion accessories and apparel: Currently 80% of sales on Amazon are apparel, necklaces, shoes and others. For the sale of this type of product, it is important to know the current demand for these, buy a whole lot at a considerable price and place a price that is accessible to the customer and that can help you recover your investment.

Electronic devices: In the second position we will place the sales of laptops, telephones, appliances and televisions.

It is highly recommended to place a tentative title of such product, complete description of it, that the product catches the customer’s attention, place photo of it and make sure that it is of quality and has no problems.

Literature or songs: For the third position we have books and songs, which can be sold according to the genre that the customer is looking for or by the author and musician corresponding to these.

In the case of music, some sellers add the name of the song, the album to which it belongs, the creator of the song and its price.

If it is a book, the full name of certain literature would be added, if it is a saga, the saga number, author and finally the corresponding synopsis.

Is it efficient to sell on Amazon?

Of course it is, it all depends on how you manage this virtual store.

Thanks to Amazon, it has increased the income rate for many born sellers, just by using the right strategy.

To be efficient in this type of work, you should focus on the products you are offering, do some research on the competition, alternate prices and the demand for certain items on Amazon.

In this business, it will not only depend on your mobility on a certain platform, but also on the tastes of those users when they visualize your sales proposal.

Is it possible to make a living from this type of sales on Amazon?

If it is possible to dedicate yourself to this work, on the other hand, you must be aware that there are several factors at play that will determine your stability in this type of work, such as the time invested, money to invest, current capital and the popularity you have on this platform.

Starting on Amazon is not easy and it costs a little bit to maintain, so we recommend that you know how to invest your time and know how to manage your sales on a certain platform.

Focus on the best-selling products, set good prices that provide accessibility to the customer and ensure the recovery of your investment.


Can I start on Amazon without inventory?

You can start with a base capital of approximately $500 to $100, buying a variety of items that are highly popular on Amazon, i.e. that sell quickly.

When buying the products, choose to make your launch on this platform and make sure to place a price that guarantees the recovery of your investment in the long term, in order not to make a loss.

Starting with or without inventory will depend a lot on how you use the sales strategies on Amazon, because if you launch a product that sells very little and at a crazy price, you will notice losses over time. 

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