How to get a Digital Marketing Job

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How to get a Digital Marketing Job
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My story on how I got a Digital Marketing Job

When I was 13, I remember that as a hobby on a holiday vacation that i visited my older brother in Monterrey, I started to use Adobe Flash to create cartoon animations.

We had to stay during the mornings at his house, until his family was free so that we can go out. Therefore, I started to spent some time in his Mac learning about keyframes and how Flash worked.

While studying my business bachelor degree, I started to do some side courses in Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Photography, Social Media and Online Marketing. My mother always pushed me to keep learning things as a side. One never knows when that knowledge would be used.

After my graduation I came back to the family business, which is a furniture store. At that time I just created some posts for Facebook and push them with Facebook Ads. As well in that time I was into learning about blogging and how to make money online, therefore I got more into the WordPress world.

Then, while I was studying my master in Germany, I had to find a job since my savings account was obviously decreasing, therefore I started a search in the university job portal and I found a student job at a company that was actually in the same city where I lived, and they were looking for someone with experience with WordPress, Social Media and basic knowledge of Digital Marketing.

At that moment I thought, this is just perfect for me! I have all of those skills, plus  the company is international so so I could have a better chance since my german level was very low.

I didn’t hesitate to write my cover letter stating that I have done some courses in social media, that I knew the basics of Adobe Creative Cloud, and I have worked with WordPress thanks to my blog. I also stated that my german was not really good, but I hoped that with time it could be better.

Couple days after I received an e-mail that my documents were going to be checked. Then I got a call from my former boss, she was talking in German, and I barely understand what she said, but I did understand that it was about setting up an interview, which I only answered to yes, please, send me the information by email. xD

I didn’t knew that much about ARP and Bechtle, until I started to research even more. I got an intervew at the main headquarters in Neckarsulm to one of the biggest IT companies from Europe. :O That day I dressed pretty formal, as used in Mexico, but then I noticed I could have been a bit too formal when I saw my former bosses.

As in many interviews the background questions were not missing. But what caught more the attention of them was that I have worked on developing my blog and how big was my current email listing, which at that moment I had around 20 subscribers. 

Since my profile was for a student job, and I did fulfill the profile of a content creator, I received an offer and started to work at ARP Europe on March 2017. Who would have known that all my side hustles in digital marketing would have give me an opportunity to land in a dream job.


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Start by your own

And that is probable a big advantage of those who want to get a job in Digital Marketing, you can just start by your own.

The cost of starting a career at Digital Marketing is none. As simple as being a Youtuber and learning how to edit your first videos can lead you to become a video content creator.

Of course, preparation and traning will make you a better and more skillful marketer, but now I do believe that in the digital marketing world, there is actually no need for a degree.

How many examples of people who just have a great idea helped them to become famous in a matter of months, weeks, days or even seconds.

Therefore, there is no excuse if you want to get a job in Digital Marketing. It is a matter of putting up the work to develop onself in this area.

Select your desired Digital Marketing area

Digital Marketing has a wide range of different roles where one can develop him or herself.

Besides Content Creation there are Social Media Management, Email Marketing, Performance Marketing, Content Strategy, E-Commerce Development, Social Ads, SEO, SEM, Affiliate Marketing, Digital PR, Social Selling and so on.

Of course, you can become a Digital Marketing Ninja and try to dominate most of all the skills needed, but in Digital Marketing is needed a team, otherwise it will be too much for one person to handle al the tasks that are required.

So try to create your own blog and if you want to develop yourself in analytics, then give a push to your website to start learning how the traffic is generated, how much time people are spending on your site, and as more data you collect, then you will have enough information to start analyzing.

This way you can get prepared for your future desired job.

Upgrade your skills

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And as you work on your personal project or if you get an internship, search for some digital marketing courses that can help you to improve your skills.

There are several digital marketing courses that are available online, some are free like the ones from Google and Hubspot, but also you can find good institutes which will develop you further in specific topics.

If sending Resumes are not working, then start networking or freelancing

This point can be one of the most frustrating when searching for a job in general, and it is to be sending resumes all around and not landing at least an interview.

And this can bring a bit of disappointment and the desire to search back a job where you already have experience.

Therefore, here it is recommended to start searching for digital marketing fairs or events where you can start networking. There are plenty of them worldwide, and you can even assist for free and digitally to some of them. Start connecting with key people of the industry that might give you advices.

Also, starting as a freelancer will give you the experience needed. So start contacting directly companies to offer your services, you might start to get some projects, and if the company is actually interested in you, they might even send you an offer to work directly with them inside the organization.


Work on Personal Branding in your desired area

Also, the use of social media, specially Linkedin, will be a key player if you want to showcase your skills.

Start creating content and try to set yourself as an thought leader on your desired area.

The advantage on platforms such as Linkedin, is that the same algorithm will give exposure to people outside your network, therefore the opportunity to be known from one potential recruiter or decision maker are higher.

Learn how to generate traffic, leads and converions

And overall, this is probably one of the most important skills required for digital marketing, and it is traffic, lead and conversion generation.

For some it might be one of the most difficult tasks, but if you are able to show that you can get results at a lower costs, it will give you a big advantage to set you into the eyes of any business.

Business that doesn’t make up sells or generate income, will hardly grow up. And if you are able to show that in your project you created a method or have achieved some results by your own, surely this could bring the attention to you.

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