How to become an influencer

While many kids used to wonder how to be an astronaut, a doctor, or a lawyer, today a new interest has grown, and that is how to become an influencer. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just a natural evolution.

Read on to understand all the details of a business that many still think is just leisure, but, handled the right way, it can take you to great places.

How to Become an Influencer
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Why is it trending how to become an influencer?

At this point we will try to solve why it is trending how to become an influencer by taking a global look at the reasons why the world, in general, has adopted them and considers them useful:

Good for sales

The first thing to keep in mind is the ability of influencers to help brands, no matter if they are big or small, to sell their products or services. 

It is important to keep in mind that there are truly few things that are able to promote a product by word of mouth, being influencer marketing a clear opportunity to take advantage of this power especially those personalities that have consumers who not only follow, but also admire.

Dominate social networks

We can’t skip the fact that being an influencer means having a big presence on social networks.

This is perhaps because they are dedicated to updating their profiles often, unlike many other celebrities who, some of them, do not even manage their accounts. 

The above only helps to create a better atmosphere of credibility among their followers. Apart from that, it cannot be forgotten that they are capable of taking their communities to more than one platform if they start managing their social networks in a smart way.

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Young people identify more with them than with many celebrities.

Another reason to become an influencer lies in the fact that nowadays consumers, especially if they are young, are already able to accept that celebrities are a despot business where what they do almost never shows us their reality. 

On the other hand, what many influencers do is reach out to the public using a unique channel, and this is by showing aspects of their life, if not all of it, which helps to humanize them among people and create a great deal of trust.

They are big business because of their ability to advertise.

Nowadays influencers are a very economical alternative when it comes to advertising.

This is what makes that you can not only earn for the content you make, but also for contracts with brands. 

Although we must accept that the payment to influencers for advertising is still well below what it should be, it is never too early to start to get a foothold in the platforms and enjoy the benefits even when they are in development.

Then entering that bubble could be more complicated.

How to become an influencer?

There is no exact formula on how to be an influencer, however, there are certain points that must be taken into account to get there in the best way. In the end, we have seen great personalities being forgotten for never evolving the way their reach grows:

1. Master a subject

At least in the beginning, you can’t expect to be an influencer on everything. You have to stick to a topic and exploit it as best you can. You should look for what you are knowledgeable in and make it interesting for the general public.

If you want to cover too many things you will lose credibility with brands.

2. You must not lie to agencies, or to brands.

What you should seek to do at all times is to create an honest engagement with your followers, make them loyal to you.

This makes the difference even from those who may have millions, but don’t pay attention to them. In the end, what matters is the way they interact.

3. You must take care of your spelling and writing

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While it is true that not everyone reviews their texts meticulously before uploading them to their profiles, it should be taken into account that not only our image can affect our popularity.

Writing correctly also means sending a clear message not only to the community, but also to brands.

4. Don't pretend to lie to your followers

Being open and honest with your community is part of being a good influencer. Especially if you are trying to sell them a product.

It’s easier to be clear than to try to disguise it.

5. You have to stay involved

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We know that we all have a life beyond, however, if you want to position yourself as a real influencer you will need to stay involved.

And this is something that applies to both your community and brands, because you will need to engage with both parties.

6.The higher the quality of your photographs, and videos, the better

You should not skimp on investing some time in taking good pictures and editing them in the right way. In social networks, the level of demand within this specific point increases more and more.

Especially if you want to have a good reach on social networks like Instagram.

7. Improve your social skills

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You must not forget for a second that you must show sympathy not only with your community, but also for those who accompany you in this profession.

Although collaborations are important, sometimes the bonds of friendship that are created make all the difference.

8. Always try to be yourself

The tip in how to be an influencer often lies in being yourself.

This is something that can be highlighted in how you write, or the way you take photos, even the way you address your followers.

9. You need to be consistent

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Every good influencer must be a born content creator. If you want to stay in the minds of your community, and the eye of the brands, what you must do is to keep a constant rhythm in your publications.

10. Never lose the desire!

Becoming an influencer is not an easy task, and you can’t be willing to just give up. It will be days of stress, working all hours, and being careful how you expose yourself, but it will definitely be worth it if it’s what you want.

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Which social networks should be used?

In the case of discussing which networks should be used to be an influencer, the answer is very broad, since the presence on different platforms is vital.

However, there are some that are at the top, and they are the following:


It is the social network that gives the best results at the moment, apart from being the one that has grown the most in the last couple of years. Influencers can reach their audience and consolidate them, either with posts or stories, the most consumed.


What began as a platform to see our favorite artists, today is the home of many influencers and the channel for a large number of brands to give sponsored advertising to their products. Among the most demanded profiles are those of video games, leisure, beauty and entertainment.


Although it seems like only yesterday when we first heard about it, it has managed to gain a lot of importance especially among gamers. What is done on this platform is live streaming, and many have adopted it because of the need that existed in this area.


Although it was first known as, younger people have taken it to the top especially during the forties because of COVID-19. There is everything, interesting facts, comedy and jokes, choreography, playback, and of course brands take advantage of the millions that some move to make their agreements and make it much more profitable.

Focus on growing and your purpose, then on monetizing.

Now that we have reached the point that many people are interested in, but can not have as a priority when starting, because it makes you lose focus, let’s talk about how to monetize on social media.

Because it seems like a secret among the bubble of existing influencers. 

First of all, you should know that it is not the same procedure that you can follow from one to another, since each platform has its own guidelines when it comes to defining those profiles that can be monetized, and those that do not meet their standards. 

That is why we recommend that you consult specifically with the platform in question. However, there are factors that do not vary in them, and what really matters is the number of followers you have, and the way in which you interact with them, to benefit from your account. 

Some account can be monetized through advertising, or some others might be contacted for sponsored posts.

And, once you have monetized your profile, the most important thing is to stick to the rules of the kind of content that this platform is willing to benefit.

Because, when you become monetized, the social network will become much stricter censoring and demonetizing everything that does not go with its intentions.

But as previously mention, the main focus should be on sharing your desired message and making it stronger, the money surely will follow.

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