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If you don’t want to keep wasting time uploading and downloading employee data and tracking information for each department, you need a human resource information system software that makes your life much easier.

If you are part of a company’s human resources team or you are in charge of a group of people, Freeshworks manages your employees easily.

Currently there are activities that can be automated, helping to gain productivity time and speed in business management, so it is important to know everything that Freshworks HRIS has for you and the benefits you can get by testing all its tools.

This is one of the best human resources for small business.

What is Freshteam, the Freshworks HRIS software?

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The amount of information and data that are handled in the human resources department of a company, are usually quite extensive and with many turns to access the entire list of features.

To facilitate the storage of these databases with employee information in one place, you need HRIS software, which will be responsible for setting up an information system for all your staff.

An HRIS helps you to manage payroll, time-off and leave management, check out the lifecycle of new employees, set up the onboarding and probation period and more organizational details that a growing business has to take control of.

This software is used through Freshteam, an application created by Freshworks, with the intention of facilitating access to employee databases, better communication and interaction with your work group and with the necessary tools to have an excellent work organization.

What is Freshteam HRIS?

The solution to your personnel organization problems.

Through the HR management system you can enter all the data of a group of employees, obtaining a personalized database in just minutes and being able to make edits, follow-ups, tracking and analyzing elements attached to each of the employees, ex-employees and new hires or applicants.

What Freshteam seeks is to automate the work of the human resources department, where the basis is in the planning and possible decision making depending on the analysis of the data located in the system.

In a nutshell, HRIS software works as a platform with information that supports workforce planning to improve the employee experience.

Through Freshteam HRIS system, you can do the activities that are normally done manually, in an automated way and using the tools that the software presents to you. Personnel management will become child’s play using the database that HRIS provides, allowing HR companies to plan, plan, save time, effort and money.

Freshteam Pricing

Freshteam HR software, presents different options to give your growing company what it needs to have a better organization.

From free plans testing the basic tools of Freshteam, to the most popular plan chosen by most companies to manage their staff.

To know what you can get by hiring the services of Freshworks HRIS software, it is important that you know how much Freshteams HRIS costs and know everything that the free trial offers.

Growth Plan

$ 71 Monthly + $1.20 per Employee
  • 20 active job postings
  • Document management
  • Multiple time off types

Pro Plan

$ 119 Monthly + $2.40 per Employee
  • 20 active job postings
  • Custom onboarding & offboarding checklists
  • Employee fields based on location

Pro Plan

$ 203 Monthly + $4.80 per Employee
  • Unlimited active job postings
  • Unlimited Onboarding and Offboarding checklists
  • Custom User Roles

Free Plan

The basic plan of Freshteam HRIS, allows you to configure all your HR processes.

Absolutely no cost, Freshteam offers you the capacity to store up to fifty workers. 

As for applicant tracking, it gives you three active job postings, customizable recruitment and an organized process.

Additionally, you can view all available job candidates and employee references. 

For HRIS, this tool provides the basics of employee profiles, allows you to build an employee list and gives you the resources necessary to make organization charts. 

When it comes time off management, you have access to the fundamentals of time off management with a dashboard for handling vacation requests.

Growth Plan

The Freshworks HRIS Growth Plan comes at a price of $71 plus $1.20 per extra personnel added. 

It provides the following features: Resume organization, 20 open roles in operational state, automated processes, personalization of the workspace, document control, massive data transfer, two regulations for managing leave, two adjustable time off schedules and reports to oversee human resources activities.

Pro Plan

The Freshteam HRIS Pro plan, to streamline your HR staff and all the tools you need to manage your employees easily.

It requires a fee of $119 per month in addition to $2.40 for each additional staff member. 

The product provides the ability to supervise personnel, as well as tools for controlling offer letters and the ability to issue up to 100 job offers.

It also affords access to a welcome kit and aids with producing both on-boarding and off-boarding checklists. 

Additionally, it allows access to job fields by region, all desired time off schedules, and policies for applying an infinite amount of time off.

Enterprise Plan

The Freshteam HRIS Enterprise package has been developed for businesses in the HR sector who have intricate and sophisticated requirements. 

For every additional staff member, it will cost an extra $4.08 on top of the base price of $203.

This plan contains all the features of the Pro plan, plus: unrestricted job postings; boundless checklists; custom user roles; improved safety through IP address alteration; rapid and straightforward data transfer; account assistance.

You can take a free trial of any of the plans to learn about Freshworks HRIS tools to manage your employees quickly and easily.

features of HRIS Freshteam

The operation of Freshteam HRIS is based on the automation of activities within a database that you can feed constantly and without losing important information.

Basically, the use of Freshteam HRIS is based on the following activities:

Capture and personalization of employee information.

Through this type of HRIS software tools you can customize forms for data capture and drag and drop information into templates.

You can try Fresteam HRIS for free to learn more about this feature.

Document Storage

Through the storage tool, you can enter all employee data to organize your HR information in a single sector and be able to access them quickly, speeding up the process of emptying and retrieving data.

Feel free to use Freshteam HRIS free trials to understand this tool.

Human Resources Analysis

Through the analysis that the HRIS software performs on your human resources data you can make appraisal decisions to manage and administer your employees easily and quickly.

All the information that the analytics can manage, you can view it for free in Freshteam HRIS.

Self-service portal

Give your employees access to perform activities on their own, such as managing their tasks, requesting time off and uploading documents for HR.

Your employees can create their own database, avoiding failures in the managed information.

Benefits of HRIS Freshteam

Freshteam HRIS offers a number of benefits that differentiate the software from other tools available on the market.

For example, with Freshteam software you have the following advantages:

Tools to recruit new staff, track, analyze and manage applications.

Automated onboarding and offboarding of employees

Allows your staff to manage time off and leave of absence.

Optimize employee data workload through Freshteam’s software.

Freshteam HRIS software allows complete management for your employees, from scheduling interviews to terminating staff.

All this and much more to help you manage your employees from your HR team.

The main advantage of HRIS software for stakeholders is the freedom it gives to all staff and the speed with which activities can be performed.

Who can take advantage of the Freshteam human resource information system?

Being a software dedicated to the human resources department or to the activities that such department would perform, Freshteam HRIS, can be used freely by any professional in the area of business management, administration and human resources.

If you are a business psychologist, human resources technician, business administration graduate or HR practitioner you can try the tools offered by the HRIS software, in order to know everything it offers to manage your employees quickly.

Freshteam HRIS, is an excellent bet for those growing companies that need to avoid human errors and automate activities that help reduce time and money that can be invested in other departments.

If you want to learn about and try Freshteam HRIS for free, go to their official website and start your free HRIS trial and be part of the largest human resources and personnel management team.

Save time and automate your life.

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