Useful Free SEO Marketing Tools

Keep reading to learn more about how some online free seo marketing tools can help with some minor but also important tasks.

Free SEO Marketing Tools
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What tasks are needed for Digital Marketing?

In the online world, and specially for the digital marketing area, sometimes there might be required to do some tasks that they are beneficial for different purposes.

Sometimes tasks such as converting from jpg to WebP is a task that Photoshop is still not really feasable without any addon, therefore an online marketing tool can be help with such tasks.

As well, when a website is being developed, and a text content is still not reaady, then it is highly common to use the Lorem Ipsum generator to have some generic text that can be used to fill. Such type of tool is helpful to visualize how a font looks and overall how a space on a website is seen with text on it.

A ninja digital marketer knows that there are tasks such as the previously mentioned and that a marketing tool is needed for some help.

Some other examples of tasks that might be small but also important could be word counter, password generator, QR code generator, color palette generator, and image compression.

The main advantage of searching of for online marketing tools is that some are already free and can be easily used.

Therefore and unless more features are required, there is practically no need to get expensive software that where the end result can be obtained for free.

And what about free tools for SEO?

Specially for the SEO world, there are tools that are mostly used such a backlinks checker.

Knowing a website profile can also give information about from which other websites are the backlinks coming from. This can be useful to find out also which backlinks are the competitors websites having.

As well, it can give an idea to which other websites can be contacted to do some guest post, in order to do some blooger outreach and work on the backlink strategy.

Another very important tool that is commonly used for SEO is a keyword finder.

Keywords are an important aspect of SEO, since search engine recognize pieces of content according to the keywords that are being used in the text.

Using a keyword finder gives content ideas to marketers and have an overview of what keywords are having a big amount of search volume and also what is the difficulty to rank for the respective keyword. A good content marketing strategy has previously done its research with such tool, therefore the content that will be written is accordig and in line to the insights that were found in the marketing tool.

One important aspect to analyze from a website are the broken links. Broken links are not good for SEO since they lead to a dead end, or also called the 404 pages, which are just pages with no content.

As websites grow and they create more and more content, there will be posts and pages that might have some links that are connecting to sites that might already be down, were deleted or have changed the url. Therefore, a broken link checker can help to crawl a website and find out if there is any link that is having an error.

As well, checking out the website traffic can give an estimated value of what a website has, and if it will be worth either to link to it, or even buy it.

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