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Frase is the ideal SEO Content Optimization Tool and AI Writer, with such a simple name it’s very easy to overlook it.

But once you get to know its features to create content you realize it’s everything you need, and more.

Learn what Frase is and how it works, plus get a detailed look at each of its plans, and find out why you should choose it over any other similar tool.

What is Frase IO?

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Frase, also often referred to as, is a very interesting SEO tool in the world of content optimization.

It is an ideal AI content tool for those who want to save a lot of time when it comes to SEO, improve their content and take its quality to another level.

And maybe the whole time saving thing seems like taking shortcuts, and we know that in the world of SEO shortcuts are not good at all.

But the reality is that it has a set of functionalities that make very simple tasks that could take a bit of time without the writing and SEO tool.

And that’s precisely where the key is, Frase takes care of simplifying the procedures for good SEO optimization.

It is not one of those AI templates tools that promises to work for you, but rather to help you so that the time you spend working really on content marketing pays off on your search results.

On the other hand, Frase has the ability to analyze your main competitors that are already ranked on the first pages of Google to help you understand what headings, questions, keywords they have included, and then be able to help you optimize your content quickly and easily in a similar way to enter the playing field.

Frase AI writing generation helps to create new content that will lead you to success that is based on what has worked for others.

Frase Pricing Plans

The first thing we will mention is that the Frase provides freelance content marketers a 5-day trial of its functions for only $1, so it can be a great opportunity to find out if it is profitable for you or not to purchase a package.

And having already brought the word up, the answer to how much Frase costs will depend on the package you choose, as well as the way you have to pay for it (since it can be either monthly or annual payments).

So, the packages you have access to are as follows:

$ 14
  • 1 User Seat
  • Write + Optimize 4 Articles / month
  • Generate 20,000 AI Characters / month
$ 44
  • 1 User Seat
  • Write + Optimize 30 Articles / month
  • Generate 20,000 AI Characters / month
$ 114
  • 3 User Seats ($25/mo per extra)
  • Write + Optimize Unlimited Articles
  • Generate 20,000 AI Characters / month

Solo Plan

The cost of the plan is $14 per month if you pay monthly, in the case of paying annually it will drop to $12. It has been designed for those new projects that require up to 1 article per week.

What you can expect to be included is:

1 user post.

Write + optimize 4 articles per month.

Generate 20,000 AI characters per month.

Basic Plan

The cost of the plan is $44.99 per month if paid monthly, in the case of paying annually it will drop to $37. It has been designed for organizations that have a content plan and SEO goals.

The points that are included in the plan are:

1 user post.

Write + optimize 30 articles per month.

Generate 20,000 AI characters per month.

Team Plan

The cost of the plan is $114.99 per month if paid monthly, in the case of paying annually it will drop to $97. It has been designed for teams that have the need for greater flexibility and collaboration.

What you can expect the plan to include is:

3 user seats (in case you want extras it will be $25 per month for each).

Write + optimize unlimited articles.

Generate 20,000 AI characters per month.

Pro Add-on

The Pro SEO add-on is priced at $35 per month.

It will give you unlimited AI characters, as well as other premium features that you can add if you wish, such as SERP data enrichment and AI phrase writer.

Frase Features

We have already told you how much it costs, but you should also know how Frase works.

In spite of everything we have mentioned above, there are a series of add-ons included in each plan that give life to the tool.

So, to understand a little more about how tools like Frase works, let’s take a look at everything that Frase can help us with.

AI-generated content summaries.

It has the ability to automatically generate detailed SEO content briefs capable of helping writers execute to a content that ranks, reaching the top positions in different search engine result lists.

Easy document sharing

You will have the ability to send editable links to your freelance writers, what they will do is edit the documents without the need for them to have a seat. This will help you save extra money in case you have more copywriting editors than seats within the plan you have chosen.

Google Search Console

Allows you to have a site-wide content analysis done integrated with Google Search Console data so that the results can be applied in order to improve SEO and you can start benefiting to optimize high-quality SEO content.

Content Scoring

Another feature of Frase invites you not to rely on your intuition, as it has the ability with its built-in content grader to guide your writers to come up with the perfect article based on the keywords they intend to target. Remember that today it's all about the whole when creating high-quality SEO content in minutes, and not just repeating a word over and over again.

Project status settings

This user-friendly software gives writers the ability to update the status so that, as a project leader, you are immediately informed of the tasks that are completed and thus the workflow is better.

Custom Templates

Allows the creation of your own templates to serve as guidelines and customization for using the Frase AI tool.

Content Editor

Frase has an intuitive content editor, which has all the features of the best word processors so you have the ideal SEO solution for generating content with natural language processing in one place.

Team project folders

To ensure that you work in a more orderly way you can organize documents in folders either for the team or for the clients, in case you are an agency that provides the service for creating content briefs, short-form content and long-form content.

Outline generator

To close with the functions of Frase, it allows you to compose an new document outline using various data points of type of content, including the automatic suggestion, people also ask, and many more so that you have a concept as complete as your project needs.

What sets this SEO tool apart from other Frase Alternatives like Jasper and Surfer SEO?

If your question is why choose Frase over other best SEO content optimization tools like Surfer SEO, perhaps we should start by mentioning that it has the ability to perform most of the analysis that would take hours to do manually in just a couple of minutes.

As well, it is an affordable software available that have access to the AI writer tool that delivers original content.

Also, in the world of SEO, the verifiable reputation of the tools we choose matters a lot, and Frase offers good quality solutions for content creators.

And if we go to their official website we can see how many major brands openly use the software to rank on the internet.

Frase not only gives you a glimpse of the competition, but also gives you the keys to use the content optimization features for in-depth content.

And it is not only about analyzing your competitors content but also to know what you need to know to position yourself at their level, but to know what is necessary to have a better performance SEO-friendly content.

On the other hand, using Frase is very simple to use when you need to create plagiarism free content.

It won’t take you or your team a day to learn about using this tool and be able to use it to its full potential to make more informed decisions.

In addition, its possibility opens up a range of online tutorials that you can access for free so that you can clear up any doubts you may have.

You already know what functions it can offer you, as well as what monthly subscription plans have been designed for you.

But it is also important to emphasize the fact that their support is a success and if you hire them you will be able to communicate with them whenever you need to avoid wasting time.

Who can take advantage of Frase Io?

Frase has been designed for all agencies and individuals who intend to take their SEO content to another level. It is a tool that guides so well that you don’t need to be an expert in the area to be able to take full advantage of each of its plans.

Whether you have writers working for you, or you own an agency and have clients to offer SEO content excellence to, Frase is a very good option to raise the game and enter an environment of excellence that will take you to the top of the results lists.


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