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Envato Elements vs PremiumBeat
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Carlos' Opinion
Envato Elements vs PremiumBeat.

When we talk about free royalty audio, there are multiple websites that can offer different soundtracks to be used.

Videos without background sound are almost just a few.

And creating Youtube Videos without adding that extra sound that makes it more special, seems to be quite difficult.

There are some sound libraries from Youtube and Facebook that can help you to find free music, but the music there is quite limited.

Therefore sometimes it is needed to pay for more extense music libraries.

Shutterstock has PremiumBeat as their sound library.

And as in the comparison of Envato Elements vs Shutterstock, Shutterstock aims to be a bit higher content quality website.

Premiumbeat offers different soundtracks that seem to be good quality, but the price is a lot higher than Envato Elements.

So again, the question is, which would be your need for content creation and what audio are you looking for?

Envato Elements has a wide variety of audio that can be used for different digital projects.

The negative aspect that I see on Envato Elements, that some of the audio content is already preregistered, and you will have to keep showing the audio license on Youtube for certain files.

So that means, that yes you have the license, but have to show it again to Youtube. It is double work.

When I use Envato Elements audio, I search for those soundtracks that are not registered on Youtube, to avoid this extra work.

Getting 5 tracks per month for nearly $65 is not an option for me, therefore price is a decision breaker for not choosing PremiumBeat.

For almost the same price, I am getting besides audio, also WordPress Themes, Image and Video Stock, Graphic Design Assets, and more.

Envato Elements vs PremiumBeat.

Envato Elements is a tool that helps in the creation of designs for images, videos and so on.

It has a free version, as well as a paid version.

It also helps to create music and add musical effects to videos, and other recordings that we implement into our digital projects.

As well as this tool, there are many others that are capable of creating sound effects.

These kinds of platforms have become very useful as time goes by, one of them is PremiumBeat.

PremiumBeat has shocked the world with its amazing options.

We will give you moredetails about this tool so that you can compare and make the decision that suits you best!

What is PremiumBeat?

PremiumBeat offers all kinds of high quality soundtracks and sound effects so that they can be implemented in various types of projects, including commercials, videos for social networks, slideshows, presentations, video games, or TV shows.

People recommend this website precisely because it offers a complete license of an extremely extensive list of material, that can be used for all types of projects.

The good thing about this website, is that once paid, we have freedom of use of all the stock, without having to give mention to the authors or the platform.

That is to say, it gives us the total certainty that we are buying the copyright, so that our work will not be affected in the future.

In addition, the library found on this page, not only is royalty-free, it has to offer music that is at the height of a professional recording studio, therefore it is not strange that many consider using this tool for their projects.

PremiumBeat is part of the Shutterstock family, which is a global technology company, and which is popular for being one of the first choices for people who work in the creative musical or audiovisual area.

This company is responsible for various tools that help access images, videos, music and effects that have helped and facilitated the work of creating content, in many aspects.

It is also mainly used in various parts of the world, highlighting mainly in European countries, to later conquer spaces in the United States and Canada, and just in recent years is that it has gained great notoriety in Latin America and part of the Caribbean.

The material found in PremiumBeat is completely adaptable to both new and traditional projects.

It is all a matter of knowing the intentions of the work we want to do, and so we will take into account each of the parts of our project so that it comes out in the best possible way.

An example of this would be, if we are going to create a promotional video for a video game.

If the theme of the video game is about emperors, we have to get a soundtrack with historical and royal sense.

Now if the video game is about cooking, a pop sound will be enough.

On the other hand, if we want a beauty products commercial, we have to choose a nice and subtle sound, and if we want to promote an urban clothing line, the sound should be somewhat street, 90’s Rap style or similar.

We are clear that there are different types of projects, and therefore there are millions of ways to develop, the important thing is that you know what you want, and how you want to get it.

In order to help you, PremiumBeat offers you a wide range of audio material so that you can choose the one you like the most, and the one that suits you best.

PremiumBeat is more than focused on their work.

Their staff is a team of high quality producers and designers, all passionate about design, music and art.

And their greatest inspiration is precisely the company they work for, which is growing day by day.

The goal of this tool is to satisfy each of the customers, this through high quality music, with simple and accessible licenses, customer service 24 hours a day, and of course, services that only this system can offer.

Advantages and Disadvantages of

In this part of the article, we will write in a more specific way, the advantages of this music creation alternative, so that you can decide if it is the right one for you.

Advantages of PremiumBeat.

Royalty-free music.

It can be used for both personal and professional projects.

Its music is varied, so there is a high probability that you will find the material you are looking for.

It comes from Shutterstock, which is a company that already has an excellent reputation in the market.

It is recommended by creative professionals.

Disadvantages of PremiumBeat.

Its price is way higher in comparison to Envato Elements.

There is a possibility that when implementing a track from this platform, you do not get credit, since you are using something that has already been created by someone else.

Being a popular program, there are already several people who have already implemented their tracks, especially those who have been in the store for years.

Envato Elements vs PremiumBeat.

Of course it worth mentioning that both are excellent tools, each one works in its own way, and has different features to offer, but to make a final comparison, the following aspects will be taken into account:

Envato Elements costs $14.50 and PremiumBeat costs $64.95 for 5 tracks.

The quality of both is considerable, but PremiumBeat takes more seriously the diversity of tracks, as well as their sound, and their classification.

PremiumBeat offers barely 5 tracks per month, a stingy number compared to Envato Elements.

The license offered by PremiumBeat is a smaller amount than the one offered by Envato Elements.

Now taking this into account, we can see that there are reasonable differences and that it is not strange that some people prefer Envato Elements, because it brings many more benefits, and at a lower price.

Still, only you know what your project needs, so you are the only one who can choose.

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