Envato Elements Review

Envato Elements is a subscription to access 1,000,000+ of digital assets such as stock video, stock images, wordpress plugins, graphics, logo & business cards templates, after effects templates, motion graphics, music, sound effects and more. The monthly price is of 14.5€ plus local taxes.  

Envato Elements
Envato Elements Review

Envato Elements is one of the best platforms for content creators who are aiming to have digital assets for image, video, web design and more digital projects that require plenty of files without worrying about licensing.  

Price: 16.5

Price Currency: USD

Editor's Rating:


  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Hundreds of files for Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, WordPress, Power Point
  • WordPress Plugin


  • Can't keep using files after cancelation.
  • Complicated Music License for Youtube

Does Envato Elements Worth It?

Short answer, yes, Envato Elements worth the price, because for starters it is a relatively low price compared to other paid subscriptions or assets the are found in other subscription services.

Envato Elements worth it for content creators and WordPress web developers, because it has any typo of creative asset for different digital projects such as the typical stock photos and video displays that are royalty-free, plus it includes WordPress themes and plugins as well as other platforms web template kits that thanks to its plugin, it can also help to create better websites faster.

The commercial license terms are actually easy to understand, and as long you are subscribed, there is nothing to worry about.

The major questions came when you look to cancel your subscription, and the projects that were finished during the subscription will have the corresponding license.

My Envato Elements User Experience

For me, it has been nearly 4 years of using Envato Elements, and there are no regrets.

I do consider that paying the nearly $200 per year are worth it, since I use the material to create different kind of projects that I mix up with popular software such Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, plus the files that are focused for WordPress.

As I have mentioned in my videos and also here in this blog, if you are more of a digital marketing ninja, and need a platform that can serve you with million digital assets, than Envato Elements is perfect for both commercial and personal projects.

As easy to access the Envato Elements account and just use the search bar to look for the file that you need.

Of course, sometimes there will be times that there are no files that meet your quality standards, but if you have the right creative skills, you can fix them up.

The Envato Elements library of images increased when they added up the Twenty20 platform, which some of their images can be considered good and high quality.

The audio tracks and audio files section is not my favorite, as some audios are already preregistered, and you don’t have broad commercial rights unless you check out for permission, as far as I understand.

Some other issue i have read on my Youtube Videos comments are the complains about the Envato Elements service, which personally I haven’t had the need to contact them, so I can’t actually build up an opinion, but just of what others have said.

Free Trial of Envato Elements Subscription

One change that the Envato Elements creative asset subscription has received was the introduction of a 7-day free trial, which has been a huge advantage for new users to test out the platform before choosing either the monthly subscription or the annual subscription.

Users can cancel the subscription at any time before the trial period expires so that they don’t get charged time after.

This is sort of a way of giving up the chance to test out the Envato Elements website and build a proper opinion of it.

Users that keep just the free registration, can have the 12 free assets per month.

Free Trial of Envato Elements Subscription

Envato Elements’ price can be considered one of the lowest prices of the market in terms of digital files for content creation since users can pay nearly 33 USD for a monthly subscription or around 198 USD for the yearly subscription.

They state that they charge 16.5 USD per month, but keep in mind that this is the cost if paid yearly.

Yes, it is a marketing technique to make the price more appealing at the eye of the consumer and choose the Envato Elements membership.

Also, please be aware that Envato Elements “policy of refunds” is not as simple, and they don’t give refunds.

So, in this case we recommend to open a free account, check the items from Envato Elements and decide for yourself if you are going for the monthly subscription to have some more time to be convinced, or if you are fully choosing the yearly one.

Video I created with Envato Elements Review

Watch before buying Envato Elements.

One of the principal questions that I have received is that if it is possible to have unlimited download and get all the files that I want. And the answer is yes. You can download whatever you want as long as you have paid the subscription. The thing is that if you decide to stop paying, you won’t have the license to keep using the files. Technically you can keep the files, but legally you must delete them.

Another question is that if the subscription was already paid, can I get a refund and the answer is NO. Envato won’t give you any sort of refund, so please be aware of this before buying the whole year plan. That is why I recommend you that if you are planning to get the subscription but are not sure if monthly or yearly plan, than just start with the monthly. If after a couple days of using it and you are convinced then you can ask to add the already paid month to the yearly fee, and they will deduct the month that you already paid from the whole payment. Also, please be aware that Envato says they charge around 17 dlls per month, but they CHARGE THE WHOLE YEAR. So don’t get surprised if you see the payment bigger than you expected.

Also, I will like to tell you that the files in Envato Elements have a different type of qualities. Some of the files are quite old and their quality is not the best, but there are some other files that are really good. So if you manage yourself around all this files, you can create amazing content. It is just a matter of creativity.

My Favorite Digital Assets from Envato Elements.

In Envato Elements I have used different types of files as video templates that I have modified in After Effects to create videos. 

There are also templates for Instagram and create better Stories or posts for the feed. In the same way, the different templates that can be used for other social networks.

Stock video envato elements
Graphics envato elements

The following pictures I created using one of the templates that I found in Envato. 

9 Omelette de claras
6 Jugo de Naranja
4 Texas Sandwich
2 Waffles American Style

Something I like most about Envato Elements is the variety of digital assets, as well as photos and videos that are very useful when you do not have your own photos or videos.

Envato Elements Review Video

As I mentioned, there are services like Adobe Stock or Shutter Stock who have really good high quality stock images, but the thing is that the content is really expensive, but certainly premium quality.

The honest thing, is that not most of digital marketers or creative people have the enough resources to be spending money on those kind of assets, therefore I find Envato Elements as a great alternative where you can find stock images, stock video, after effects templates, music and sound effects free of copyright, graphic, graphic templates, fonts, wordpress and cms templates as well as plugins.

Creativity doesn’t have a limit, and I amazed of how easy can be to create content with the digital assets that Envato Elements offer for such a cheap subscription.

I see mainly more advantages than disadvantages. Of course they might not have premium videos like Shutterstock, but certainly the variety and diversity of assets that you find here is a genuine piece of gold where you can start creating any kind of digital content.

Envato Elements Advantages:

Digital Assets
€ Cost per Month + Local Taxes

As a whole, the advantages that I see of using Envato Elements compared with other websites, or even against its own other products, Envato Markets, are the price and the amount of digital assets.

On Envato Markets, I used to buy so many templates and plugins, that if you make up the sum, it goes way more than 100 dlls per year. So for the same amount of money, you are getting more than just WordPress Templates. 

Envato Elements License Works Simple

Another common question received on Youtube are regarding the licenses of Envato Elements.

And for simple terms, as long as you are subscribed there are no worries about the licenses of your downloaded assets.

If you are using a file for multiple purposes you can add the different licenses for the corresponding project.

Honestly, this can be quite of a loussy thing, since your will have to be returning to the platform to set up the new use of a file that was already downlaoded.

But after registering it, Envato Elements provides a TXT file where it states the license use.

But what happens after I cancel the subscription, well, all your digital projects that are finished will have the corresponding license, even websites with WordPress themes.

But if you want to create a new project, you can’t register any new license for it.

isometric image digital marketing

Who can use Envato Elements?

I recommend Envato Elements extensively for all those graphic designers, digital marketers, and even people who are not proficient of these topics, since with Envato Elements it is easier to create different types of digital marketing content.

Envato Elements Sections

Envato Elements Music

The Envato Elements Music section is a great addition to your music library. Some royalty free music that is available to use without any problems are both libraries from Youtube and Facebook. But sometimes the problem is that the music is limited to the variety, or sometimes is hard to find the perfect song that match your project.

Here, the envato elements music is royalty free, but there are some songs that might have some copyright additions that later you might have to add the license of envato. It is not a great deal and nothing to worry about, but still it gives a bit extra work to do. Therefore, I always select the songs that are totally royalty free.

Envato Elements WordPress Plugin

One of the easiest ways to create a website that I found is with Envato Elements Plugin and Elementor. Both can be used as free wordpress plugin or if needed as well they offer pro versions to enhance even more your website.

Through their WordPress plugin, the envato elements plugin is really helpful, because it adds to Elementor a big variety of fully customisable website templates to improve the design of it.

Elementor itself is a great and easy Drag and Drop wordpress plugin to create websites with good designs. I would say that their templates are ok, but still quite limited on the amount of what they have. Therefore, this Envato Elements Plugin adds a great advantage to it.

Envato Elements After Effects

If you are looking for after effects templates, then Envato Elements is a good option to have access to many different types of after effects templates.

The after effects templates that you can find goes from templates for business, as for templates for wedding, and events.

Some after effects templates are easy to use, but some other are more complex and will require medium to advanced skills in after effects.

It is true that there are thousands of after effects templates, but as well there are some useless (in my opinion) files that are too old and actually don’t add good value to envato elements.


Envato Markets vs Envato Elements

If you are starting in the blogging world or already have experienced with it, maybe you already know about Envato Markets and ThemesForest. It is a marketplace for templates that can be specially used to create better WordPress websites. 

Since years I have been buying different templates on Envato Markets, which they cost around 50 USD, you only pay it once and you usually keep receiving the automatic updates. But the thing is that when eventually you want to make some changes, or the template makes your website slow, or many other reasons, then you start feeling that you are just wasting your money. And it actually is like that. 

So after years of experience, so far one of my favorite design combination for a wordpress website is with the Envato Elements Plugin and Elementor. (Which both can be used for FREE or paid for more features)

Envato Elements Assets vs Adobe Stock

As talked in the article of Envato Elements vs Adobe Stock, the main point of comparison between the “ultimate creative asset subscription” and Adobe, is the price. Envato Elements is the best between these two, since there are files that you can also find in it that are already on Adobe Stock, but at a higher price.

Yes, images included in Envato Elements can be obtained at a lower price.

In the case of Adobe stock, you can select one item of your choice that might be higher quality, so here it will be a matter of what do you actually need.

Start browsing Envato Elements and find out that this might be the platform that you need.

Frequently Asked Questions about

Envato Elements

In conclusion, Envato Elements is one of the best platforms for content creators who are aiming to have digital assets for image, video, web design and more digital projects that require plenty of files without worrying about licensing.  

Envato Elements alternatives will give different advantages and disadvantages.

Some Envato Elements alternatives are:

Envato Elements offers unlimited downloads of 8,200+ Fonts, 1,000,000+ Royalty-Free Stock Photos, 800,000+ Stock Videos, 190,000+ Audio Tracks, 1,800+ WordPress Themes & Plugins, 130,000+ Graphic Templates, & 35,000+ Presentation Templates.

Envato Elements is a digital asset subscription platform where you can have access to more than 700,000 files for a monthly or annual payment, while on Envato Market you can buy individual and specific files.