5 Effective Mailing tips you should take advantage of today

E-mail marketing is an important area to consider in a Digital Marketing strategy.

Probably, e-mail does not have the same power as it was years ago as internet started, but it is still an important communication media between businesses and users.

Keep reading to know more about E-mail Marketing.

5 Effective Mailing tips you should take advantage of today
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Why E-mail Marketing should be in your strategy?

As a general rule, e-mail is the main communication media on internet.

We use e-mail to send business information or to send attachements to peers.

E-mail is used for registration in social media and also to susbcribe to newsletters of websites.

A correct E-Mail Marketing strategy has to incorporate a proper communication through e-mail.

And businesses don’t have to just send e-mail in a spammy form, but they do have to plan in a proper way how they will do their campaigns. 

As an example of efective mailing, we can take as reference the e-mails that we might receive the day of our birthday from a business, just to congratulate us.

The e-mail is focused on establishing engagement with a nice detail with the customer, and not a typical sales newsletter.

Therefore, the e-mail marketing has to go further on their strategy, it also helps on building brand.

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Take Leverage on E-mail Marketing tools

And there are already plenty of e-mail marketing tools that can help you to reach your audiences.

From collecting your leads, creating from scratch or with templates your newsletter and send them.

There are some who offer a free program to send mailing according to the amount of emails to be sent, and as you might need to send more emails, then you will have to switch to a paid plan.

Either way, the e-mail marketing tools are a good way to start your e-mail marketing campaign.

5 E-Mail Marketing Tips

1. Walk the extra mile, don't just do sales newsletters.

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As previously mentioned, don’t just send the Sales information.

Of course, it is important as well to let know your customers when you have a special offer, but keep nurturing with relevant information.

That is why also a E-mail marketing strategy should be hand in hand with a content marketing strategy.

So, add to your e-mail marketing some relevant information that can keep nurturing the relationship with your customer. 

You could add blogposts from your website, or even information that might be relevant but from other websites.

Consider to keep educating your customers, they surely will appreciate it.


2. Measure the time in between e-mails.

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Probably, nobod likes to keep receiving several emails from one remitent just in a matter of one hour.

There are websites where you sign up for their newsletter, and you end up receiving emails from the different departments, one after another.

Therefore try to keep the time space in between emails to reduce unsubscriptions.

Don’t be one of those spammy e-mail senders.

Keep in mind that you want to retain and eventualy create a conversion.

3. Automate but keep it human.

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And keeping it up with the topic of several newsletters from the company, the automation process can be as good depending in how it is set up.

E-mail marketing automation process can be defined and set up to follow certain steps.

But the process can end on e-mails that look and feel automated, and by this, it looses the human interaction with the customer.

There are sometimes that even the e-mails can show the wrong name, and obviously the customer will notice it.

Therefore, don’t over work the personalization options that the e-mail marketing tools have, and keep a human touch as possible.

4. Work on your titles

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Nothing better than a catchy title to attract the readers eye.

And to improve the emails opening rates, the subject titles will help.

Aim to improve your copy, or even try A/B testing with different email campaigns to keep track on your opening rates.

5. Segment properly your contact list

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If you have a business that has different types of products or sevices, it might be that some of your customers are interested in only one line of your product ranges.

Therefore, it might also be the case that not all the information that you talk about yourself is also fully relevant for them.

That is why you should also do segments on your contact list, to send the proper and relevant information to your customers.

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