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Whether you are an amateur or a professional in the audiovisual area, it is very important to know one of the best audio and video editing software all in one place.

Descript has all the functions and tools you need in your day to day life as a creative, besides being able to provide you with a guide for those who are not experts in the area.

If you want to know what Descript is, how it works and everything it offers to its users, you have come to the right place.

Read on and find out what it, the audio and video editing software, has for you.

What is Descript?

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Descript is an audio and video editing software, which provides numerous advantages for professionals who want to manage transcription and video editing jobs quickly, easily and with quality.

The communication software was designed for many professional sectors, but its ease of use and functionality allows novices, amateurs or people with no knowledge in the area of video editing, to obtain good results.

Its implementation of software in the cloud, allows its download and installation does not occupy space within your storage.

With the collaboration software you will have audio or video editing in one place, best known for its functionality to transcribe speech to text in more than 20 languages, in addition to editing videos based on audio, without the need to cut or edit the frames.

In this way Descript has become the main solution for many people looking for quality and speed in editing their videos.

If your main idea is to transcribe audio to text, with this you will make it very easy, besides being able to download its app to be able to edit from the comfort of your smart device.

If you want to know how to use it, and all the details about this editing and transcription software, don’t stop reading and learn everything this software can offer you to make your work easier and more professional.

How much does Descript cost?

Descript Software, presents different options to enjoy the tools it has, either from a free plan with the basics to a monthly or annual payment plan that presents everything a professional requires to make your content the best.

It presents the following prices and functionalities for everyone who wants to have video and audio editing software in one place.

Free Plan: This plan has no price, it is totally free and you will have all the features below, just by downloading the software. 

Creator plan: Is priced at $12 per month, with which you can enjoy all the features of the free plan plus the following.

Pro plan: Which has a cost of $24 per month, you can have everything that the previous offer, plus a long list of features and tools.

Enterprise Plan: If you belong to a company or wish, as an owner, to use the program as part of your solution, the enterprise plan suits your interests very well. The price of it will be subject to change, depending on the number of groups requiring the service.

From these plans you will be able to choose the features you need most from Descript and start your experience with this video and audio editing software. 

Free Plan
$ 0
  • You will be able to transcribe audios to text for up to 3 hours.
  • Media editing can be done completely and with full guidance.
  • If you want to make recordings, you can record as many screens as you want.
  • You can try it overdub or overdubbing.
  • See how your videos look with the studio sound effect.
Creator Plan
$ 12
  • Free plan plus:
  • Enjoy 10 hours of audio to text transcription per month.
  • Export the video you want without the watermark.
Pro Plan
$ 24
  • Enjoy 30 hours of transcription per month.
  • Use it overdub unlimitedly
  • Access the filler feature so your content will have no gaps
  • You will be able to have audiograms pro
  • Pro publications
  • Batch file exporting
  • You can have your own fully customized unit and page branding
Enterprise Plan
  • An account representative assigned to receive the necessary support.
  • Single sign-on, for better vendor integration.
  • Enterprise Overdub Descript Overdub
  • Service agreements to meet customer needs.
  • You will be able to ensure your company's security standards.
  • Billing service for all users.
  • Training and education for better use and utilization by the entire work team.

Learn How does Descript work

As seen above, Descript has a great set of features that can make your life as a professional easier and more manageable.

But the question is, how does Descript work?

Descript takes your video, whether recorded from the platform or uploaded from somewhere else, and breaks it down into frames and text.

The basic and most well-known function of Descript is to be able to edit your video, removing only the text that you don’t want to be played, i.e. edit audio.

Based on that, you can record a live video from the Descript platform and perform the necessary editing, such as overdubbing, that is, using the Descript Overdub function, where you edit the word text and the platform takes care of imitating your voice and mixing the audio you want to change.

Descript allows you to upload a video and build your project with all the functions you have available, such as placing annotations, recording audio over the video already made and making synchronized correction of audio and video, to have a better finish.

Each of these functions is fully adaptable and customizable to the actions you want to perform with Descript audio and video editing software.

What makes Descript different from other tools?

Although Descript has several alternatives in audio and video editing software, it is highly sought after and used by those users who want a fast and professional job.

Descript differs from other software because of its text-based editing features and integrated screen recording and audio and text analysis functions for intelligent gap-filling.

Descript has a user-friendly and easy-to-access platform, where you can drag multimedia content from your gallery and drop it into the workspace of the platform, where it will be loaded and processed correctly.

You can

It will also specify the possible changes you can make to the file.

Do not lose your information due to system or device failures, Descript allows you to activate the backup and recovery to save all your work in case of emergency, besides knowing how your presentation is getting through the preview function.

Don’t do double work, Descript reviews the content in the preview and make the necessary simple changes and then share on social networks like Facebook, Youtube or Instagram.

With Descript you will have all the basic actions of video editing and many more, in order to do a professional job in a short time.

Which users can take advantage of Descript?

The product was designed and created for the business world, whether individual professionals or large companies in the areas of Digital Marketing, sales, online training, customer support, user research and any professional knowledgeable in the audio visual area.

But the software can be used by anyone who wants to use it, has the right device and can either pay the subscription fee depending on the features they want or take the free trial to learn all that Descript has to offer.

Despite having complicated tools to understand if you are a new user, Descript has step-by-step and follow-up functions, as well as tutorials that can be very helpful when getting started with this video and audio software.

Don’t miss the opportunity to try using Descript for you, start with the free plan and make professional creations with basic tools.

Download the Descript app and get to know its basic Descript transcription function, as well as all the elements described above.

Visit Descript’s official website and don’t hesitate to become a professional with Descript.

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