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There are those who will say that Dashword is the best SEO content optimization platform, and it can actually give you solutions to doubts and needs you didn’t know you had.

Dashword app features useful tools that can help you to create content briefs, write great content that is focused for SEO on its editor, give ranking suggestions in real-time, and show you all the keywords that you need for content optimisation.

Keep reading to learn more about what Dashword is and how it works, as well as its pricing and more.

What is Dashword?

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Dashword is a comprehensive SEO website that helps you make content pieces quickly, efficiently and with a high level of quality.

It has the ability to provide you with advanced tools that can optimize your SEO copywriting so that you can rank on the Internet.

Among its main relevant benefits is the fact that it allows you to make reports quickly and of the highest quality, an outliner to improve your workflow while structuring publications, plus it has an editing system that can make it much easier to optimize articles.

It is the ideal platform for those people who have been looking to be given ideas on how their digital marketing project should be organized, with the intention of having a concrete structure when it comes to setting it up on the website.

With Dashword you will exactly have the opportunity to improve your articles using the most important keywords of the topic, having been evaluated by the platform.

It will also tell you the most searched questions on Google and the content details that you can attach to your document.

It is a very complete platform development that can be considered among the best Content writing tools for SEO as it contributes to ensure key quality content for your brand or store that can rank higher.


Dashword Pricing

$ 39 Monthly
  • 5 NLP reports per month
  • Content Briefs
  • Content Monitoring 5 content pages 25 traffic pages
  • 3 user seats
$ 99 Monthly
  • 20 NLP reports per month
  • Content Briefs
  • Content Monitoring 20 content pages 100 traffic pages
  • 5 user seats
$ 249 Monthly
  • 100 NLP reports per month
  • Content Briefs
  • Content Monitoring 100 content pages 500 traffic pages
  • 10 user seats

Before telling you how much Dashword costs, we should clarify something, and that is that it gives you the option of a completely free trial.

All you will have to do is create your account at no charge and without the need for a credit card.

If you are convinced that they offer the service you need then you can go ahead and sign up for it.

The price of Dashword will depend on the plan you choose, and they currently offer the following:


It costs $39 per month, and it includes 5 pnl reports per month, content summaries, Beta content monitoring and 3 user seats. If you sign up you will be missing out on premium support.


It has a cost of 99 per month, and it includes 20 NLP reports per month, content summaries, more capacity in the beta content monitoring, 5 user seats and if you decide to hire it you will also be counting on the premium support.


This is the most expensive plan, with a price of $249 per month, which includes 100 NLP reports per month, content summaries, more capacity in the content monitoring beta, 10 user seats and, of course, premium support.

Important things to know about Dashword's service

Now that it’s clear how much Dashword costs, there are a couple of things you might want to know before deciding whether or not to sign up for the service:

As we mentioned before, there is the possibility of a free trial.

As soon as you register you will receive a free report.

If you wish, you will be able to cancel your subscription at any time, as there is no minimum contract.

Once you have cancelled your subscription the tool will not kick you out, you will still have access to your data. The only thing you will not be able to do is to generate additional keyword reports to the existing ones.

In case you choose the annual billing of any of their plans you will have the opportunity to receive a 20% discount.

It is a non-invasive tool, so you will be in control.

Dashword Features

To understand a little more about how Dashword works, let’s evaluate everything the platform can do for us.

Highlighting the strengths of its functionalities and how we can take advantage of them:

It grades content and has readability level checker.

Interesting point. You see, it is very important to rate the content to be uploaded online because nowadays the only thing that ranks is valuable content. Nothing else.

And, regarding the readability level checker, consistency in sentences is not only in what you want to convey, but how you do it. A text that is simpler to read is simpler to understand.

Word counter

Many times we write texts to cover a certain amount of words. With the help of Dashword you can keep track of how many words you have, so you can recognize how many you’re missing or how many you’re going over.

Keyword suggestion and critical topics

Another of Dashword’s functions is based on evaluating your content to always have a good suggestion within your niche to help you rank better and better.

The keywords suggestions are helpful for you to optimize before publishing so that it has more possibilities to increase organic traffic from search engines.

As your writers develop helpful content with awesome information for your readers, overall is is more likely that you will out rank your competitors.

Competitor analysis

Now, this is an important point: Dashword has the ability to review your competitor’s content scores and word count.

It’s something that can help you improve your own content based on what works and what weaknesses to develop.

List frequently asked questions

The best way to position yourself is by answering users’ questions and providing them with solutions. So the platform takes care of listing those questions so you have a list of solutions or answers you need to share and reach your target audience.

What sets Dashword apart from other content marketing SEO software?

It’s clear that there are many alternative and best SEO content analysis tools for content optimization out there, with some being more popular than others.

But it’s the benefits of using Dashword that make us realize why we should choose this platform over any other:

It is very affordable for beginners.

Thanks to the different plans they have designed, any person or company can have access to their services for a fair price. You don’t have to pay for more, if you expect less.

And if you are a beginner, you certainly don’t have a budget to splurge.

It's easy to use

You don’t have to be a professional to use Dashword, and that’s one of the most attractive points of the platform.

Start with the knowledge base you have and let the tool itself nurture you more and more about the area to create blog posts, product descriptions, informational articles and more.

Facilitates the users' work

To make the tasks much easier to carry out, it gives users the possibility to create an outline using the topic and question suggestions.

This makes the whole process a little smoother as the user obtains feedback.

Offer a free trial

Isn’t it annoying to have to hire a service just based on the advertising that the platform itself gives you, Dashword offers you a first free report, so that you know not only how it works, but also how the data it reflects is able to help you.

Unlimited reports

If you have a little more budget, and you have a lot of need, you can get unlimited reports in their professional plan.

This will allow you to conduct as many evaluations as necessary so that you have the ability to address your needs as a team user in the best possible way.

Who can take advantage of Dashword?

Dashword is an excellent and affordable option for small businesses and bloggers who feel the need to get their content strategy off the ground, but have a limited budget.

It’s the platform they need to take the few resources they have and squeeze the most out of them.

Even as you grow in relation to your positioning you will realize that the platform is still a great option.

So you should not worry about basing your entire strategy on it and having to leave it at some specific point because it no longer meets your needs.

As they would say colloquially, Dashword has the three B’s: good, nice and cheap. It is a platform that gives real results, is very easy to use and does not involve a large expenditure in terms of budget. What’s more, you don’t have to be a professional to take advantage of it.

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