4 Splendid Hacks To Create an Interesting Presentation in Just 10 Minutes!

Microsoft PowerPoint and other slide presentations have become an entirely essential means to exchange knowledge, whether presenting to colleagues at work or delivering the keynote address at a big conference. It’s simple to use, allows you to blend photos, video, and text, and needs very no training.

So, what’s the issue with so many tedious presentations?

Although all of the elements are there for making successful, eye-catching, and interesting presentations, we are often forced to suffer through slide after slide of congested, difficult-to-read text and blurry (or non-existent) graphics. 

You don’t need to be a public speaking pro or be concerned about presenting a Ted Talk-level presentation. You just need a few simple techniques and some of the greatest free PowerPoint templates from SlideUpLift to make your presentations stand out.

Splendid Presentation Hacks
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Most Common Reasons Behind Boring PowerPoint Presentations

There are a lot of reasons that presentations can be so boring, but here are two key issues:

1. Excessive Amount of Text

When creating PowerPoint presentations, many individuals assume they must include all they wish to offer on their slides (or presentations with any slide deck software, such as Google Slides or Apple Keynote).

As a result, they stuff their presentations with enormous bulleted lists or lengthy paragraphs that need squinting to read even if you’re in the front row.

We have a lot to say and want to get it all out in a few slides as possible. Attempting to jam all of your content into your slides is a critical error that results in cluttered, overloaded presentations and nearly assures that your presentation will be uninteresting and difficult to understand.

The reality is that less clutter on your slides will make your message more compelling.

2. Lack of Visuals

According to new research, poorly made PowerPoint decks can cause distraction and boredom and inhibit learning, but well-crafted ones improve audience engagement and knowledge retention.

Not to mention that PowerPoint is a visual medium. People did not attend your presentation to hear you read words on a slide. They came to hear you provide vital information. And pictures are the most effective method to convey information.

In reality, research on the Value of Visuals demonstrates that when information is given visually rather than in words, individuals absorb it quicker and retain it better and for longer. And a visual presentation will benefit you as well as your audience.

According to another recent survey, 91 percent of participants believe that a well-designed slide deck would help them feel more confident while making a presentation. As a response, your audience will not only enjoy and profit from the presentation, but you will also feel much more confident as a presenter.

4 Super Easy Steps to Make a Boring Presentation Interesting

A great presentation, like any high-quality information, begins with superb preparation. You can’t simply make something up and expect it to work. Here are some crucial steps you can take to guarantee your presentation is successful, informative, and engaging.

1. Use Multiple Slides to Break up Complex Information

Let’s be honest. Most individuals flood their PowerPoint presentations with information. There’s a big headline, and then the presenter says exactly what he’s going to say. It’s almost as though you don’t need a presenter at all in that case.

Your slides should emphasize or contextualize what you’re saying. If you have a lot of material to give, don’t be afraid to distribute it over numerous slides. White space on your slides should enable your viewers to concentrate on what’s essential.

That might be a few words or a picture or two. Don’t stuff your presentations with text. That nearly always results in a dull presentation.

2. Maintain a Consistent Structure of Your Presentation

The most effective presentations should convey a narrative. And you can’t tell an effective tale if you don’t know how it begins, progresses, and concludes.

Of course, not every narrative will be epic in scope. Sometimes all you need to do is communicate sales or financial statistics, but there should always be a reason for all.

What are you going to share?

Why is it significant?

What will your audience do once they receive that information?

To correctly arrange your presentation, you must first understand its objective.

Whatever the goal of your presentation, it should include a beginning that introduces your subject, a middle that extends your audience’s grasp of what you’re giving, and an end that draws everything you presented together and delivers a call to action.

We strongly advise you to utilize an outline to assist arrange your presentation. You’ll be able to write down precisely what you want to say and in the order you want it to be spoken. You’ll also assist guarantee you don’t miss anything or go off on any strange tangents.

3. Use Captivating Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs are no longer exclusively for social media. Today, animated GIFs have a wide range of applications. If you need a quick method to show a colleague or customer a step-by-step procedure, a looping GIF is ideal, particularly if it’s a short movie without audio.

They’re also fantastic for illustrating a process, displaying cause and effect, or presenting a before-and-after comparison. And, unlike a video, a GIF does not need you to push play thus, employing one will not slow down your presentation.

Humor is another wonderful use for animated GIFs in PowerPoint. After a series of text-heavy slides, try using an animated GIF for some comedic relief. Everyone enjoys amusing pets, responses, and movie clips.

4. Leverage The Powers of Engaging Videos

What about videos in a PowerPoint presentation? Yes!

One of the most often asked questions is “how to make a PowerPoint presentation interesting?” And video is a simple method to bring a dull presentation to life.

Videos may help you attract your audience’s attention and pace your presentation. Videos may help you strategically stress points or give a needed break from the boredom of listening to one presenter for an hour or more.

Including a video is simple, and there are various options. You have the option of uploading it from your computer or embedding a link to an internet site. However, be mindful about utilizing an internet video. If the venue’s wifi is poor, it’s a good idea to have a backup on your computer ready to go.

Wrapping It Up

We’ve all sat through tiresome PowerPoint presentations. The content may be interesting, but countless slides of text may turn even the most thrilling presentation into a snoozer.

You can, however, do better. You can build memorable presentations that grab your audience and leave them wanting more by including visuals and video.

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