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If you’ve been looking for the best free online course site for a while and you’ve only been disappointed, it’s probably because you haven’t heard of Coursera platform for online learning.

In this article we will not only tell you what Coursera platform is and what its advantages are, but also why you should take whenever you have the opportunity to access online courses.

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What is Coursera?

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When we talk about how Coursera works, we refer to an online learning platform which was founded in 2012 by two professors from Stanford University with the intention of providing free access to quality education regardless of the student’s location.

It is currently a platform that has several thousand courses on various topics which are taught in at least 29 countries and by approximately 147 institutions. Anyone in the world has the opportunity to check the Coursera catalog and learn.

It is well known that the Coursera Platform has specialized programs and courses related to various subjects, such as business analytics, data science, physical sciences, computer science, humanities, history, languages, art, among many others.

Each course is taught by the best instructors from the most prestigious universities and educational institutions in the world.

The content can include recorded video lectures, discussion forums for the Coursera community and self-graded assignments. 

The best part is that signing up is as easy as connecting your Facebook profile to become a Coursera user.

Once you have signed up (and if you don’t want to connect your profile to a social network you can also create a user with just an email address) you will be able to see all the materials that are available at the Coursera platform to take the course as you build your own learning schedule.

Coursera works for anyone as many of its courses are available in several languages.

Although most of them are taught in English, there will be others in Spanish, Chinese, French, Italian, among others. But that is not a limitation, since they have translations and subtitles. 

Learning Coursera classes is easy and it also has the availability of giving professional certificates after the courses are completed.

Advantages of Coursera

Now that you know what it is, let’s point out some of the advantages of Coursera platform, so that the next time you have the opportunity to take online courses think about everything that a platform like this can offer you, and why choose it over other similar options:

Coursera has university partners or allies.

Not long ago it was confirmed that it already had about 220 partners or allies who are responsible for the development of its contents, as well as all the courses that are offered on the platform.

As previously mentioned, these partners include universities in more than 50 countries. But in the last couple of years the allies that have joined not only represent the education sector, but also the technology and computer science sector, with representation from giants such as Facebook, Google, GitLab, Hubspot, IBM, Amazon, among others.

They are at the forefront of technology in education.

One of the benefits of Coursera is that it is not simply at the forefront because of business need, but they are constantly evolving in terms of development which makes the learning experience unique, as well as the teaching experience for their instructors.

Study costs range from free to convenient installment payments.

Coursera intends to “serve the world through education”, having as its main objective to enable global access to quality education. This makes for diversity in terms of program duration, as well as access costs.

Companies have started to train their employees with Coursera.

Studying on this platform is no longer only for private users, since by the end of 2020 it was confirmed that more than 2,300 companies had contracted Coursera’s services with the intention of training some 550,000 employees worldwide.

Meets students' expectations

One of the most important advantages of Coursera is the fact that, thanks to the platform’s evaluations, it has become evident that students not only take a course, but also feel satisfied with the experience as such.

Why study online courses for free?

Studying free online courses can be an option to improve your resume, or find what you are passionate about without having to commit time or resources unnecessarily. But, for a better understanding, let’s be clear:

You develop new competencies.

And we are not necessarily talking about what you will gain thanks to the information shared in the study program, since when using virtual platforms and tools for learning we develop skills by interacting with technology that are useful in the working world.

We develop our discipline and autonomy

One of the advantages of online courses is the fact that, even though it has been designed and we are guided by instructors, we take responsibility for our learning process, and also for how we manage our time for it.

Ensure active learning

Have you ever been in a classroom and felt like it wasn’t enough? This is because in traditional settings very little student participation, limited. With free online courses you have greater expression of ideas and involvement with the curriculum.

They are affordable for all budgets

Why study free online courses, because they offer training for everyone regardless of economic level. But it is certainly worth noting that even those that are costly are much cheaper than in traditional institutions.


One of the most important advantages of online courses is that they give you the opportunity to study them from anywhere you are, without having to go to any institution to access the information and meet the schedule.

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