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ConversioBot is a chatbot website that works in a simple and fast way, its easy handling makes that you don’t need much knowledge to use it, its artificial intelligence makes that just by copying and pasting a line it is translated automatically, this helps to increase the conversations.

Conversiobot Review
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Why use Conversiobot

While it is true that there are many chatbots today not all are recommended either because they are complex to use or because of price issues, here I will tell you the advantages of using Conversiobot.

As said above not all chatbots are used easily and some even need to have a lot of technical knowledge which is a bit complicated but Conversiobot has an easy mechanism with incredible features.

Their prices vary but are affordable and they have plenty languages available which makes it even a better option and more interesting.

This chatbot application responds to few clicks and its best features are found in its Pro package.

Conversiobot becomes the ideal tool to respond to the various clients that may have a website, an application or even your email.

Conversiobot and user questions

Being up to date with the doubts of the users that visit the web, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week has never been so easy, technically this sounds impossible but we will tell you Conversiobot makes it possible.

Its automated artificial system makes it possible to answer any doubt and at any time if a visitor has doubts or a problem arises at night Converiobot will solve it in an easy way and in a matter of minutes.

How to use Conversiobot

The steps are quite simple, just perform three simple steps and here I will explain what they are:

1st step: Using one of their chatbot templates (you can also customize it) or create your own chatbot with a simple generator where you just drag and drop.

2nd step: Copying the template code.

3rd step: Paste the code into the website, and activate the chatbot.

As if that were not enough or if you have doubts they have a video that shows step by step how easy it is their training area will help you.

Conversiobot and applications

Conversiobot is compatible with more than 1500 applications, you can connect without coding, all this can be done with a single code.

It connects with the help of Zapier and many different applications such as Facebook pages, various applications, google spreadsheets, shopify, WordPress, Magento and others.

Conversiobot and its templates

Conversiobot has different templates, what makes it better is that they can be modified and customized for different types of requirements of their customers.

If we review all their templates you can choose the best one for your business that exact template you are looking for, and thus generate a better conversion.

There are many niches, but here are some of the ones they have available: Obtain more sales, gain customers, cleaning services, advertising, designs, congresses, automotive field, education, events.


Conversiobot and its warranty.

Yes, Conversiobot has a guarantee of up to 30 days, if it was not to your liking or you are not satisfied, you feel it was not a solution for you you can ask for your money back within 30 days. This is because their platform has everyone’s convenience in mind.

Conversiobot Pricing

They have a variety of prices and packages that will surely be to your liking each package is designed to make users satisfied one of their packages is the Conversiobot Lite its cost is $27.00 per month.

Its features are incredible allows you to generate more sales and customers, is very easy to use for new people, you can create chatbots and customize them to your liking in no time, is compatible with Wix, WordPress, Shopify and other programs, provides good support to its users, you can use it in any language, they have information videos where they will help you and explain step by step how it works these are some features of this package.

Another package that Conversiobot offers is the Pro with a cost of $37.00 per month has 3 chatbots and about 12,000 conversations per month, with this plan you will have 10 AI chat templates which will be made for you, your license is for many websites, if you think it is not enough also add the custom branding among others.

If you are wondering if it is worth paying any of their packages the answer is definitely yes, Conversiobot is an amazing chatbot and 100% recommended to have AI provides a better response in a really short time limit, this allows you to analyze more effectively the activity of users.

Simplified robotic computer chat bot with a large head blue screen and space for messages or text.

Conversiobot Review

In our opinion this platform offers us everything we are looking for, regarding costs and the completeness of their plans is one of the best chatbot on the market its features are quite complete, a fairly complete site where you can customize your chatbot, in the same package you can find several features.

The fact that with a single click you can enable the language you want and its MultiLanguage configuration makes it easy to use, its step by step videos are of great help for those who want to understand a little more this chatbot is a wonder that you have to try and increase your customers and visitors, it will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Do not hesitate with Conversiobot you can easily increase your website conversion rate with automated chats, remember that if it is not to your liking you have a 30 day guarantee system, come on and use it and discover this wonder.

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