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Coinbase, a platform founded by Fred Ehrsam and Brian Armstrong, was born in 2012.

This platform was created with the exclusive purpose of allowing future cryptocurrency investors to buy Bitcoin through bank transfers.

What today is considered a simple transaction, for that year was a feat, as it opened the doors to thousands of people who did not master the technical and finance knowledge required to buy Bitcoin.

In 2014, the Coinbase platform took another giant leap forward when it managed to expand its operations with Bitcoin, generating alliances with different providers to accept payment for various services with cryptocurrency.

The Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Exchange license comes to Coinbase in 2015, which made the platform the first to be licensed and approved by the US authorities.

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What is Coinbase?

Primarily, to know what Coinbase is you have to understand the concept of a digital wallet portfolio.

This new modality for making and holding cryptocurrencies is the one that allows Bitcoin investors not only to save what they have so far, but, in addition, to see the evolution of their investment as it fluctuates.

Additionally, another of the functions of this platform is that it allows you to interact with other Bitcoin investors, with whom you can make transactions, either to send Bitcoin cash or receive them from other accounts.

Coinbase also allows you to make payments for various services associated with the platform with cryptocurrency without having to make use of intermediary services.

With Coinbase you have the possibility to affiliate a credit card and thus make the purchase of different types of cryptocurrency.

Once the transaction is done, they will arrive directly to your digital currency wallet in Coinbase where you will be able to see how it goes up or down as a stock price, as well as sell or transfer them to other wallets.

The Coinbase platform is often compared to PayPal because of its similarities in terms of currency savings.

However, although it serves for this, it can also be used as a stock exchange gesture, only that, instead of speculating with the stock market shares, you would be doing it with that of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Solana, Cardano and Ethereum classic.

From the use of the Coinbase platform you will learn which are the right moments to make transactions, taking into account that the fluctuation of cryptocurrencies can be drastic, it is necessary to have a high experience to make movements in strategic moments that always generate a favorable profit or a low loss while you build your portfolio.

How much does Coinbase cost?

To register on the Coinbase platform you are not required to make a payment. During this process you will have to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Be over 18 years old.
  • First and last name.
  • Valid email address.
  • Enter a password.

Once registered, you will have to affiliate an account that serves as a payment method, for example, PayPal, a debit or credit card or your bank account.

After linking any of these means you will be able to start buying cryptocurrency from Coinbase.

For the purchase of cryptocurrencies from the platform you will have to pay a commission, which is classified as follows:

  • 1.49% for the purchase of cryptocurrencies.
  • 1% for the sale of cryptocurrencies to exchange for real money.

In the case of cryptocurrency transfers to other digital wallets you will not be charged any commission.

How does Coinbase work?

he advantage of using Coinbase is that you can manage it both from its website and from your mobile device from any countries worldwide.

When you log in, the main screen you will see will be the home screen, which will show you the detail of the following information:

  • The value of your assets in real money.
  • Evolution of the values of the main cryptocurrencies in the market, where you will be able to filter the ones you want to be shown every time you enter your Coinbase profile.
  • Summary of the most important news concerning the cryptocurrency sector.

To find the Trade button you will need to go to these two locations:

  • Top right side of the screen if you are on the web.
  • Bottom of the menu if you are in the app.

This option basically allows you to buy, sell and convert your cryptocurrencies.

Either way, whether you are on the web or in the app, for each operation you are going to perform, before finalizing it, Coinbase will show you the commission that you will have to cancel.

Additionally, you will find the different options bar at the top of the web and at the bottom of the app.

Wallet Option

Depending on the money you have deposited in the Coinbase digital wallet, with this option you will be able to know the status of your assets, as well as their evolution.

Price Option

Of all the assets that Coinbase allows you to manage, you will be able to see the prices through this option, regardless of whether you have purchased that cryptocurrency or not.

In Prices you will be able to see:

  • Updated status of the cryptocurrency market in real time.
  • The real-time value of each asset.
  • Fluctuation of the assets of the value of the assets with a validity of 24 hours.

Configuration option

In this option you can customize the way you want to manage your Coinbase user.

  • Add payment methods.
  • Invite others to register, sending the link from your profile, which will allow you to earn dollars for each referral who joins Coinbase.
  • You will be able to have the data reflected in your local currency.
  • As for the purchase limits you will be able to set that a daily amount that will allow you to spend in a controlled way the assets in your account.
  • Additionally, you will be able to index a PIN that will allow you to protect your app data, such as your email address, notifications and privacy settings.

What differentiates Coinbase from other tools?

To talk about the differences between Coinbase and other tools, it is necessary to have information about the advantages and disadvantages that this platform has:

Advantages of Coinbase Wallet compared to others.

Currently, thanks to the wide variety of product it offers, Coinbase has become one of the cryptocurrency management platforms preferred by many investors.

In the United States it has the reputation of being the best cryptocurrency wallet that exists and its prestige is due to the security and regulation it possesses and offers for the benefit of its users.

Among the most outstanding advantages we have:

Disadvantages of Coinbase compared to other Wallets.

One of the main disadvantages of Coinbase as well as the different wallets that operate with crypto assets, is that its sales are mostly based on the movement that its customers give it.

The commissions that investors must pay when buying or selling cryptocurrencies through Coinbase can be high, which makes the management of this wallet lose its attractiveness in cases where the cryptocurrency drops its value abruptly.

Likewise, the risk for many traders when depositing their assets in these platforms lies precisely in this loss of investment, when the cryptocurrency fluctuates negatively.

Fortunately, to date, virtual wallets do not have a financial regulatory system like the one that applies to the New York Stock Exchange, for example. However, this is a matter of tim

Who can take advantage of Coinbase Trading?

Using Coinbase is something that anyone who wants to invest in the crypto market can do.

As it has been well said, currently, the platform has a high reputation that positions it as one of the best and most reliable in the wallet market.

Basically, its interface is quite intuitive, interactive and didactic both on the web and in the app, allowing customers to quickly adapt to its presentation.

Regarding investment, it is necessary for investors to have a capital that allows them to invest in crypto from Coinbase. Even if the platform is allied with various cryptocurrencies, it is necessary that the money to invest is in a banking instrument of the client, which he can affiliate to the platform.

In general terms, the Coinbase platform is extremely simple and as you use it, you will gain experience, both in cryptocurrencies and in the strategies that allow you to take advantage of market opportunities.

Digital Assets and Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin

Bitcoin is a digital asset and a payment system invented by Satoshi Nakamoto.

Transactions are verified by network nodes through cryptography and recorded in a public dispersed ledger called a blockchain.

Bitcoin is unique in that there are a finite number of them: 21 million.

Bitcoins are created as a reward for a process known as mining.

They can be exchanged for other currencies, products, and services.

As of February 2015, over 100,000 merchants and vendors accepted bitcoin as payment.

2021 Bitcoin reached its peak and by 2022 decreased its value.

Ethereum is a decentralized platform for applications that run exactly as programmed without any chance of fraud or third party interference.

Ethereum can be used for trading value worldwide with its native cryptocurrency, ether.

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency that was created in 2013 as a parody of Bitcoin. It features the Shiba Inu dog from the “Doge” meme as its logo and has become popular among those who are interested in alternative cryptocurrencies.

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