Sendcloud, The shipping software for E-commerce

Sencloud Shipping Software

Written by The ease that is currently found with the benefits of the internet and the digital era, is so great that you can automate every online store, for example, there is Sendcloud the shipping platform software for Ecommerce that allow you to make your online business an advantage and not turn it into more […]

7 Best Shopify Apps in 2023 to boost sales

Best shopify apps

Written by Shopify has been for the recent years one of the best e-commerce platforms that has helped digital entrepreneurs to build up their online businesses. One particularity that Shopify has is its Shopify app store, where there are thousands of apps that can help Shopify store owners to improve their stores. It is complicated […]

Best Translation app for Shopify

Best translation app for shopify

In this article, we are going to discuss the best translation app for Shopify, Weglot. There are other several translation apps for Shopify available in the app store that we will also list here, but having Weglot as the main translation app is worth the investment. Written by This post is also available in: English […]

What is e-commerce?

What is e-commerce

Nowadays, technology is becoming part of every person’s daily life, to the point that it has made it possible to buy and sell products and services without leaving home thanks to the presence of e-commerce. This allows them to access an online store or website from anywhere in the world without limitations in terms of […]

What is a Landing page and what is it for?

What is a Landing page and what is it for

Having a website is not only about creating it and putting on it everything you want to sell, but it includes a lot of strategies that should be used to help the business grow, among them is the landing page, one of the most useful online tools. Written by This post is also available in: […]

5 Best Landing Page Builder for Higher Conversions

5 Best Landing Page Builder for Higher Conversions

The best 5 platforms to create landing page can help you greatly in converting internet users to users of your platform or customers of your business, all with the help of tools, text, images, links, videos and forms to make it more attractive. And not only that, they can also save you a lot of […]

Pagefly, the page builder for Shopify


Written by The page builder for Shopify, Pagefly, has managed to gain a great reputation with experts and users who decided to give it a chance to help them build their website, but how good is it? Pagefly app can help you to create store in Shopify as exactly as you want with its drag […]

Shopify translation with the Best Multilingual App

Learn more about Shopify translation and how to use Weglot to translate your store and convert it into a multilingual Shopify to reach international markets. Written by This post is also available in: English Español Deutsch Italiano Português Français Русский 简体中文 Nederlands polski العربية 日本語 Table of Contents How Does Shopify Perform Within International SEO? […]