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The ease that is currently found with the benefits of the internet and the digital era, is so great that you can automate every online store, for example, there is Sendcloud the shipping platform software for Ecommerce that allow you to make your online business an advantage and not turn it into more work and investment. 

Having an Ecommerce can be synonymous with speed and ease, but you can only get that if you have your site updated and prepared with the different existing software.

Let’s see what Sendcloud offers as a shipping software for your online business. 

What is a shipping software?

Before we dive into Sendcloud and its advantages, it is necessary to know what a shipping software is and if it is what you need to automate shipping process of your ecommerce.

When we talk about shipping software, we are referring to all those systems that help your online business to program and automate the shipments of your products and shipping labels. 

That is, after making the purchase, a software is responsible for guiding the customer to the last step of billing, while the ecommerce shipping software takes all the detailed information of the order and distributes it and connect carriers to the rest of the system in charge, as it is, the transport software, parcels and all the staff involved in the shipping process. 

There are different shipping software, such as Sendcloud, that can be the solution to increase shipping speed, avoid lost orders, recover abandoned shopping carts and any carelessness that a person can commit.

The ideal with ecommerce shipping software is to program and update based on your needs, plus find a shipping tracking software or parcel shipping software that does all the work for you. 

What are the advantages of a shipping software?

Having a shipping tracking system can give your online business a lot of advantages, so you need to know what Sendcloud shipping software and any other shipping software can offer to your ecommerce and your customers. 

Managing your ecommerce shipping can be so fast and easy that you will have nothing else to do, just concentrate on the proper management of the delivery options of your online business.

Learn about the advantages of shipping software and get yours. 

The basic advantages of any shipping software are the following: 

Process optimization

When you make an online purchase, the shipping software is in charge to connect carriers and send to the logistics team all the information about your order, specifying all the characteristics such as: quantity, color, type of product, delivery and payment preferences, estimated delivery time. 

With this information, the team in charge of shipping can do their job faster and with less effort. 

Lower cost 

By using a shipping platform, Sendcloud, for example, the online store manager will save a lot of money in personnel and processes that a shipping software will do on its own and without the need for prior learning or training.

The shipping automation system facilitates and helps the Ecommerce manager to invest in the comfort of his work. 

Better organization 

Most of the shipping software has everything necessary for the shipping labels to be done correctly, which helps to a better organization and programming, as long as the software is configured in the right way with the register of activities that you want to organize and automate. 

Premium Experience 

The customer service experience with their purchase should be perfect, which you can get through a shipping software, such as Sendcloud Shopify, ensuring that their order will arrive on time and with the specifications they have indicated.

With a shipping system, the customer can manage their product without having to wait for someone else or falling foul of you. 

Taking into account the advantages of getting a shipping software for your ecommerce, it is important to know one of the best shipping software, Sendcloud, and know everything it offers to optimize your shipment, the delivery options, recover abandoned shopping carts and give the best experience to your customers when making their purchase and organizing their shipment. 


Sendcloud logo

Sendcloud is known as one of the best shipping optimization software in Europe, and with expansion to America.

This platform promises its users to automate all the activities around their ecommerce shipments in order to get all the advantages of the digital era and the time and cost reduction that planning a shipment implies. 

Whether it is a national or international shipment, Sendcloud, promises the best experience in express parcel shipping, as well as express mail and express courier shipping.

Sendcloud is one of the best Shopify apps.

Sendcloud in Spain, Germany, France, Netherlands and more european countries revolutionizes the idea of fast mailing and efficient shipping.

A shipping automation system can give any entrepreneur the ease of shipping and the customer a better experience when managing their products. 

Sendcloud, shipping software, was born in 2012 with the idea of providing a solution to a problem that a couple of entrepreneurs had been having.

The need, led the co-founders of Sendcloud to find a solution to their shipping problems, thus creating the most used shipping software in Spain and different countries in Europe. 

Today Sendcloud Shopify and Sendcloud Woocommerce allows its users to perform many more activities than in its beginnings, thanks to the hard work of the team and the constant updates that have been made to this shipping and delivery system.

Your ecommerce will be totally privileged with the use of Sendcloud UPS, Sendcloud Hermes and Sendcloud DHL, so read on to learn everything you need to know about this shipping software. 

How much does Sendcloud cost?

Getting the most used shipping software in Spain is very easy, you just need to access their official website, choose the payment plan that best suits your needs and download the software to adapt it to your website and program it for everything your ecommerce needs. 

Sendcloud for your Ecommerce, presents the following payment plans so you can choose the ideal one for your business. 

$ 0
  • Use Sendcloud’s discounted rates
Small Shop
$ 40 per month
  • Use Sendcloud’s discounted rates
Large Shop
$ 89 per month
  • Use Sendcloud’s discounted rates
$ 179 per month
  • Use Sendcloud’s discounted rates

Essential Plan

⦁ Free 
⦁ Shipping with pre-negotiated rates. 
⦁ A maximum of 2 online stores. 
⦁ Personalized mailing to follow up for your brand 
⦁ One-click return label creation. 
⦁ 24/7 electronic support and online support service

Plan for small stores

⦁ Cost 40 Euros per month 
⦁ Yearly billing for payment
⦁ Make 400 labels on a monthly basis. 
⦁ Personal hiring of carriers. 
⦁ Affiliates a maximum of 5 online stores 
⦁ Sendcloud can configure sending rules 
⦁ Get the Checkout plugin in standard delivery 
⦁ Material, pages, mailings and equipment to keep track of your brand 
⦁ With Sendcloud have your returns portal customized to your brand 
⦁ Attention and telephone support. 

Plan for small stores

⦁ Cost of 89 Euros per month 
⦁ Billing on an annual basis 
⦁ Creation of 1000 labels per month
⦁ With Sendcloud software you can have your contract with the carrier. 
⦁ You can enter as many stores as you want, unlimited. 
⦁ Create as many shipping and return rules as you require 
⦁ Get all the tracking you need for your brand
⦁ Sendcloud gives advertising banners and instagram 
⦁ Get with Sendcloud software checkout plugin, allowing standard and same day delivery. 
⦁ Sendcloud presents a customized portal for your brand returns. 
⦁ You get the necessary tools for parcels (Picking & Packing). 
⦁ With Sendcloud you get priority support for your brand. 

"Business" plan 

⦁ Plan price 179 Euros per month. 
⦁ Annual billing 
⦁ Sendcloud’s Businnes plan features all the benefits of the large store plan plus: 
⦁ Over 1000 tags per month. 
⦁ Get with Sendcloud software, Ecommerce consulting to grow your business and know your current status. 

You can access any of these Sendcloud benefits by paying annually for the plan that best suits your needs.

All plans come with 14 days trial to verify that Sendcloud Ecommerce software is what you need for your online business. 

How does Sendcloud work?    

One of the main advantages that Sendcloud Shopify and Sendcloud Woocommerce offers to its users is its easy configuration, use and programming.

Find out how Sendcloud works, its shipping software and everything you can do with the largest automation system in Europe. 

Sendcloud works as follows: 

  • Make the connection of your store to the Sendcloud control panel, where you can do all the management of shipments and deliveries of your products. 
  • Depending on the Sendcloud plan chosen, the next step is to activate up to 25+ carriers available for your brand. 
  • Optimize your ecommerce chekout to increase your sales with the best shipping and delivery experience for your customers. 
  • Save time by customizing the workflow in the packing, picking and shipping area. 
  • Activate Sendcloud’s customized tracking for your brand. You’ll be able to keep your customers with real-time information about their order. 
  • Enable returns automation, where you can set up rules and regulations and options for customers to choose their return method. 

Adapt the shipping software for your Ecommerce and start improving your sales and brand presence nationally and internationally with Sendcloud’s services. 

What makes Sendcloud different from other tools?

Sendcloud is not just any shipping software or shipping automation system, as it presents its users with all the tools they need to grow their ecommerce business hand in hand with Sendcloud. 

Despite taking care of only a part of everything involved in managing an online store, Sendcloud Shopify and Sendcloud Woocommerce facilitates the most important stage of the purchase, which is the shipping and delivery of the product. 

Sendcloud shipping software has more than 23,000 registered European brands that have automated their shipments with the use of its platform, in addition to showing more than 70% annual growth in registered brands, ensuring a medium and long term success in all types of e-commerce. 

Sendcloud Shopify and Sendcloud Woocommerece users can access all the platform’s resources that are configured for the improvement and growth of their ecommerce without making extra payments.

With 180 countries within its Sendcloud lists, your online business will be able to join international shipping without having to invest so much money. 

Unlike other shipping software, Sendcloud takes care of its users, giving discounts, and saving 1 day for every 300 orders placed since your Sendcloud membership.

The shipping software created to solve your life and save you time. 

Who can benefit from Sendcloud?

Anyone who owns an online store can take advantage of Sendcloud Shopify, from small businesses or e-commerce, to large businesses and companies with digital spaces to make their purchases. If you are an entrepreneur and business owner, Sendcloud can be your ticket to grow your ecommerce quickly and gain ground among many more famous online businesses. 

If your ecommerce has products that need to be delivered nationally or internationally, you can take advantage of Sendcloud Woocommerce and automate all your shipments in just one click, providing a better experience and security to all your customers.

You don’t need to be a big or prestigious company, you can register your startup business and let Sendcloud be your guide to growth.

If you want to be part of Sendcloud’s great team and get your Ecommerce shipping software, go to their website: and do your free trial and enjoy the benefits. 

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