8 Best Shopify Apps in 2024 to boost sales

Best shopify apps
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Shopify has been for the recent years one of the best e-commerce platforms that has helped digital entrepreneurs to build up their online businesses.

One particularity that Shopify has is its Shopify app store, where there are thousands of apps that can help Shopify store owners to improve their stores.

It is complicated to navigate around and find which are the best Shopify apps that you must have.

Following up we have a list of our recommendations of the best Shopify apps that are being well known to help out to boost sales.

Shopify Product Review


MyAppGurus’s Shopify Product Review is a free app that helps you to collect product reviews, photo reviews, website reviews, feedback and ratings for establishing social proof. 

By leveraging this application, you can stand out from the crowd by showcasing your unique product feedback along with ratings.

Packed with robust features, this app makes the review collection process seamless and effortless. 

With its aid, you can improve customer experience, boost the visibility of your brand, build trust and increase your overall sales through genuine reviews. Also, reviews helps you to attract new customers with much ease. 

This app even allows you to provide incentives to the customers who post video or photo reviews by providing discounts on their future purchases.

The best part about leveraging this app is that, it allows you to set up an automatic emailing system for sending review requests to your customers at predefined times. 

There is also the presence of a centralized analytics dashboard that allows you to access information about your reviews.


Sendcloud logo

Sendcloud is one of the best Shopify apps that will help you with the shipping operations that e-commerce businesses face when they focus on scaling up.

WIth Sendcloud the shipping process gets improved by being optimized through the platform from the beginning of the shipping process to even the returns.

Sendcloud helps out with the accelerated manual process that usually the shipping labels take.

Sendcloud started in the Netherlands in 2012 and it has expanded its services to several European countries such as Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, UK and Austria. As well, their focus of expansion is to reach the United States. 

Handling several carriers at one and manually can be stressful, that is why a multi carrier shipping label software where you can have better control of your packages can be a resourceful Shopify app like Sendcloud. 

With the easy connection with Sendcloud API with your Shopify Store, you can start in minutes to optimize your shipping process.



Weglot is the best translation app for Shopify and it can help you to boost your international sales.

If you are aiming to grow your Shopify store, then you must start thinking to expand to other countries.

Having an online store that is multilingual will help you to easily reach users from other places around the world.

The advantage of using Shopify apps such as Weglot is the ease that it has to be installed and to start working in your online store translation.

It also automatically translates the Shopify app buying process which is really helpful to have every single page in the corresponding language of your user.

You can use the Weglot free Shopify app version to start and try it out, and eventually change to a bigger plan as the Shopify stores grow.

The Weglot free plan starts with only 2,000 words to be translated, and then you will have to jump to a better plan.

As well, there is another Weglot alternative that can be highly recommended in the Shopify app store, that is Conveythis.

Conveythis is a Shopify app that helps with the automatic translation with artificial intelligence.

Shopify store owners don’t have to worry that much about the quality of the translations since both Shopify apps are delivering great quality.


Pagefly logo

In case you still don’t know what Pagefly is, we must tell you that it’s presented as one of the stylish results page builders for Shopify stores.

No matter what the niche in which you operate, Pagefly can easily help you to build up your Shopify Store design to boost sales. 

Pagefly enjoys the possibility of being suitable to call themselves the most important page builder for Shopify stores to take a business to the upfront position, and, in fact, the reviews from experts, and users who have decided to trust their websites in this website builder, are further than good and positive. 

Building better looking Shopify stores with Pagefly is really easy, as it has a drag and drop feature that can help to easily add images, add text, add social share buttons, add forms for your email marketing and more. 

It’s a Freemium Shopify site builder, which means that you have the option to select the free Shopify app version to use their services.

As with many apps, if you are aiming to gain further features you’ll have to leave the free plan and pay a subscription, on a yearly basis, to any of the plans you’re interested in. 

Pagefly price is relatively affordable, since the pricing plan starts with only $19 per month. 

Also, Pagefly comes with the Gold plan, for which you would be paying about$ 39 per month. And we’d close with the Platinum, which has a cost of$ 99 per month. 

 Of course, the features that make up the different plans are better and rounded as you progress from the free plan to the most valuable ones. 

To help you decide which Pagefly plan to obtain you must take into account what are the requirements you have as a Shopify site creator.

Still, you don’t inescapably have to subscribe up for starting to build up better designs for your Shopify store, since the free plan already delivers a good service.

Stamped Reviews

Stamped Reviews logo Shopify

Stamped reviews is a free Shopify app that can help to start obtaining reviews from your customers.

Stamped helps to have the user generated content which brings more value to the description of your products.

Stamped as a free Shopify app has its limitations, but as your online store sales grow, you will also eventually want to collect more reviews as proof of your product quality.

Reviews in Shopify stores are needed because they are the single best way to show customers what your store is all about.

Online reviews can help you grow your business faster than any other marketing strategy.

Reviews will allow you to reduce customer acquisition costs and increase revenue by signing up new customers, which in turn helps you grow more quickly.

Reviews also improve search engine rankings because they’re a great indication of how well your products or services are being received by potential customers.

Having positive reviews on Shopify stores can even make it easier for people who aren’t already familiar with your brand to find and trust you as a trusted resource for their needs and wants.


Printful logo

Printful is a free Shopify app to help with a print on demand website that allows you to create and sell your own products. You can upload images, design your product and then sell it online.

You can find Printful at the Shopify app store and install it without any further coding, and start building up your online business.

You can start with a Printful free plan, and as you need more features such as a mockup maker, then you can change to a paid plan.

Printful is one of the best Shopify apps for those who are desiring to create a dropshipping business.

It has worldwide locations, which is helpful to reduce the shipping times.



ReferralCandy is a Shopify store that is focused on Word of Mouth marketing.

It can be used in the social media marketing world to create a reward system or bonus program that is offered by your business.

This can be anything from a free gift certificate, discount coupon, coupon code, or even virtual currency.

By adding ReferralCandy from the Shopify app store, you can start to build up a referral strategy that helps you to boost your Shopify site.

A ReferralCandy program is an awesome way for you to get more people through your door on any given day.

It’s also a great way for you and your employees to engage with customers who have already expressed interest in what you offer.

An email marketing strategy that combines a referral strategy, is one of the best combinations that can boost sales.

Rivo Abandoned Cart Recovery

Rivo logo

Rivo Abandoned Cart Recovery is helpful for Shopify because it will help you recover your product from the cart without having to remove the item and re-add it.

It can be easily found at the Shopify app store.

The reason Shopify stores do this is so that if a person clicks on a specific item in their cart, they don’t have to leave the site just to add an additional product of their choice. This makes them feel more connected with your site, which leads to happier customers.

Rivo Abandoned Cart Recovery is useful for all websites because it can be used by any Shopify store owners who need help recovering items in their shopping carts.

It allows you to keep people on your website longer when they abandon purchases rather than leaving immediately after filling out information, finding products they like and going elsewhere.

Instead of just sending Shopify newsletters to your customers as your email marketing, send also a email remembering them that they have some articles left in the cart.

The abandoned cart reminders is a type of email marketing that can help you to increase the average return rate ecommerce stores have and improve conversions of your online store.

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