7 Best product review apps for Shopify in 2023

Best product review apps for Shopify
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Are you looking for the best Shopify product review apps?

Don’t worry, here we will bring you 7 websites where you can collect reviews without any hassle.

Shopify is a portal where you can create your online stores, and the same has received both good and bad reviews from the community.

It is necessary to know a little about this website before creating your online store.

This company has been working for quite some time and has offered quality to its users for the realization of web portals for stores.

Adding customer reviews to any online stores has become importance because it gives relevance to the listed products as visitors can read what some actual customers think about the product, and not only ready the store owner description.

There are multiple and best Shopify apps that can help out with the reviews from your customers.

Following up we share a list of the best Shopify review apps that are available at the Shopify app store. - Best product review app for Shopify

Stamped Reviews logo Shopify

It is one of the 7 best Shopify apps review apps to ensure safety, trust and freedom to its customers to make testimonials on this platform.

When you enter this site you will have to register on this page, when you have subscribed you will find several options that will allow you to make your certain text and videos reviews, management of ideas and the import of these opinions. pricing

This application is available in several countries and is free of charge; however, there is a paid version that comes with everything, at a cost of $19 per month.

It allows you to organize ideas and share different product reviews from your customers to your respective product pages.

Advantages of

It is very secure in its publishing system.

It allows you to display reviews without any restriction, on the other hand, there will be several comments where other users do not like and can choose to report such review.

She has a fairly fluid interface and do not stick so much when it comes to making reviews of texts, photos or videos.

You can rate reviews from other users, report them or respond to them on that page.

If you want to start writing reviews on Shopify, you only need to download the free version, however, being a subscriber you will be able to order some utility packages.

Disadvantages of

When there are updates, the rotation of the options bar is very noticeable.

There are many out-of-context criticisms.

There are few disadvantages of, which is why it is one of the 7 best reviews apps for Shopify that you can use today. - Shopify Review App

Judge me

This review widget is highly recommended by this community of ecommerce store designers and businesses, offering you the freedom to review Shopify. offers security of the comments you receive.

In order to get started with this review app, you will have to pre-register, fill out a form with your personal information and email address; therefore you will have all the freedom to make your respective reviews according to the online store of your choice. Pricing

When you are subscribed to this application you will be able to enjoy the option of reviewing photos, send review request emails or reviews by images that are uploaded.

This service has a fee of $15 per month.

Advantages of

One of its plus points is the option to customize your business brand, you can use various colors and templates to give it another image.

It runs very well on different devices, allowing you to make reviews comfortably and without errors when it comes to its presentation in that application. .

You can download such application for free or you can opt in buying some services that ask for money.

Disadvantages of

Several errors occur in the Backend option, where users are in the save section and automatically go back to the Backend extension again.

This is due to a page error or a bad update.

When there is any update there tends to be several errors in the comment rating option.

Ali Reviews - Get Product reviews on your Shopify Store

ali reviews logo

It is another site reviews app where you can make and importa reviews from Aliexpress at your Shopify online store.

In this Product review Shopify app you will be able to get your review collections rated by other users.

To get started on this website, you will only have to make your previous registration on it; however, when you are subscribed you will find an extension that says prices, there you will observe the different review plans where you can earn great benefits.

Ali Reviews Pricing

In the free version you will be able to write your reviews without any problems, with import product reviews and review of them.

The paid services will offer more options for your reviews.

The initial plan ranges from $9 per month, the basic one that brings a lot of options for your reviews with a value of $19.9; finally, we have the most complete of all that has a cost of $49.9.

Advantages of Ali Reviews

It has a very good interface, allowing you to write reviews comfortably and without any problems.

If you present problems on such platform the customer service will help you with that.

With the help of the customer service, it allows you to have a great command on the page.

It allows you to manage your ideas, messages, happy customer reviews and critiques on Shopify.

Ali Reviews Disadvantages.

The free plan is not very effective for making reviews; instead the premium services guarantee you more tools to craft these Shopify reviews much better.

Rivo Product Reviews on Shopify to build trust

Rivo logo

Undoubtedly, one of the best apps for Shopify store owners displaying product reviews and ratings that you can’t miss if you want to get started with it.

It is a free app where you can make reviews for Shopify or Woocomerce.

This website guarantees freedom when making reviews; on the other hand, this will give you the security of your comments, valuation of the same by other users of the platform.

Rivo is a complete ecommerce marketing as it also offers loyalty programs, email marketing and product reviews, making it helpful to send review requests via email and program the campaing in one place.

To get reviews by sending emails makes it easier to keep up the communication with customers with apps like Rivo.

Download this app, register and start your experience in Rivo Product Reviews App to make great reviews about any virtual store.

Rivo Product Reviews App Pricing

This one offers you a 14-day free experience, so you can make your Shopify reviews without any hassle.

When you enter their official website you will find the platform option, when you click on it you will notice several extensions of this app, with prices varying according to the services you choose.

Advantages of Rivo Product Reviews App

You will find very good reviews concerning Shopify platform, you will find comment with 5 star rating with no criticism out of place.

When you go to make your reviews, you will have a fully efficient customer service; that is why if you present any problem in certain platform, this will help you to solve any problem that comes your way.

Excellent choice for companies and beginners dedicated to this world of online store reviews.

It is easy to use and is has a fairly complete free plan to start working on your respective reviews.

Disadvantages of Rivo Product Reviews App

You present problems with the interface, several errors are presented in the reviews section, it loads slow some options and tends to stick.

When you refresh the page it tends to not show many options, but when you perform this option more than twice it returns to normal. This problem may be related to the compatibility of your device or your internet signal.

reviews io

This is one of the best Shopify review apps on the market that empowers your Shopify store and gives its users the freedom to make comments regarding certain online stores, organize the content of these reviews much better and allow you to make comments to photos or videos.

To start writing such reviews you will have to make your previous registration, after being subscribed you will have to go to the reviews option so that you can read several comments, rate them and make your certain reviews. Pricing

The basic combo comes with everything with a price of $45 per month, the medium or small plan will cost you $89, in this one you will be able to do more reviews and with a certified review. For the full or growing membership it would cost $150; having more review writing capacity.

Finally, we have the business plan that costs 499 $ being a very complete combo with many options.

Advantages of

You can make all your reviews, critiques, manage messages and review other arguments from other users.

It does not have so much complexity when it comes to using it, it is very easy to use and it is compatible with any device.

Disadvantages of

It is not very good, when you start your experiences on you will end up using other review apps for Shopify.

Fera Product Reviews App on Shopify

fera product reviews shopify

Fera Product Reviews App is one of the photo product reviews; where you can make your reviews without any hassle and with the assurance that no post of yours will be filtered on another web portal.

On this platform you will be able to receive ratings from other users, on the other hand, you will have the opportunity to respond to other reviews.

To start using this app, you must download it, register and find the reviews option. By clicking on it, you will be able to live your experience by elaborating various photo and video arguments concerning Shopify.

Fera Product Reviews App Pricing

This app provides a free 14-day basic plan; however, there is the small combo would cost $9 per month, the medium one which carries with it more options costs about $29 per month.

Lastly, we have the full plan that contains extensions, templates, review import and an excellent review system for only $99.

Advantages of Fera Product Reviews App

You can make your reviews on images, photos, videos and some reviews given in certain app.

This app has a gallery extension where you can save photos or videos of your choice, for the purpose of using them in your review for Shopify.

It has a rating system, where you will have the opportunity to rate other users’ reviews.

 It guarantees many templates for your reviews and it is not complicated to download.

Disadvantages of Fera Product Reviews App.

It costs a lot to switch users and the verification process is pathetic.

When you start writing several reviews and you have been on the platform for a while you will notice several bugs in the interface.

You get errors when importing reviews.

They ask for money to use certain options, i.e. basic or premium member options.

Junip Shopify Product Reviews & UGC with Photo Review

Junip logo

Junip Product Reviews & UGC is another reviews app for your Shopify store with product reviews where you can make your comments as freely as possible, you can observe other users’ comments, rate them, report them and reply them in certain app.

On this website you see a lot of users making reviews getting to the point of making both good and bad reviews, and that can be noticed by the amount of star you give them.

If you want to write and collect reviews for multiple products in Shopify, you have to first download the app, consequently register, login to the said app with your username and password, or by QR code. Once you have done this, you will be able to write your reviews without any problems.

Junip Product Reviews & UGC Pricing

This app offers a basic plan for just 14 days of free experience to make your reviews hassle-free, for the small or medium combo it would range from $19 per month; bringing you more options.

The full service would cost you $39 per month with more services and extensions to write your reviews; lastly, we have the enterprise that would cost $79 per month that comes with everything, such as multi-user and many more.

Advantages of Junip Product Reviews & UGC

Pretty good interface with good fluidity.

The registration process is quite simple and fast.

You will live a great experience using this excellent review system.

Send out review requests

It has a great design and the customer support system is very good.

Disadvantages of Junip Product Reviews & UGC

The functionalities of it are not so good and are difficult to handle.

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