7 Best SEO Audit Tools for Webmasters

The SEO site audit is a very important resource when you are performing SEO, so having SEO site audit tools that allow you to obtain the necessary information from your website, is very important for a good growth.

Normally SEO audits are performed to analyze the values of the different SEO strategies that may be being carried out and through the audit you can understand if it is working or not, the SEO plan that is being managed.

Meet the 7 SEO audit tools that you should try to have real information about the performance of your website.

Best SEO Audit Tools
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List of 7 Best SEO Audit Tools

SEO Audit Tool Name and Information
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SE Ranking
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All-in-One SEO
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All-in-One SEO
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Semrush - Best SEO Audit Tool

SEMRush logo

Recognized as one of the best platforms that have SEO audit tools, presenting its own section to perform the necessary activities for the analysis of web pages.

Semrush has a wide variety of webmaster tools that can facilitate the work at the time of performing an SEO audit and find technical issues. 

With Semrush you can access the following functions:

With Semrush you can automate and schedule the SEO audit so you don’t miss the analysis of your website and you can find from simple problems, to more serious problems that you need to fix quickly.

SE Ranking - Technical SEO Audit Tool 


SE Ranking is one of the most famous all-in-one SEO portals in the digital world.

In addition to providing marketing tools to facilitate web positioning and put your page at the top of the search engine, SE Ranking also helps to improve your page.

With SE Ranking, you can perform On-Page SEO checker and Off-page, the ideal SEO audit tool to make sure your website is optimized. With this tool, you can access the following audit tasks:

SE Ranking presents a fully deployed SEO audit, detailed and unlimited in the information it provides.

You can get a PDF with the analysis of the SEO performance so you don’t lose the data and make comparisons.

Ahrefs - SEO Tool


The ideal SEO checker site to perform all the tasks required for a correct SEO.

With Ahrefs, as an SEO audit tool you can check more than 100 common problems within the positioning of a website.

Ahrefs presents an SEO audit function that represents all the problems that can be found on your website in an orderly manner, by color code and with the explanation of each one, facilitating the analysis of the audit.

In Ahrefs SEO audit tool you can analyze the following problems:

Ahrefs website crawler tool also presents a wide variety of elements to analyze with the SEO audit making sure that even the smallest detail of your page is under control so that the SEO is successful.

Sitechecker Pro - Website Audit


For a correct SEO report, it is very important that your website has the right elements and that all common problems can be solved.

With Sitechecker Pro, suite of SEO tools, you can check every detail of your website pages.

On the other hand, Sitechecker Pro, allows you to perform a free to use technical SEO audit to analyze the possible initial problems that your website has, providing a detailed audit report highlighting the improvements to be made to optimize your website.

With Sitechecker Pro’s SEO audit reporting tool you can analyze the following problems:

By means of Sitechecker Pro SEO audit, you will be able to solve your website problems with SEO best practices and guarantee the improvement of your rankings and consequently the positioning of your website in search engines.

Woorank - Find SEO Issues

woorank logo

Before starting the ranking of your website, you must know what is its current situation compared to other websites or the short-term goal you want to achieve.

For this, it is important to make a detailed SEO analysis and Woorank has the necessary useful SEO audit tools available.

With Woonrank free, you can access the free seo audit extension that will provide you with a simple to understand report and clear solutions for implementation. Woorank allows you to examine the following elements of your website.

Woorank, allows you to access extensive information in the simplest and most detailed way possible to understand the steps to take to solve problems. The Woorank SEO audit shows the simplicity of the platform and the quality of its analysis.

SEOptimer - Analyze Websites with Free SEO Tools


If you are looking for simplicity, clarity and speed in SEO auditing to analyze your website, the SEOptimer tool, presents reports with outlines and punctual graphics, indicating the problems and immediate solutions to be implemented.

SEOptimer offers a free SEO audit tool to test out and check for SEO errors as it crawls your website homepage.

SEOptimer performs a comprehensive audit of the website trying to identify potential range of technical issues that may be affecting the positioning of your website. 

Through SEOptimer’s SEO audit, you can analyze the following elements:

The main advantage of SEOptimer is the possibility to use the web audit in a free way without the need to make the hiring of a plan for it. This allows a better investment in SEO troubleshooting.

Surfer SEO - SEO Content Audit

Surferseo logo

Enjoy organic SEO with the SEO data presented by Surfer SEO, one of the main tools that helps for SEO optimization, due to its great variety to improve the content writing on your SEO and website.

Surfer SEO is a tool that you can used based on increasing the quality of content for a good web ranking and the SEO audit presents the classification of the writing indicating the quality of the same, the flaws and possible fixes.

Surfer SEO offers a free version to test and use the tool so that users can get to know its SEO features.

With Surfer SEO you can analyze different SEO factors in the content audit, such as:

Make sure you have better content with Surfer SEO, thanks to its web analysis and each comprehensive review of the different articles that make part of your page. Optimize the website and find a place in the first results of search engines.

There are different SEO audit tools, choose the one that best suits your needs and learn more about their service plans.


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