7 Best Screen Recording Software in 2022

Best Screen Recording Software
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Many times it is necessary to capture what you are doing on the screen of the cell phone or computer.

Some smartphones bring the option of the screen recorder, but usually for the computer you need a software to record the screen and do screen capture to get what you need in a video and then by editing, create the content you need. 

Screen recorders have become a really useful tool to create videos.

No matter what you do, it is always good to have a screen recorder software, because you can record what you do and watch it later to check for errors or modify anything for the next activity. 

What is the purpose of recording your screen?

Normally screen recording software is used by those people who need to leave evidence of the activities they perform on their computer.

For example, a gamer can use screen recorders to capture the way he plays a certain game, either to make a tutorial or to contribute content to a website like YouTube and show his skill in the game. 

The other thing to record your screen is to make tutorials and capture them and then make the corresponding edition and upload the content to a website of online courses or tutorials.

Also recently, the use of screen recorders have become popular to do online presentations and online courses.

Normally for this, a series of professional screen recorders are used that allow a better finish. 

There are many screen recording software both free and paid, but today we will tell you about the 7 best screen recording software you need to make your videos the best and professional ones. 


OBS Logo

It is known as an open broadcast software that is used to capture videos and audios from your pc quickly and easily.

OBS free screen recorder works with Windows 7, 8, and 10, you just need to download install the software and start preparing to use it. 

The configuration of OBS is very simple depending on what you want to do with the software, but the program presents an automatic configuration to start using it, you have the option to work with that or configure it manually if you have experience using this type of program. 

OBS recordings are automatically saved in the Windows video folder, you can change the format in which the video is saved and change the recording path.

OBS is one of the best free screen recorders available worth trying.


descript logo

Descript as a screen recording software is little known, since it is known more as an excellent video editor, but in this new version it brings the option of being able to record the PC screen and then perform, with the same software, all the necessary audio and video editing.

The curious thing about Descript as a video editor is that when you want to edit, trim or remove parts of the video, you can do it by editing the text used in the clip, without having to touch the video.

This allows that what is being done does not have to be altered by a wrong phrase or a wrong dialogue. 

With Descript as a screen capture software, you have the option to pay only for the tools you want to use, so you can download the software for free and pay for the elements you need to use.

Descript is a complete online tool that will help not only as a basic scree recording software, but also with video editing, podcast and as a transcription software.

Filmora Screen Recorder


Filmora is known as one of the best video editors, now with Filmora Screen Recorder presents its screen recording software, along with a lot of tools and features that will make your recording a professional video. Filmora Screen Recorder has a number of features that make it one of the best screen recording software. 

Among those features you can highlight the following: 

Currently Filmora made an update, where Filmora Screen Recorder software will stop working and instead you can download WonderShare Demo Creator that exceeds the features and advantages of the software. 

Screencast o Matic

Screencast o matic

With Screencast o Matic screen recording software you can create tutorials, presentations and make explanations, quickly and easily with your screen recording. This resource is usually used by teachers or tutors as it does not present resources to record video games. 

It is a free download software that you only need to install on your computer to start using, where you can capture any part of the screen you want and add everything you need to complement your video, such as the narration from the microphone that will adapt to the recorded images.

With Screencast o Matic you can access the functions adapted for education, business work or personal recordings. In each one you will find the necessary elements and you will only need to invest in the tools you want to use.



Bandicam is a screen recorder with free resources that allows the recording of any action that takes place on your computer screen in the form of video and with the necessary speed to not miss anything.

Bandicam software is often used to record games with a speed of 480 FPS and 4K quality. 

With Bandicam you can capture everything you need on your screen and then export the video with the closest quality to the original as possible. It presents a number of features that set it apart from other screen recording software: 


loom logo

Loom software is known as one of the most widely used screen recording software since the pandemic, as many companies were forced to digitize their content to continue having a commercial presence.

With Loom you can record the screen of any device and at the same time record yourself through a webcam, this allows a more professional touch to what are presentations. 

The ease of use and privacy of Loom software keeps it at the top among the best screen recording software. It also has a unique platform, where you only have to share the video link so that people can watch it. 

Edit from scratch your videos with the tools and functions that Loom presents and then you can use the video as you want.

Snagit from Techsmith

Snagit from techsmith

Described as a powerful screen capture and recording software, Snagit, has a wide repertoire of features and tools to provide answers to create instructional guides and transform your communication with the outside world, getting your content across in the most professional way possible. 

The procedure of Snatig as a screen recording software is very simple, since in only three steps you will be able to get the video of what you need.

First you must capture a process, that is to say, make the screen recordings you require or the screenshots you need, then add the explanation about the video and finish with visual instructions that you can include when editing the final video. 

With Snagit you can take screenshots to the portion you want, as well as make panoramas if necessary, extract text from the video and edit it, use the snagit library and above all the screen recorder.

Through the best screen recording software, you can create the necessary content for your websites and easily monetize with professional content. Find the best screen recording software that suits your needs and start capturing everything you want.


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