5 Best microphones for podcasting

Do you love to transmit information through the network or online radio, if you want it to reach its receiver clearly you must use a good microphone, especially if you make recordings of programs or songs.

This is a device that is not usually given much importance, however it is vital to communicate what you really want to express without distorting, so in this post you will find the 5 best microphones for podcasts.

5 Best microphones for podcasting
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The best microphones for podcasts

These devices are indispensable for presenting your ideas in a videoconference, social networks, live broadcasts or while having fun with your favorite video game; so we give you to know the best microphones for podcasts to find the one that fits your needs; take a look at them.



MAONO AU-A04T is a 192KHZ/24BIT Plug & Play USB condenser microphone, ideal if you make voice calls and recordings outdoors using your cell phone or computer. Its sensitivity is -38 dB+/-3dB and it has an excellent cardioid polar pickup pattern.

It has a professional sound chipset that gives it a high-resolution 192 kHz/24-bit sampling rate, allowing it to reproduce even the subtlest audio clearly, with automatic noise suppression. 

This microphone has a flat 30Hz and smooth 16kHz frequency, its use is wired with anti-shock support, pop filter and wind foam. It also has a studio monitor and headphones, making it one of the most complete on the market.
It is recommended for broadcasting, meetings, games, studio recording and more. Excellent for singing or talking with an exquisite sound for you to use in your Internet transmissions. 

On the other hand, its headphones are high fidelity, special MAONO MH601 DJ studio headphones with aperture controller so you can enjoy every moment of listening, focusing only on what you want to hear.

Hyper X Quadcast

The Hyper X Quadcast is another of the best microphones for podcasts; it is characterized by being an all-inclusive equipment, widely recommended if you are a fan of streaming or gaming as it will provide you with quality sound recordings.

It is a USB condenser microphone compatible with different smart devices such as PC, PS4 and Mac; in turn includes a special mount that prevents vibration, with four polar patterns: stereo, omnidirectional, cardioid and bidirectional, plus a pop filter. 

It also has a sensor that tells you through an LED light when it is on or muted, as well as an adjustment button for gain control with which the signal entering the amplifier from the instrument is configured.

With this excellent microphone you will discover a new way to capture and emit sounds, enjoying each of its functions and conveniently using the accessories included. Its condenser quality is ideal for percussions with musical instruments thanks to its clear response to the voice, making it one of the most sought after by professionals.

Rode PodMic

This is a dynamic XLR and directional microphone that has been optimized for Podcast and Broadcast, its sound is balanced and enriched by an internal pop filter that reduces interference, minimizing it to provide clear sounds without internal popping.

It has an excellent anti-vibration mount and has been specially designed to be used with RODECaster Pro production consoles or the PSA1 support arm. However, it delivers quality results with any professional microphone interface.

It is ideal for vocals and broadcasting, its solid metal construction is sturdy and will allow you to deliver completely original sounds on platforms like Spotify, Youtube or Apple, as well as if you broadcast on Facebook or any other social network.

This amazing microphone works very well both in studio recordings and in a noisy environment, its sound is warm, rich and clear; It is also one of the most economical in the online market.

Blue Microphones – YETICASTER

If you are a professional who likes to broadcast via Podcasts, Twitch and create voice over with the best broadcast quality, this microphone is what you need. You can set it up easily and quickly, adjusting it to your needs to delight the audience with amazing sound.

You can turn your desk into a live broadcast studio, as the Yeticaster has a boom arm and a solid anti-vibration structure. Its appearance is sophisticated and has everything you need to impress the cameras while performing any type of transmissions, whether they are game games, podcasting or professional voiceovers. 

This is one of the best podcast microphones on the market for recording and broadcasting in real time. It is USB, compatible with different models of computers, its handling is smooth and quiet. In its packaging you will find everything you need for installation and easily adjust their polar patterns.

Zoom ZDM-1 Podcast Mic

The Zoom ZDM-1 Podcast Mice is a pack that includes a dynamic microphone, headphones, tripod, windscreen that reduces the incidence of breaths and pops for clean recordings and XLR cable with which you can make your best podcasts. 

It is equipped with professional quality, supercardioid polar pattern, which facilitates the capture of your voice for transmission in a clear and smooth way. Provided with a high level of sound pressure, plus an internal shock mount, so that everything you record or play live is heard perfectly.

This microphone features a large diaphragm, while the headphones allow you to hear the sound in detail because of their closed design with excellent isolation, with a headband that fits comfortably on your head.

The table tripod has a height adjustment system, adequately supports the weight of the microphone and you can move it to your liking without experiencing wear; it is also easy to pack to move it to any other place where you need it.

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