7 Best Gantt Chart software

In case you don’t know, Gantt charts are used to visualize all the basic components of a project, as well as to organize it into smaller and more manageable tasks.

We briefly mention the above because in this article we will tell you which are the best software to create Gantt charts, so be sure to read us until the end.

Best software for creating Gantt charts
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Best Gantt Chart Software

monday was launched in 2012, so it could still be considered as a new platform, or digital tool, that we can have “in the cloud”. It was designed with the intention of making project management easier, as well as collaboration between teams.

To sum it up, it can be said that this platform presents a kind of simplified “spreadsheet”, which, among its functions, gives the possibility to know the weekly tasks that the team is supposed to carry out.

In addition, it is also possible to know the status of each project in real time, help define priorities, measure performance, and manage work plans in a productive and highly efficient way.

It is undoubtedly one of the best software to create Gantt charts, and registering on this site is as simple as clicking on the “Start now” button and, from that point, you will be guided by the system to take the right steps.

Clickup calls itself as the best tool that has come to replace many others. It is completely useful for both companies and firms, and everyone who wants to manage their projects effectively.

In fact, it is even recommended for all those people who come to work on their own and do not have the capital to pay what is, being then a direct competition to the previous one. And the fact is that they emphasize that they can do everything that their competition can do, just with its free version.

We are talking about an All In One Project Management software (or all in one), which belongs to the company ClickUp. Its platform is simple and intuitive to manage multiple projects. It offers the planning of schedules, calendars, objectives, documents, reminders, and even an inbox.

It is undoubtedly another of the best software to create Gantt charts that you should take into consideration. It is a very easy to understand system. You will only have to register on its website, and you can even invite as many collaborators as you need to start the adventure.


Teamwork Projects is very popular thanks to the combination of high-performance features that result in the creation of the most intelligent workflows, closing communication gaps so that you can be fully focused on what needs to be done: the work.

Among the most important features of this software we can find task management, as well as time tracking, milestones, Gantt charts, high-level and instant reports and many other aspects that make it one of the best today.

In general, those who use Teamwork are companies that have projects they need to manage, or that present difficulties in the coordination of their teams and projects. And it is available to everyone because it can be used both from the desktop and on different mobile devices.

It could not be missing in our list of best software to create Gantt charts, because it also offers a very complete service for its users with customer service, and help forums for the doubt that any of them may have, is resolved thanks to the questions and answers.


When we talk about Redbooth, we are referring to a management platform for both projects and tasks, which provides a secure space for the development of these in teams, making discussions, and also the sharing of files that have been uploaded to it.

This software tends to stand out because it is both easy and flexible to use, making it easier for project teams and departments in thousands of companies to do their work.

It will give you up to 10 users with 2 workspaces and 2 GB of storage, no small feat.

Redbooth’s customers generally come from a wide enough range of industries to include marketing, creative, modern IT teams, and anyone working collaboratively in a team.

One of the best software to create Gantt charts for everything it offers, apart from the fact that it can be used on the desktop with the different operating systems that exist, and also happens the same with the different mobile devices that are most used at the moment we live.


Anyone you ask will tell you that Toggl is nothing more than a digital tool which has been designed with the intention that you can keep track of the number of hours you spend on one or more activities and projects, timing from the actual starting point to the end.

In the application you can see that a clear and accessible record of all the time that has been invested throughout the day in a particular job is kept. This tool was born in 2006 in Estonia, and has reached the present day.

Today you can see that it has a desktop application for Windows as well as for Linux and MacOS, apart from having its respective application for mobile devices. In case you do not want to take up so much space on your devices, you also have the option of using it from the browser.

If you want to know how to get this, another of the best software to create Gantt charts, all you have to do is go to its official website and download the desktop version that suits your operating system, apart from that you can also access the app store of your mobile device to get it.


To begin with its definition, when we talk about Asana we are referring to a tool that will give you the possibility to manage the workflow (i.e. tasks and projects) giving the details of the start and end of all of them, connecting the whole team for proper communication, organization and planning.

Something that can be highlighted is that it has an interface friendly and intuitive enough for its motto to gain strength, which is “the modern way to work together”, since its creators initially considered a way to unite all team members.

Asana’s functions are based on the administration and management in a centralized and organized way of all tasks and/or activities to be carried out within a project, allowing work teams to be formed and information to be shared in order to meet the objectives.

Not only is it one of the best software to create Gantt charts, but it is so useful even for daily tasks. Besides, it will not be free like the previous one, but the truth is that the relationship between quality and price makes it a good investment.


Although its name sounds very similar to the social network we all know and use, the truth is that is a completely different website that has nothing to do with uploading photos, videos or stories.

In fact, it has to do with Gantt charts, and in it we can find different options such as charts, as well as software charts, and, finally, the tools that allow us to carry out the charts on which the website is based.

For example, in the case that you want to see the Gantt Chart Software you will get a list with all the best software that you can find with this task, with a direct link to their website so that you can take a look at them.

So, although it is not directly one of the best software to create Gantt charts, it is a window of possibilities so that you can have access to all these sites where you will surely find the solution to all the needs you may be having regarding it.

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