10 best ERP systems to manage a business

We know you have no doubts about what an ERP is, but do you also have the notion of what are the best software you can find out there to entrust a vital part of your business to?

Read on to find out which are the 10 best ERP to manage a business.

10 best ERP systems to manage a business
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How does an ERP help manage a business?

When we talk about an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) we are referring to a set of integrated software applications.

What they do is to give us the possibility of automating most of the business practices that are related to the operational, or productive, aspects of our company. Facilitating and centralizing the information of all the areas that can compose it. 

Among the main characteristics of an ERP we have its modularity and stability, which means that it is possible to implement its functions whenever necessary within our company, without having to limit, or mortgage, the growth or future needs, ensuring from the beginning our investment. 

In order to achieve success when deciding to implement an ERP, it is essential to carry out a previous consultancy to review the business model, its strategy, and the processes that govern it, as well as the information flows between the different departments that make it up. 

The objective of an ERP could then be said to be to centralize and unify the data coming from the different areas of the company, thus avoiding duplication and facilitating the flow of information, which is known in the business world as the single data policy. 

It is then where we can come to understand all the benefits that a software like this can bring to our business, and think about implementing it can not be something surreal. Since it is proven the ability it has to improve many aspects of it.

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When people talk about Microsoft Dynamics 365 they are referring to that intelligent cloud/on-premises/Azure platform, which brings together all the most popular and advanced technologies offered by Microsoft, ranging from Azure cloud services to Office 365 (and everything in between). 

All of this is presented to the public as a single experience, which is linked by a common data model. It launched in 2016, and since that time they have not only taken it upon themselves to introduce a new way to be productive, but also a fresh approach to how to sell and use enterprise software. 

It is one of the best ERP to manage a business thanks to the fact that it is based on the concepts of scalability, advanced productivity, and intelligence. If you decide to give it a try you are sure to be satisfied almost immediately with its simple and complete operation.

BIND ERP is presented to us as a powerful and accessible management and billing system located in the cloud. It is designed with the intention that you have the possibility not only to digitize, but also to grow your business. 

We speak then of a platform that could be considered as an all-in-one, which serves to solve the main needs of a business, as is the case of sales, purchasing, production, inventories, accounting, finance, billing, and many others that are part of the day to day.


Now, Bitrix24 is nothing more than a CRM, project and sales management system combined with a solid business collaboration tool. It will give you the possibility to communicate with your customers through social networks, integrating channels such as Facebook and Twitter within the same application. 

It is one of the best ERP to manage a business since, apart from its functions, we can find it available both in the cloud and on-premise. It has a free version that has almost all the key features, which has also led to its increasing popularity.


Another ERP that we can not fail to mention is Odoo, as it has the ability to adapt to the needs that may come to have any sector. 

With this added value in your business you will be able to optimize all the processes so that you will manage the business in a competitive way, and saving costs.

Acumatica Cloud ERP

What Acumatica has to offer are business solutions that will work wonders for both small and medium-sized businesses around the world. 

It ranges from online accounting to multiple tasks that fall under the ERP solution set.


We continue with the best ERP to manage a business with this production and inventory management software that suits the needs of builders and small producers who are given the task of selling online. 

It will make it much easier to manage production and inventory.


Although many would not say that it is an ERP software, the truth is that it can make your business grow and that is why we mention it. 

It will provide you with all the tools your company needs, without having to become difficult to use, which is the most important thing.

Intuitive ERP

In this case, you have a support, services, and enterprise resource planning software solution that is delivered directly to manufacturers who create products for regulated industries, such as electronics, aviation, and medical devices.

Intelisis ERP

It is an enterprise management and enterprise resource planning solution in Spanish.
Users have the ability to manage finances, supply chain, as well as sales and human resources with the help of this software without much hassle.

Sage X3 Software

The last of the best ERP to manage a business is ideal for medium-sized companies, particularly for manufacturers and distributors who want to avoid the cost and complexity of good quality.
It is capable of managing sales, finance, inventory, purchasing, CRM and many other aspects.

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