7 Best entrepreneurship universities in the world

Studying entrepreneurship is also an option and fin out here 7 best entrepreneurship universities in the world.

Entrepreneurship is a profession that can also be studied. 

Without further more, discover below the best entrepreneurship universities around the world, so you can see a little about their curriculum, what you will learn and more.

best entrepreneurship universities in the world
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Studying entrepreneurship vs direct entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship universities are a great place for people who feel the constant need for entrepreneurship, here you can acquire the basic and necessary knowledge for everything you need to know.

If you are thinking of being a good entrepreneur we recommend you to study entrepreneurship and here we leave you the best universities of entrepreneurship in the world, remember that the more knowledge you have the better your skills will be to undertake and the performance of your company will be the best.

The question might also arise if it is really needed to study entrepreneurship to become an entrepreneur and short answer is no. It is not neccesary, but it does also help to have some knowledge and create a network during university.

There are thousands of cases of people who have become succesful entrepreneurs without going to college, but also there are other succesful stories of entrepreneurs who gained knowledge thanks to their time at the university.

The entrepreneurial process is not a one and only path, therefore new entrepreneurs should not really worrying about finding the secret, and should focus more on enjoying the process and explore to find out what really works for them.

Following up, here is a list of 7 best entrepreneurship universitied in the world that can help new students who are desiring to seek a career that will also support their development in entrepreneurship.

Best Entrepreneurship Universities in the World

Babson college

This institution of higher education is a private university located in Wellesley, Massachusetts, near Boston and was founded in 1919, here they teach undergraduate and graduate business school programs.

Here its students can acquire the necessary skills for business knowledge, its student body is approximately 3,300 students, the faculty has 232 members who will provide you with the necessary tools and a very complete training.

The liberal arts comprise at least 50% of their graduate courses, they have 24 concentrations available of which 6 are liberal arts. Babson College is home to students from at least 70 countries.

Babson College ranks among the top 7 entrepreneurship universities in the world, this school is one of the best in the world and has had the first place in entrepreneurship for 16 consecutive years (all these years that this ranking has been in existence), in turn the master’s in business administration has received for 19 consecutive years the first place in entrepreneurship.

Tecnologico de Monterrey

The Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico is another of the 7 best universities for entrepreneurship in the world, located in Mexico City, with a superior and avant-garde educational model.

What is your Tec21 educational model about?

This educational model is based on challenges, developing competencies that will allow you to face in a creative and very strategic way the opportunities and challenges that you may face in this XXI century where things have changed.

From your first semester you will be taught and provided with the necessary tools, participating in dynamic activities in which you will develop the ability to identify opportunities, seek resources, assume the risks involved in entrepreneurship and be able to recover if something unexpected happens, such as failure.

Core competences to be taught are self-awareness and management, innovative entrepreneurship, social intelligence, ethical and citizen engagement, reasoning for complexity, communication, and digital transformation.

With these seven tools plus the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values you will gain a great cover letter for your career.

Throughout your career and your stay at the university, your achievements and progress will be recorded in your university record with evidence to back it up.

Tecnologico de Monterrey is one of the 7 best universities for entrepreneurship in the world, offering us the multiple business careers such as Bachelor in Business Administration, International Business, Finance, Marketing, Global Business, Accounting, Business Intelligence and Entrepreneurship.

All semesters will have interspersed Tec weeks, which are especially aimed at developing the necessary competencies for life, such as social intelligence, ethical commitment and citizenship.

Technical University of Munich

Another of the 7 best entrepreneurship universities in the world is Technical University Munich in Germany, based in Munich TUM is one of the best universities in all of Europe, it provides 165 undergraduate programs in 13 of its departments.

A university established 153 years ago, has 594 professors and more than 6,198 academic staff, ranks among the best leading universities in the European Union, some of its students and researchers won Nobel prizes in total 16. And 22 winners of the Leibniz prize.

A university with a lot of history from the 19th century to the present day becomes one of the best to study business will provide you with essential tools and knowledge, its history and how it is maintained over time makes it one of the 7 Best universities of entrepreneurship in the world.

This university is undoubtedly a great option to study its ethics and professionalism is indisputable, being part of its student body will be incredible for your resume in the future, if you want to acquire solid knowledge to undertake this university is the right one.

Campus Founders is an innovation and entrepreneurship center in Heilbronn, Baden-Württemberg.

It is focused on the support, and development of new and current entrepreneurs.

The recently created entrepreneurship center aims to develop the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region through education, corporate challenges and acceleration.

Indian School of Business

This business school in India is a private university, established in 2001, with two parallel campuses in Hyderabab and Mohali offering certificates in several of its postgraduate programs. Studying in India will give you incredible cultural opportunities.

Asia and India is a world reference place to study entrepreneurship, taking into account that studying here will give you advantages at a professional level in important companies and at a personal level.

According to the report “The World 2050”, India will surpass Japan and will become the second world economy, even above the United States by 14%.
Its business schools and universities are among the first in the world ranking.

Universidade de Sao Paulo

It is a public university, located in Sao Paulo is one of the largest and most important universities in Latin America. With 5,860 professors and 92,064 students, it is one of the best and largest institutions in Latin America. It has eleven campuses and enrolls 75,000 students.

What makes it one of the 7 best universities to study entrepreneurship in the world is its undoubted trajectory, if we inform ourselves we will discover that it is the one with the largest and significant number of undergraduate and graduate positions in Brazil, it also has the largest number in Brazil in the training of teachers and doctors, as well as in the world.

In the field of entrepreneurship is incredible, you will have what you need to become a great entrepreneur. You will learn to plan, manage, take risks and generate income.

Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship

A university founded in 1917 in the capital of Denmark, its areas focused on management and economics are considered one of the best and most relevant in the Nordic sector.

A university with the motto “The place where university means business” offers careers such as Bachelor of International Business, intercultural communication, business administration, communication and marketing, economics, finance and accounting.

Currently they have more than 20,000 students enrolled, in the European continental scale is located at number 8 and is ranked number 17 worldwide, its highly qualified teachers provide the necessary preparation to train future entrepreneurs worldwide, a university that stands out in its training for business.

University of St Gallen Global Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

To finish the list of these 7 Best universities to study entrepreneurship in the world we will talk about St. Gallen University in Switzerland, and is that in the world there are many universities, but we always want to be in the best, training at the academic level is very important, the university of St. Gallen University in Switzerland is not far behind. So I will tell you a little about it so that you will be fascinated.

It is located in St. Gallen Switzerland, specializing in business, economics, social and political sciences. Founded in 1898, by 2010 it had an approximate enrollment of 6,726 students.

In Europe it is one of the best universities to study business, the more than 100 years of experience and its graduates makes it positioned among the best worldwide.

It is home to more than 8,332 students from approximately 80 countries around the world.

They provide a very comprehensive education that is characterized by its international character, practical relevance and a very integrative vision.

The degrees of this university school are among the most recognized worldwide, and in the national and international labor markets.

Approximately more than 80% of its graduates have already found a job, the other 20% are either entrepreneurs or are close to signing contracts.

This report of the 7 Best universities to study entrepreneurship in the world seeks to clear your doubts about whether to undertake directly or study entrepreneurship in an academic way. The most recommended will always be to study and prepare, these universities have a long history, excellent teachers which will provide you with essential knowledge to be part of the world of business and entrepreneurship.

Studying makes you gain many more possibilities in the labor field and these 7 Best universities to study entrepreneurship in the world are the right ones.

Ranking among the best, Nobel Prize winning students, PhDs and incredible professionals.

What are you waiting for? You can be a great entrepreneur, know the tools and learn in one of them.

The most recommended is always pursue your entrepreneurial dreams.

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