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Having a good intro for your Youtube or Instagram videos, presentations, Podcast or any content with music included, can be what you need to attract more people or keep them watching your content.

Artlist is the best platform with royalty free music for content creation that you can include in your videos in order to give them this professional and eye-catching touch.

To learn everything you need and want to know about Artlist we have created a special content, where you can learn how the platform works, the different prices, the advantages and tools that differentiate it from other platforms, as well as who Artlist has been created for.

What is Artlist?

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Artlist, is worldwide known as one of the best platforms with royalty free music, plus sound effects and everything you need to make your social media videos and content, the most professional and outstanding among the rest of competitors.

So what is Artlist?

An Israeli company, created for the year 2016 by its CEO Ira Belsky.

The main goal with Artlist was to provide artists and content creators with the music they needed to take your creativity to the max potential without having to lose all the work by being “downloaded” or silenced by copyright.

In this way, Artlist became the ultimate solution to avoid legal problems when using a playlist, sound effect or melody that might belong to someone else.

The company focused on getting hold of all unlicensed soundtracks and thus providing freedom of use to its customers.

In addition, through Artlist io, you can find new exclusive artists, quality music and access to all content without paying a license or rather, paying Artlist license, who owns the permissions of all visual and audio content on the platform.

In conclusion, Artlist is a platform that plays the role of a license-free music search engine, allowing access to a library with more than 8,000 audio tracks, which grows daily, giving access to a wide variety of content.

Artlist Pricing

With Artlist as the best royalty-free music platform, you have the opportunity to stand out from your competitors and avoid the pitfall of losing content due to license infringement.

Within the Artlist pricing you can find the following monthly or annual subscription payment plans:

Max Social Plan

Plan created to get the best editing software and all the creative assets to be able to have content on social channels. This plan usually costs 29.99 per month, paid on an annual basis. Artlist’s Max Social plan offers the following tools:

  • Access to unlimited Music.
  • SFX
  • Access to unlicensed images
  • Templates for your videos
  • Access to video editing software Arlist, HitFilm.
  • Access to image editor, Imerge.
  • Add-ons for better content.

Uses a social license, which allows you to license any audio track you choose and can be used for life.

Max Pro Plan

With the Max Pro Plan, you can have access to the tools you need for video editing, unlimited music, SFX, plug-ins and footage for quality content. The plan is priced at 39.99 per month, which must be paid annually.

Here you find everything the Max Social Artlist plan offers, plus:

  • Access to quality images.
  • Pro version of HitFilm video editor
  • Pro version of the image editing application.
  • You will be able to update and obtain RAW/LOG images.

Use an Artilist Lincese Pro, which gives unlimited access to all content on the platform.

Max Teams Plan

Ideal for large teams and companies, with the Max Teams Plan, you can access all the necessary tools for good content and save for each member that joins the license.

Here you can find everything the Max Pro plan features, plus:

  • Include from 2 to 7 members within the Artlist license.
  • Organization and management of group members.
  • Ideal for small organizations with up to 100 employees.
  • You will be able to update and obtain RAW/LOG images.

Like Max Pro plan, Max teams features a pro license, given access to all platform content to each team member.

Max Enterprise Plan

Artlist’s ideal plan for large companies, which offers a customized plan with the tools required by the team. In addition, it provides support to the entire organization at all times.

The Max Enterprise plan is granted under the following conditions:

  • An organization with a team of more than 100 members.
  • For applications, software, games and users.
  • To meet business needs

With the Max Enterprise plan you can get customizable licensing and premium care services. Enjoy the tailored licensing granted by the plan.

The Artlist plans are divided into three groups, the Max plans, the music and SFX plans and the image and template plans. You can choose from the ones that best suit your needs.

Find Royalty-Free Music and Sound Effects at Artlist

As mentioned above, Artlist is seen as a platform that hosts a large amount of soundtracks, between music and sound effects, which do not have a copyright license.

With Artlist what you get is to buy the license that will allow you unlimited access to the content.

When you enter Artlist sign in, you will welcome a whole world where you can find everything from musical instruments, to voices and sounds that can give your content the art base it needs.

All this is done through a search engine to which you can apply the necessary filters.

But how does Artlist work?

It is important to understand that this platform is divided into 6 main groups, where each one has a series of tools and functions according to the tasks you can perform successfully.


It has a search engine, which facilitates the search for the ideal audio track for your videos. By means of the filters you will be able to find the perfect song. You can also listen to a preview and find similar songs to make your work faster.

Sound effects

A place with all the categories you can imagine, from bird sounds, to the click of a camera and the sound of the wind. In the sound effects that Artlist presents you can find the basis for your content and just get it by downloading the effect to your platform.


You always need unlicensed images or that short film that allows you to complement the information in your videos. You can find them through the search engine or by using the filters provided, in order to find the right image.


The presentation of your videos is very important, therefore, Artlist, presents the best templates or backgrounds for your videos and content, where you can find the one that best suits your needs and combines with your main idea.


Everything you need to include details and small arrangements to your videos. Artlist plugins allow you to give more luminosity to the images, some movement effect or include video tools.


Artlist not only provides a platform with hundreds of tools, but also presents applications that will make your life easier to edit images and videos. Try Hitfilm and Imerge, the Artlist apps. Through any of its categories, Artlist is a very easy to use platform and has all the necessary tools to monetize your content through YouTube or any other applicable application.

What differentiates Artlist from other tools for video creators?

Normally we can see a constant comparison between Artlist vs Epidemic Sound, a platform with more years of experience than Artlist and that seeks to highlight every day.

The big difference that Artlist presents as the best royalty-free music platform is the variety of content it presents.

Within Artlist you can find thousands of songs, sound effects licensed for life and content that is updated monthly, giving customers the opportunity to always have the perfect tools and elements for their videos.

In addition, Artlist presents the facility of being able to pay only for the tools you need, either only for music and sound effects, for images or for plans with a combination of both.

This avoids paying for personal tools that are not necessary for your projects.

Artlist prices are affordable due to its annual payments, plus you get add-ons and permissions for applications that will make your life easier in photo and video editing.

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