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At this time we will discuss a little bit about Artgrid Platform with high quality videos, being this an excellent option to find the best multimedia with the best visualization and performance.

Some of the specific objectives to be addressed would be the meaning of this application, the most outstanding functions, its price, benefits that we can take advantage of and, finally, what differentiates it from other video clip tools.

What is Artgrid?

Artgrid is a download platform, where you will find a great variety of images, videos and music of your preference; becoming one of the best options to find the best multimedia with the best quality in different formats.

This website has been working for a long time, offering its users a good presentation of these multimedia, which are used for advertising or graphic design.

Artgrid Pricing and Membership Options

$ 19
  • Unlimited downloads of:
  • HD Clips
  • H.264 format
  • Graded footage
$ 29
  • Unlimited downloads of:
  • 4K - 8K Clips
  • ProREs / DNxHR
  • Graded footage
$ 49
  • Unlimited downloads of:
  • RAW LOG Clips
  • 4K - 8K Clips
  • ProREs / DNxHR
  • Graded footage

When you enter Artgrid’s official site, you will come across several license subscriber packages, carrying with them the permissions for unlimited access to download the high-quality video multimedia of your preference with the best resolution, however these prices could vary.

Free: There is the opportunity to use Artgrid for free, but with very few benefits compared to the Premium packages. You will be able to download HD images and videos, on the other hand, you will have some limitation in downloading certain multimedia.

Pro: This package costs $49 per month and brings you more download capacity, having the ability to find illustrative and audiovisual resources with a good visualization.

Creator: For this complex you will have a lower capacity to download certain multimedia, from another perspective, it will keep the same resolution that the Pro package offers. This one has a value of $29 per month.

Junior: The basic plan that brings a collection of images or videos somewhat varied, but with a minimum resolution compared to the aforementioned packages. It will cost $19 per month.

It is important to know that the value of these Artgrid Premium packages, will vary a little by the season or in promotions that are made, reaching the point of lowering certain price to a more affordable for users interested in acquiring such plans.

How does Artgrid work?

Artgrid is an excellent and complete multimedia library, being a very useful tool for video producers to get unlimited downloads of thousands of video content footage.

Artgrid tries to improve the search system for these content creators and top cinematographers, making it easier for them to find the best quality video files.

All you have to do is enter its official website, request the Premium package of your choice, and start downloading the images or videos you like, you will find a range of images and videos, with a resolution of HD and 4k and color graded 8k.

Artgrid music is one of the best options for users, allowing them to download audios or songs of their choice.

If you order some of the pro or junior plans, you will have the freedom to download the music of your liking.

This website also offers worldwide licenses for you to make your unlimited footage downloads safely and without problems.

If you are aiming for Youtube monetization, Artgrid is a great platform to have commercial license of their video, music and sound effects assets.

Unlimited downloads of high video quality footage

Images and videos in HD, 4k and 8k; since many platforms provide very little resolution in their multimedia. Artgrid is the best option to search for this type of material, giving you the opportunity to make great advertising designs.

You can take advantage of the audios or music uploaded in this web portal; that will be useful when making an illustration by Cantasia Estudios 8 or Premiere Pro if the case.

If you have a hard time looking for an image, audio or video, you can choose to visit their library, where you will find a variety of these audiovisual resources and illustrations with different themes to choose from.

Use the free version to download some of the multimedia available, for this plan you will have certain limitations, but you will have the opportunity to enjoy the content that Artgrid offers for free.

What makes Artgrid different from other tools?

One of the first differences would be the content offered by Artgrid, compared to other platforms, since it has a fairly large library of illustrations and audiovisual content of very good quality, on the contrary, we have Motion array and Freepik, which offer the same multimedia but in lower quality.

Other highlights of this platform, is that it was recently launched, having at your disposal new images and with good quality.

Compared to the other multimedia platforms, you will find some that were launched in previous times, where they still have the same theme and resolution.

There is a variability in prices, for Artgrid we find monthly plans with an affordable price in dollars, bringing with it greater capacity for downloading images or videos, however, the other tools have an honest price but do not bring many benefits.

Artgrid contributor

The Artgrid community contains a large team of dedicated production system and graphic designers. This staff has one job, and that is to guarantee a good quality of images, videos and audios.

This platform is independent and is focused on making it easy for users to find the multimedia of their choice with the best resolution.

Image licenses offered by Artgrid

As we have already talked about in certain sections, we notice that this platform is responsible for offering a fairly large and variable collection of images. When you request some of the Premium packages, you will be able to download illustrations with varied themes and very good resolution.

You will find images in HD as well as in 4k and 8k, which are very useful for the elaboration of your designs.

Video licenses offered by Artgrid

The most attractive of Artgrid are the videos with good visualization and the content that offers certain short films; that is why if you are looking for audiovisual content for your film project, this platform has what you need to do it .

Audio licenses offered by Artgrid

You will be able to find the most influential recordings or music on this platform, which are free of copyright. There is a great variety and you will be able to choose the right song for your projects.

Artgrid and Storyblocks, which platform is better?

These video and film production platforms are very good in the illustrative field, but each one has features that make one look better than the other.

One of them would be the prices and the Premium packages they offer, the value is oscillating, but the tools or benefits granted are totally different.

Artgrid offers its Premium plans much cheaper, quality multimedia content and high definition compared to what Storyblocks offers.

Stroyblocks offers a variable and thematic collection of videos much larger than Artgrid.

We note that in this one you can download the music notes, but if you request the licensing packages they offer.

If you use Storyblocks, you will be able to acquire these music without the need to buy certain plans.

Artgrid and Artlist the All In Pack

Today there is this collaboration between this two platform, where it brings with it a complete package of licenses to download images, good quality videos, musics and many more.

You only have to request a certain package in Artlist royalty-free music, when you meet all the requirements, you will have the benefits that this offers.

You can also have this Pack by subscribing to Artgrid. Knowing this, you should know that these offers are time-limited, so hurry up and request your All-in Pack.

What are some Artgrid alternatives for stock footage?

We will introduce you to the Artgrid alternatives, which are useful for your work as a filmmaker or video creator.


One of the best stock video and templates platform to find good quality and useful illustrations and graded footage for any kind of design or project you have in mind. It contains the best prices and packages that you can’t miss. 

Envato Elements.

Here you will find quality content and stock footage licensing, useful to make your video projects.

It is one of the most used platforms because it is a website that allows unlimited downloads and it is a low cost monthly subscription and annual subscription. 


This is a library full of photographic images in the best quality, royalty-free, free and useful for your projects. It has everything you need to be one of the best tools for your advertising.


In this platform we will find a variety of videos with 4k footage resolution and obviously with different themes. Its prices are not so high, it is very useful for those dedicated to the development of advertising presentations and editors.

Yay images

This platform offers high resolution photographic content with totally different themes than the other platforms.

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