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If you have clicked on our article by chance, and you have an advertising project that you need to get you have an advertising project to move forward, you’ll be glad to know what is.

A tool that will work for you, and you will get all the rewards.

Read us to the end to find out about its features and capabilities, how it works, advantages, disadvantages plans and pricing and more.

ad creative ai review
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What is

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Artificial Intelligence powered Ad & Social Creatives is a tool for creating images with Artificial Intelligence which seeks to help in the advertising campaigns of those users who seek to generate greater engagement, and increase their conversion rate.

But it is not only about what can be seen in an image, as it also has the ability to generate texts, headers, and entire publications following the best formats according to the transmission channel. 

Features and capabilities of Ad Creative AI

Having clear what it is about, we can move on to more specific points such as the features and capabilities of, which we have by sections:

How does work?

Now that you know what it is and what it can do for you we can move on to how works, and the truth is that it has no great mystery. It all starts from the moment you choose to start working with one of its plans. 

Similar to Envato Elements, Ad Creative includes tons of stock material to generate the image, but within the web app.

After that, you will have to provide certain information to the Artificial Intelligence so that it understands your user profile, your interests, and can start generating creativities from it. 

You do not necessarily have to use things as they are presented to you, since you will have buttons to create edits that will allow you to give a more personal touch to the creativities if that is what you want. 

Advantages and disadvantages of Ad Creative

Of course, there are some advantages of using that we have already unveiled so far, but just to point them out, take a look at the list below:

Pros of

Possible disadvantages

AdCreative.AI Prices and plans

$ 29 Monthly
  • Number of Credits 10
  • Number of Brand 1
  • Unlimited Generations
  • Number of Users 1
$ 59 Monthly
  • Number of Credits 25
  • Number of Brand 2
  • Unlimited Generations
  • Number of Users 2
$ 99 Monthly
  • Number of Credits 50
  • Number of Brand 2
  • Unlimited Generations
  • Number of Users 2

With everything we have shared with you so far it is completely understandable that you are already starting to think about jumping on the platform to benefit from all its features and capabilities, but there is a twist. 

You should know that the use of it, as you may have been imagining, has a cost. So let’s close with prices and plans:

Starter Plan. It is ideal for those users who do not have demanding tasks to do at the moment, but who do have the vision to grow. It is promoted under the message “Start working”, and costs $29 per month. 

Premium. Now we are getting a little more serious, and you should know that it is branded as the best seller on the web. It gives you 25 credits, and many functions to develop, for only $59 per month.

Ultimate. It is a plan that has been recently developed, it has 50 credits for you, you can create two users, and many more features for about $99 per month. 

Escala. This is the latest plan offered for the platform, giving you a total of 100 credits and being able to create 4 users. In addition, you will have many more features available for only $149 per month.

It may at first make you consider whether you should trust the platform or not, but with all that we have mentioned you will notice that’s prices represent a good investment.

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