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Writerzen is a SEO Content Software that helps to optimize posts and pages for search engines.

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  • Integration with Google NLP
  • AI Writing
  • Keyword Research with Wildcard
  • Plagiarism Checker


  • Lacks of a grammar corrector

Creating qualified and quality content for our websites can be hard work and requires a large investment of time and sometimes money.

One of the main investments can be a SEO tool for content creators, such as the one we talk about in this Writerzen Review, which can provide all the necessary tools to make your business, e-commerce, travel blog or content sales, one of the most searched spaces on the web.

The main thing for the good development of a web portal is the quality of the content it has and the ease of interaction you have with it.

A SEO content creation tool can help you in the creation, editing, design and optimization of text you want to include on your website. 

The good news is that you can have a Writerzen 7 days free trial.

Keep reading this Writerzen review, to learn more about the best SEO content editor software.

What is Writerzen?

Writerzen logo

Returning to SEO content writing through specialized software, we have one of the most relevant software in the last year.

As we mention in this Writerzen review, this tool presents a lot of elements, advantages, uses and features that can turn a novice in SEO content creation into an expert. 

Writerzen is a software with origins in Singapore, which has little time in the market, but has given much to talk about in the market of SEO software for content creation.

Writerzen reviews are receiving good calcifications and so in this Writerzen review where we highly recommend it to improve your search engines rankings.

The SEO tool is characterized by having one of the easiest to use interfaces that allows someone new to the site to quickly become familiar with it.

Writerzen’s content creator tool allows the creation and optimization of SEO content, based on all the techniques that allow SEO writing to be one of the best tools for website visibility and positioning.

With Writerzen you can perform topic discovery, keyword research, search volume, writing, editing and advanced plagiarism checkers of articles, giving everything you need to get a result that will be on the first pages of results.

Due to the newness of the content creator tool, it is constantly being updated, which guarantees greater features and better quality in each new SEO content that is created.

Writerzen has a number of advantages and features that make it one of the most used software currently, despite its few years in the market.

Advantages of Writerzen

Writerzen is not just any SEO Software for content, as it has small elements and updates that expert users appreciate and others can explore a little further into SEO content creation.

For this Writerzen review we will mention its most important features for the full process to create content.

Disadvantages of Writerzen

Writerzen start

Writerzen Features

Topics Discovery

Topic Discovery Writerzen

Writerzen includes in its SEO tool the “Topic Discovery” which allows you to analyze which topics are related to your keywords and it helps to find out keyword ideas.

The topics discovery will show up the search volume of the new keyword ideas and what is the relevancy they have.

This is ideal to find out new topics for blog posts.

As well, the keyword data presented can be saved to create a keyword cluster to group important and relevant keywords.

Keyword Explorer

A SEO software for content can’t be good if it doesn’t have a keyword explorer and in this Writerzen review we present one of the best keyword research tools.

Writerzen shows on every search an extensive list of related keywords and insights that are very valid within the search engines.

The keyword data that Writerzen delivers will show the search volume of it, related keywords, a keyword golden ratio which helps to identify the best ranking opportunities.

Users can start doing the keyword research with the use of keywords, domains and wildcards.

Search by Keyword

With the search done with keyword, the keyword explorer will show up the search volume, CPC, keyword ideas, SERP overview, overview chart, total search volume, keyword golden ratio, keyword data, and insights

Search by Domain

Keyword research by Domain Writerzen

With the search done with domains, the keyword explorer will show up the keywords that a certain domain is already ranking for in search engines.

Search by Wildcard

Keyword research Wildcard Writerzen

The search of wildcard will give in the keyword explores a set of keywords that have combinations of the main one.

Wildcard keyword research is really helpful to set out keyword clusters. This feature is better than typing and finding the google search suggestion tool to seek for those relevant keywords

Content creator

The reason for Writerzen Software is its wonderful content creation tool.

Based on trending topics and obtained keywords, Writerzen allows to create content for SEO by means of personal writing or artificial intelligence.

The process is really simple for Writerzen content writing.

Content creators can first build up the outline, then search for the sematic keywords to include in the article, and then start the content writing process.

Outline to use

Content Outline Writerzen

After adding a seed keyword, Writerzen will deliver a group of pages that are the first ones ranking on search engines for a given keyword.

The user can start building up the outline to create the blog posts.

The structure of the blog posts can have the H1, H2, H3 headers, and also they can compare it with the sites already ranking in search engines.

Keywords to use

Keyywords to Use Semantic Writerzen

Writerzen also presents a keyword analysis with the amount of keyword usage in different articles of the same niche, which allows you to find the keywords that will position your content in the first results of Google searches. 

This section will show up the competitors keywords and the opportunities keywords to include in the text.

This will help to boost the content and that search crawlers can identify the text as an authority in the topic.

The keyword data can be sorted by relevance or volume.

As this Writerzen review points out, some keywords are selected automatically, but those have to be double checked because sometimes there are keywords that are totally nonsense for the user. They might be for robots, but still, not understandable for humans.

Content writing

Content Writing Writerzen

Here is where the magic starts.

With the Writerzen free trial you can check out this important and key area of the content creation process.a

The content writing area will give you the necessary tools to create the best SEO content.

Writerzen has an AI assistant that will support the process of creating content with GPT-3 technology.

It is worth mentioning that even an AI assistant sounds way too futuristic and cool, the writing that it creates has mistakes, so it is recommended to use it for short form content or paragraphs.

Writerzen AI writing tool is similar to Jasper AI, which also has the GPT-3. For sure, we will see more Jasper AI alternatives coming out as this technology gets developed.

Plagiarism checker

Plagiarism Checker Writerzen

Through this Writerzen plagiarism checking tool, you ensure that your content is free of plagiarism or repeated content on the web.

Writerzen plagiarism checking tool is really simple to use and it will show out which phrases are a copy to other articles.

Specially, if you are using the AI writing tool, it is recommended to check if its plagiarized content. So think to edit it before publishing.

Writerzen Pricing

As Writerzen was for a moment a part of the Appsumo lifetime deals, it was possible to have a Writerzen lifetime deal for a lower price than what it is now. Unfortunately, the Appsumo lifetime deal is over.

Now it is only possible to obtain access to Writerzen by acquiring the software directly with them and it has a monthly price.

You can test out for yourself Writerzen with its 7 day free trial, which gives the advantage of having your own Writerzen review, and know if the tool is right for you.

Writerzen lifetime deal might or might not be possible in the future, that will depend on the offers that the developers have.

$ 39 Monthly
  • 25,000 Keyword Credits / Month
  • 5,000 AI Writing Words / Month
$ 59 Monthly
  • 40,000 Keyword Credits / Month
  • 8,000 AI Writing Words / Month
$ 99 Monthly
  • 100,000 Keyword Credits / Month
  • 15,000 AI Writing Words / Month

Why is content marketing booming?

In advertising and marketing strategies, content and its presentation is one of the most important elements for success.

Although content marketing is currently booming for product promotion, the creation of content through copywriting is still one of the first places to sell products and services.

That’s why there are a lot of SEO software for content such as Writerzen, to make that content the best of all and remain a good competition to the boom that has the content marketing today. But why is content marketing on the rise?

Being the creation of SEO content is one of the main elements for the visibility of products and services. 

Content marketing is based on the digital marketing technique of presenting through content in different formats such as text, infographics, audiovisual content, proposals, elements, products and services of a website.

This currently can have great advantages, since, apart from SEO content and SEO copywriting, mixed content is consumed through social networks and different platforms. 

Writerzen as an SEO content creator, could present all the content at the copywriting level so that it can then be converted into content marketing and thus unite two of the great tools to sell content digitally.

Thanks to SEO software for content, you can get the keywords and the ideal information to make content marketing an advertising weapon with all the possibilities of success. 

Currently content marketing is booming due to the ease of consumption of different content on any social network, but behind these micros there is a great creation of content with specialized software such as Writerzen or other SEO software for content. 

Important factors of SEO

There are two important aspects for SEO, and it is the content itself and backlinks.

The OnPage SEO strategies are focused on what the website owner can control, the content.

As we have mentioned in this Writerzen review, SEO content optimization requires several aspects, such as the Meta Title, descriptions, headers H1, H2, related keywords, and the quality of the article itself.

Thanks to the use of SEO tools such as Writerzen, it is not necessary to be mixing many tools like the keyword research planner, Google search suggestion tool, Ubersuggest, and some other free tools to find relevant keywords.

SEO content optimization will help your website to rank higher.

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