What is web hosting?

In this article we will clarify the doubts that occur in users at the time of understanding the concept of what is Web Hosting, as this can be a somewhat complicated concept and manages to confuse them.

These confusions are common, especially if they are users who are just beginning to explore the Internet world. This happens because they confuse it with other concepts such as Web Domain, Email Boxes, and sometimes they can even confuse this concept with that of web pages or websites.

So, let’s see what a web hosting is, why websites should have a web hosting, and the best way to choose a web hosting.

what is web hosting
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What is web hosting?

Let’s talk in clear and simple words, a web hosting refers to a physical space on a server, this server is connected to the internet, so it allows the storage and of course the dispatch of all kinds of information.

For example: HTML files, JavaScript, css, images, videos, etc. This applies to any visitor. What is the web hosting provider or in computer terms ISP would be the one who provides all the solutions or packages for hosting on the website, this allows you or anyone anywhere in the world can host your data on that website.

This is what allows you to “upload” your web page to the internet, as well as to host it on the data servers of your web hosting provider.

When you type the name of a website and press “enter” in your browser, a server is behind and begins to make the dispatch of information from the website, so that you can view it in your browser. This is how we define web hosting, it is the way to store and serve the information to the visitors that require it in real time.

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Why does a website need web hosting?

The importance of web hosting in websites is imperative, if someone wants to have a website that is available all over the world, all the time then they require web hosting. A simple computer and a home internet connection would not be enough to have a website.

Even if you have the resources or sufficient funds for the acquisition of your own web server and even if you have a good internet connection this is not one of the best options.

The maintenance required by these is quite expensive, which makes a significant decrease when hiring a web hosting.

The web hosting is a service that you require in case you want to publish a website and therefore begin to have an online presence and then be able to receive all the many advantages that this service offers, a clear example would be the scope you would have with users around the world, get a better reputation and expand your market quite a lot.

The companies dedicated to providing this service have their own web servers that allow them to store their clients’ websites. For this reason, all of them are usually located in what is known as a Data Processing Center or DPC.

The DPC is the infrastructure that has the most advanced security systems in the computer market, such as physical, hardware, and software, as well as Internet connections permanently, and safer so that no failures or errors occur.

How to choose a web hosting?

In case you want to know which is the best web hosting or how to choose an ideal web hosting according to your project in question, there are certain characteristics or factors that you should take into account in order not to get lost among all the technicalities used by some companies that are dedicated to this service.

Let’s see some of these factors to consider when choosing the ideal web hosting for your website.

The web space

This refers to the space you will have available on the server you choose to host your website. You should pay close attention to this factor because web hosting plans provide users with different storage space, the basic ones start with 100 Gb of storage space, and even less.

Email or e-mail accounts.

For you to choose a web hosting another important factor is the amount of email addresses that you will be able to create with your hosting. In simpler terms, it would be the number of people who will have access to the web site.

Depending on the type of plan, the most basic ones offer a number of email accounts from 1 to 10, and other more advanced plans have an unlimited number of emails.

Control panel

The web control panel is what allows you to manage all the applications and services that the web hosting offers. It allows the creation of email accounts, the installation of applications or plugins, the redirection of domains, etc.

Most web hosting providers offer the services of cPanel or Piesk, which are the two best, most intuitive and feature-rich control panels, making it easier to set up your web hosting.

Monthly transfer or traffic

This refers to the amount of data that your website will transmit to users for a month. It is called monthly transfer because the companies that provide the web hosting service limit a maximum amount per month, but some cases are unlimited.

Other factors are for example: the reputation of the company, the availability guarantee, the cost, technical support, backups, security, and always read the contract.

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