What is rank and rent?

The SEO professionals are known to support businesses to rank better on Google, but this also has open the opportunity to a new business model called rank and rent.

Rank and rent, as the name states, focuses on ranking websites in search engines and then rent the spots to businesses.

Kepp reading to learn more about this SEO business model.

What is rank and rent
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What is rank and rent?

 As mentioned by the referent in online marketing and SEO news portal, Rank and rent is as simple as the work of gainining the first positions in search engines and then offer the website for rent.

SEO professionals know the work that is required to rank a website in search engines like Google.

The traffic obtained from organic search is valuable and lower cost in comparison to other digital marketing strategies.

SEO is a long term marketing strategy, and not all the business owners are willing to spend the required time, since they will prefer to see faster results.

And SEO is not about fast results, is about building a trustworthy website that is ready to deliver the answer of what he is looking for in the best user experience possible.

This business model for SEO professionals is similar to think of building up a real estate.

Where in the past it was common to build up a set of commercial buildings in the best spots of the city and then set them for lease, the same process applies for building a rank and rent website.

SEO professionals must aim to build up the neccesary requirements that a website must have in order to rank.

Business owners might not have the knowledge, or neither want to invest on a content marketing team, on link building team and web design team.

So rank and rent has become a good alternative for small businesses or professionals.

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Types of websites to create rank and rent websites

So who could be some potential customers for the rank and rent business model?

You can start with the professions that are not digital marketing oriented.

Painters, Construction Businesses, Plumbers, Aesthetic centers, Electricians, Lawyers and Architects to name some.

Since their profession is not focused on digital marketing, it is probably not on their interest to learn what a Google Search Console is.

Here a SEO professional can offer this solution for them, and can show the cost-benefit if they decide to build a website and rank by their own, or if they choose to rent the website.

Why SEO professionals should start a rank and rent business?

A website that has created content and is gaining traffic is an asset.

Although in accounting books it is hard to estimate the real value of a website, SEO professionals can estimate how much the traffic worth and with it, can forecast its growth potential.

This model gives to the SEO professional the ownership of his work, instead of building websites for customers.

As mentioned, is similar to real estate, but it can be considered to be the digital real estate.

As long their websites continue to receive traffic and keep the first ranking positions, the SEO professional can focus in other projects while being paid for his or her websites.

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