What is conflict resolution in business?

Conflicts are known as points of difference between two or more parties, where the lack of balance and agreement can jeopardize the proper management of a business, the coexistence of a work group or management team.

To solve conflicts, there is what we know as conflict resolution in business.

To know what is conflict resolution in business, it is important to know what can be a conflict for your business and the different strategies you can have to achieve a balance and agreement.

What is conflict resolution in business
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10 Workplace Conflict Examples

Before knowing what are the main elements that generate conflict in business, it is important to understand that a conflict will always arise when you do not have the same opinion or thought on a subject, even more, when different opinions are not respected in the most appropriate way.

Understanding that a conflict can be generated in a very simple way, let’s see why conflicts are generated in business.

Any of these 10 reasons for conflict in business can be seen in everyday life and in any type of personal relationship.

The important thing is to know how to resolve these conflicts and prevent them from recurring.


How to carry out conflict resolution in business?

Conflict resolution in business is usually carried out by a third party who can mediate and listen to the problem on both sides and reach a solution.

The objective of conflict resolution in business is to prevent the problem from continuing, worsening or recurring, which is why a solution must be obtained that will serve in the long term.

To resolve a conflict in a business, you should learn the following negotiation and conflict resolution techniques, which will help you deal with any problem that may arise at work.

Conflict resolution techniques

Preparation and information

The person in charge of mediating and resolving business disputes should have all the information about the problem:

Resource control

This technique only works when you are in a conflict over the distribution of resources, where you must take into account the following elements to carry out the resolution of the conflict.

Conversation and dialogue.

The most effective conflict resolution throughout history, as it allows all parties involved in the conflict to voice their opinion, displeasure or problem and reach an agreement.


Just as in a negotiation, in business conflict resolution, it is important to have strategies that allow you to bring the problem to an end so that everyone can obtain equitable benefits.

Carrying out conflict resolution in business cannot always be done to the satisfaction of all parties involved, but fairness should always be sought to avoid future conflicts.

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