What is a website domain name?

A web domain is a unique and exclusive name that is given to a web page on the Internet, so that users can access it more easily. In order to create this internet domain, we do not have to be experts in the field for the website to be successful.

We only need to know how to choose the right one following these important factors such as taking into account the brand, having good legibility and structure of the page, having a quality web domain provider, and being sure that it is the web domain with which you want to work.

what is a website domain
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Why is the web domain important?

An efficient registration on the Internet will be the first step to have a presence there, but we must keep in mind that only using a domain will not be enough to publish on our website, we will also need web hosting.

When we choose and register our domain on the Internet, we can create email accounts that are personalized, as a benefit will allow us to project professionalism and gain the trust of all customers.

For these reasons it is important to have a domain name on the Internet, besides that they are easy to remember for all users who browse the web daily.

All internet domain names can be customizable, therefore, most of them reflect the nature for which the website has been created.

What structure should a web domain have?

The structure of an internet domain is based on two levels. Although, at the beginning there is going to be a root domain and this is going to be the empty name from which the rest of the domains that exist on the Internet come out.

Top-Level Domains (TLDs)

From the root domain will come out this level 1, these could be: .com, .org, .net

Country Code Top-Level Domain (ccTLD)

There are the domains that end with a country specific code such as .uk, .de, .mx and more so that the domain can target specifically a country.

Generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD)

Besides the use of the common .com, .net, .org, there are now the use of generic therms such as .blog, .io, .tech, shop that give another specification as well to what the website is about.

Second-Level Domain (SLD)

The seond level of a  website domain will be characterized by the name chosen.

Third-Level Domain (Subdomain)

The subdomain is a derivation of the level 2 domain, it will be created by adding one or more words separated by a dot. The most common subdomain is: www.

You could also add other subdomains to have a direct access to any section of a website. The best advice for creating subdomains is to use names that are short and keywords that are related to the content offered on the web page.

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Why are internet domains important and how do they work?

Website domains work as a shortcut to reach a website easily, and they are important, because if a company or business did not have a domain, customers who wanted to visit your website, would have to type the IP address of the entire company/business.

Keep in mind that the IP address will be difficult to memorize or include in any advertising we do, therefore, we will have fewer customers and fewer sales.

Playing with server defaults and UP addresses is going to be confusing and can be very time consuming and almost impossible to get new customers.

Because of this, many website owners use Hostinger services that offer internet domains. These can also be used as redirects, which is a great advantage to know how many people visit the domain.

How to know which website domain is the best for a company?

Choosing the perfect internet domain for a company is not an easy task, but it is important to consider it from the beginning.

Finding the ideal internet domain should not be taken lightly, since this will be the name we will have on the internet. It is advisable to seek advice from professionals and specialists in the area, to help us build a perfect name that will also be our brand.

Another important factor that we must consider to know which domain is best for us, is that this will be an important key to make a good digital marketing that is efficient, because it will be the letter of introduction that we have on the Internet.

Advantages of the website domain

How to choose an Internet domain?

Here are some tips on how to choose an effective domain name that will greatly influence the positioning of your website.

Be unique

The name we choose for the Internet domain must be unique, since this will be one of the most important factors in the identity of our business or company. It has to be original and innovative.

It has to be easy to remember

As the same advice says, when choosing our domain it has to be easy to remember, because if we have to spell it or it is difficult to pronounce it, we will not have done it correctly.

The best thing to do is to make it short and simple, the more words we include in the domain, the probabilities that a client will make a mistake or forget the domain will increase.

Use tools to get better ideas

Nowadays, there are many tools that help us to find an effective domain name for our internet domain. This is a great tip if we find it hard to come up with new ideas or we have no inspiration to create it.

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