5 Tips to improve your Local SEO

Local SEO is another digital marketing strategy that small businesses can apply.

Different from a national or international SEO, aiming for a small market can have already narrowed the effort to rank just in a certain sector.

Keep reading to learn some tips that can help yo to improve your Local SEO.

Tips to improve your Local SEO
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1. Contact local media and news

One important factor to rank in search engines are backlinks.

But when it comes to Local SEO it is way better to do some PR work with local media who have their online websites and can have some articles about your buinsess.

That is why it is also important to remain active in the community and create buzz so that also the local media can be having some content to publish about your local business.

This way will become less expensive, rather than just publishing sponsored posts. 

Also, search engines can easily find and recognize a sector that is creating links among a specific location, therefore this could also boost your probabilites of being in better positions in local search.

2. Hire a Specialized SEO Agency

If going solo and aiming to rank the website by yourself has turned out to be a headache, then searching for an agency can be a good alternative.

A specialized SEO agency only with specialists can be really helpful to rank faster and reduce the learning curve of improving in search engines.

Local businesses are already experts on their activities, products and services, but certainly they don’t have the priority of being experts at SEO.

That is totally understandable, and contacting a specialized SEO agency is a good decision that can be done, when they business doesn’t have the time to further develop their online strategy.

Most of the times, local businesses are small businesses with reduced teams, therefore getting some external help bring more advantages than disadvantages.

3. Google My Business Listing

Google Maps has become a very important app to find out different stores online.

Business can use Google My Business for free to appear online with the details that are required to be found.

Having a small business listed in Google My Business will help to show the business also in the search results of google with rich snippets. This business cards will be automatically created by Google if the information is properly added in Google My Business.

Certainly, the coordinated work between a local business website with Google My Business can help to offer the users what they are searching for.

4. Create Local Content

Another tip for Local SEO is to create content that is relevant to the community where the business belongs.

Here, it should be a piece of content that is On-Page SEO optimized with keywords that are significant for the user intention while searching.

Groupping the content by silos and themes will help so that the search engines can understand the website structure.

There might be regions or sectors within an area that can be mentioned in the content and this way the business can target or suppport other content inside the website. 

5. Improve your Social Media

Social Media accounts also have an impact on search engines, therefore it is recommended to also have the local information up to date on the business profiles.

Building up a local community will also help the business to set its users base from area.

Creating constant content is vital to keep the accound active and also the same platforms algorithm will show the content to users who will be probable engage with the account.

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