The future of the medications

The Pharma industry must change, and it was more than clear as we saw how the world was in 2020.

The questions that come are, does the Pharma industry really can take care of human health? Is the Pharma industry really taking steps to what actually is needed to make benefit human health? Is the Pharma industry migrating to digital activities and to analyze what is actually working and what is actually not?

Keep reading to learn more about the future of medications.

THe future of Medications
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How human health care should be

It is well said and even established that a healthy person can achieve great things, since his mind, spirit and body are focused on their goals.

But as a person starts to show signs of diseases or sickness, his mind and body get distracted, and their focus is now on healing, making the process of their goals take longer, since he or she doesn’t have the same energy.

The paradigm of health care should change. If a person really wants to keep his or her high performance for a longer period of time, they must first establish healthier habits in order to avoid to reach those points.

The number of people with cancer, diabetes, autoimmune conditions, cardiovascular problems and so on, is increasing. Bringing up the quesiton, are we actually establishing a system that creates health, or one that is focusing on generating diseases?

Human health care must start first by changing the eating habits, by eliminating processed foods, reducing the sugar intake, addressing nutritional defficiencies, and establishing a dietary plan that is according to what the person actually needs. There are already lab tests that can support with knowing which foods can cause allergies to people and over that build a personalized diet that aims to heal and not to bring disease.

The body already has an autohealing condition, and it is the one that performs that healing, if it is nurtured with the right elements. So as the importance of vitamin D in a strong immune system, which can easily be obtained by taking some minutes with Sun exposure.  

Further steps can be taken to address nutritional deficiencies by taking the right supplements that a functional medicine doctor can properly guide to restore health balance. As well, and if needed, a person should take the proper medicaments in the right dose guided by a functional medicine doctor. Even now, one can easily receive them thanks to the home delivery pharmacy.

Homeopathic and allopathic medicine must not be seen as different ways of healing, it should be the other way around. Bringing up together the right mix of both worlds.

Pharma industry has done proper advances in medicine, but it should not be seen as the first option to bring up health. If a person does not properly handles to eliminate what actually make him sick, there is no medicament that will. 

To heal, it is needed to go to the root cause.


Paying for fast delivery

What actions should the Pharma industry take?

We can start talking about big Pharma companies such as Bayer, Roche, Merck and many more, but we also need to be aware of the responsability they have. We are talking about human health.

Health care decisions are personal, we all are not the same in body, and so that must be respected.

And in terms of medicine, it should be created more awareness of the side effects.

The paradigm exists, and it is still thought that medicine and science are the only true solution to bring back health, where is not.

The acceptance of the Pharma industry of not knowing all the answers and being aware that they also do mistakes is a major step towards a brighter future in human health. 

Otherwise, believing that the Pharma industry has the only truth will keep up this cycle, that the increasing numbers of diseases are proving wrong.

Digitalization of the Pharma industry

Technology has become an ally to any industry, but there are still some that are taking time to really apply all the advantages.

We can now see it all over the world how home delivery pharmacy in Monterrey, in Stuttgart, in Seattle and many other cities are supporting the user experience by sending the supplements and medicaments that are needed.

But also, technology can be applied to start analyzing patterns of where are appearing certain types of diseases, and move forward to prevent that diseases actually appear.

There are still lots of work to do in terms of health care, but there are already organizations that are moving towards how human health care should be.

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