7 Best startups in Mexico in 2022

If you know what a tech startup is then you are aware that it is one of the best business models that has been experienced in recent years, giving opportunities to many people to achieve success by providing real solutions.

Meet the 7 best startups in Mexico in 2022 and get the inspiration you need. 

Startups in Mexico
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Why create a startup?

The importance of startups comes from the fact that each one of them supports an online business idea, seeking to simplify the most complicated processes and jobs to provide a simplified and much easier experience in the market.

These are usually innovation-driven businesses, where developing technologies and designing web processes is not an issue. And, in general, we can see them allied with venture capital companies that are the ones that decide to bet on startups in order to give them that first boost they need.

Why create a startup? Easy, because not everyone gets the opportunity to plug in and work with a big company. But that does not necessarily mean that your chances of progress should be limited, since there are different types of startups as good as the ones we are presenting right now.

The only thing you need to start a project of this kind is to be able to identify a problem in the current market and come up with a solution that you are able to sell so well that you will make other people want to support it, which is the most common way to get investors. 

Zocalo Square and Mexico City Cathedral - Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico, the country with growth potential for new startups

Latin America is one of the regions with the most growth potential for promising startups. 

Mexico City is one of the cities with the most developed startups in the Latin American region. More and more international companies are choosing Mexico City to set their latin american headquarters to further develop their businesses.

This has built up a great startup ecosystem in Mexico City. 

Startups Mexico are growing nationally, but also planning their expansion to other countries. 

Andres Manuel López Obrador government changes in fiscal programs implemented by SAT can give a breath in terms of tax payments, since they are offering a tax rate according directly to the total amount of revenue generated. 

New Startup Mexico organizations can first focus on growing and don’t consider tax payments initially as a burden. 

Following up we share the best Mexican startups from recent years. 

What are the 7 best startups in Mexico in 2022?

Kavak is one of the most successful startups Mexico. You can’t say it has a great amount of years of life, but it has presented itself as a unicorn within the platforms for buying and selling used cars online.

It was founded by Carlos Garcia Ottati, Loreanne Garcia Ottati and Roger Laughlin, obtaining a round of investors from the likes of General Atlantic, Greenoaks, Kaszek Ventures, DST Global and Softbank, which allowed it to raise US$400 million.

It has also been considered one of the fastest-growing Mexican startups, reaching a valuation that comfortably exceeds $1.15 billion, making it the nation’s first unicorn company.

Clip is presented as another of those companies that do not stop growing, being very close to becoming one of the unicorn companies in Mexico according to the forecast given by specialists and entrepreneurs of the same country.

Clip is a Mexican startup that belongs to Fintech, founded by Adolfo Babatz, a renowned entrepreneur, with the intention of solving the problems that small businesses had, which at the time were not able to accept card payments.

Mexico fintech companies have a great opportunity for offering their financial services. 

Thus, thanks to Clip, nowadays all companies have the possibility of accepting card payments with just a Smartphone, being its efficiency which has placed it as one of the best startups in Mexico, as well as one of the most recognized.

As Clip has improved, it has added a point of sales software, and it has slowly become a financial management platform. 

Mexico tech companies are becoming fast growing startups. 

From the analysts’ point of view, the success of this company is based on the fact that it has followed the most important rules of startups.

Nowadays, the concept of a successful Mexican startup that is oriented towards online shopping is often seen. However, Justo had the audacity to completely innovate in this field by being the first fully online supermarket.

This new concept gave it the impetus to quickly become one of the most famous startups in Mexico, with Ricardo Weder as founder and CEO, who said he wanted to use technology to change the operating model and give producers an advantage.

The value proposition offered by Justo is based on offering high quality products while maintaining competitive prices. It is thanks to this proposal that the startup received an investment round of 12 million dollars, an amount that helped it to start its expansion process within the country. 

This is one of the most impressive success stories, and after it was announced that it has been consolidated in Mexico, recent information shows that it will begin to expand to other countries of Latin America such as Colombia, Chile and Peru. 

Another Mexican company that an entrepreneur can take as inspiration, Konfio is identified as a company whose mission is to lend a hand to small and medium-sized enterprises (or SMEs) to obtain financing.

Konfio has become another Mexico fintech promising startup, which is offering financing working capital to grow. 

It was founded in 2013, and the problem that Konfio was able to identify was that SMEs have many difficulties in finding their capital. Taking into account the fact that banks are always looking for collateral to grant loans to SMEs.

Konfio presented itself as one of the startups in Mexico that believes that a data analysis of transactions has the capacity to provide enough information so that companies can be given a loan in just 24 hours.

In less than a decade Konfio already has hundreds of collaborators, and different plans that can be accessed by both entrepreneurs and SMEs. On its own merit it has climbed to our list of the best startups in Mexico in 2022.

I mean, who would not hesitate to celebrate a company whose sole intention is to help other companies that are as successful as this one is?

Kichink is a Mexican startup led by Claudia de Heredia, recognized as one of the country’s leading entrepreneurs, and Claudia del Conde. This is oriented to e-commerce, so we can imagine that its popularity did not take long to appear.

The main objective that Kichink has set itself is to help especially small businesses so that their products have the opportunity to have a greater reach, which they can achieve through the startup.

In this case we find a startup business in Mexico that already has a website and a mobile application, both characterized by being easy to use and have an intuitive interface. It has been precisely the simple and straightforward design that has allowed any entrepreneur to sell their products without any kind of inconvenience.

Probably what made Kichink become one of the most famous startups in Mexico was the fact that its access is completely free for entrepreneurs, and provides the possibility of creating a connection with the networks of each company.

Something that cannot be overlooked is the fact that it is also one of the few startups in Mexico that has received international recognition. Specifically, it was awarded the title of being one of Google’s top startups in a recent edition of Day for Entrepreneurs Women’s Edition.

Kichink has become a great player in the Mexican startup ecosystem, as it has become a platform for other digital entrepreneurs to sell online. 

Bind ERP is presented as the cloud management system that was designed especially for SMEs in Mexico. It allows companies to simplify all their processes from day 1, such as inventories, accounting, sales and more.

Mexico tech companies are helping the country to take steps towards digitization. 

Due to the efficiency it has had with its functions, it has managed to position itself as one of the best startups in Mexico in 2022, and it has not been a surprise because it has already been a series of consecutive years where it is considered by other entrepreneurs and specialists.

One of the greatest advantages of this startup is that online you can find a lot of content about it, as well as guides and videos that are useful to have a much clearer picture of what is the function and intention of a startup like this.

It can serve as well as a connector with e-commerce platforms and financial management platforms to give better control of the income and expenses of the business. 

Some other countries from Latin America can use the platforms, but it is mainly focused for Mexican SMEs. 

Os City itself has been the result of the integration between three companies: Data 4 (which is a startup of researchers, developers and designers), Prince Consulting (a company with more than 20 years of experience in government consulting) and One Smart City (a startup of data and artificial intelligence software).

So, these three initiatives have come together to create one of the most successful startups in Mexico under the need to address the governance problems that cities have, and help other startups that want to bring the government closer to new technologies.

Apart from providing its services to the public sector, it is concerned with delivering value to the nation as it prepares and leads them towards digital transformation.

The merger has created so many professionals from different branches that the success of their work is more than justified. 

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