Sqribble Review | Easy way to create Ebooks

Sqribble could be said to be the WordPress of ebooks, since it is a tool that seeks to optimize the process of creating ebooks as much as possible.

But how good is it?

Find out why creating ebooks easily with Sqribble by reading us to the end.

Sqribble Review
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The importance of creating Ebooks in Content Marketing

A few years ago, companies that operated on the Internet claimed that, by our time, content marketing would be a trend in terms of the strategies that would be made for online marketing.

At that time, ebooks were just beginning to gain importance within content marketing, having as a first consequence the importance of freelance copywriters and that quality content is created not only for the company, but also for the reader.

You should always keep in mind that once you buy an ebook you can run with the luck that this user becomes a customer, and to see the importance of creating ebooks in content marketing we will talk a little of its advantages.

Advantages of creating ebooks in content marketing

What is Sqribble?

To say what Sqribble is is a simple task, since it is defined as an online platform for the creation of ebooks, as well as the cover of this and interactive e-books based on pre-designed templates. Creating them also when importing content from URLs automatically.

If you ask some of its users they will tell you that this is one of the best ways to increase traffic to a website, driving visitors to subscribers while offering a product in return.

We see then how Sqribble acts as a tool that allows the creation of ebooks in 3 easy steps. Although it is not the first of its kind, it promises to improve on all the flaws found in its predecessors, so you can maintain high standards for it.

There are many users who give it a vote of confidence thanks to its design and layout features, which have the ability to achieve visual approval from subscribers. Besides, it gives the full license when it comes to marketing these ebooks, without taking anything from the platform.

As an additional factor you can create a portfolio on Sqribble with the intention that your clients can find your potential designs. Everything we have mentioned is available in one place, making it one of the most complete tools available today.

Advantages of Sqribble

The advantages of Sqribble become more noticeable when we rely on its set of features that are able to simplify the creation of ebooks in the most efficient way. Thanks to its different plans you will have access to a lot of useful tools so that the chances of having a quality and attractive product increase.

We could start by mentioning Sqribble’s pre-designed templates for the creation of ebooks, which helps to save a lot of time in terms of aesthetics. At the same time, it offers a great color palette for you to play with and change the whole appearance of the design.

If we have to compare Sqribble with other similar software we can highlight that this first one is able to do all the work without any extra component, giving the user a much more fluid experience and the ability to get the best results in the shortest time possible.

Besides, its interface is simple, you will only have to drag and drop elements to use them. Use simple and intuitive gestures that go along with its quest to make the process simpler. Besides, it will give you more than one way to empty content.

If you are wondering how to empty content in Sqribble you should know that there is the classic “copy and paste”, but there are also other useful as is the case of uploading a text file. Not to mention the possibility of writing as if it were a document, or citing content from a specific website.

To close with these advantages of Sqribble, we will not forget its automatic applications. Among them, the creation of an index stands out, since it is capable of analyzing your content and creating the sections by itself. Apart from the headers and footers, its integration with image banks, and more.

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