Social Media Trends for 2022

2022 is around the corner and many marketers are still processing 2020.

But the digital world is still on movement and so do the social media networks.

Keep up reading to know more aboute the Social Media Trends for 2022

Social Media Trends for 2022
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What does 2022 has for Social Media?

Many Social Media platforms could be said to have achieved a mature status.

Platforms such as Youtube, Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook could be said now they are on a well positioned level, where as Instagram, Tik Tok and SnapChat are the following peers.

So what surprises can we expect for the future if the main platforms are already established?

We might thought that there is no room for more innovation, but that might be so wrong. 

VR has become a constant technology that has been developed and improved, by 2022 we might see even more the use of it.

Creativity is a main asset of the Social Media world, and the social media networks will surge out with new features. We will probably see a growth on the short video content.

We have seen the rise of Influencers who have aimed to create content and start getting followers more and more.

The improvement of shoping experiences inside the Social Media apps could be a consideration to have a look for.

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VR in Social Media

As Facebook is reconverting itself to Meta, one of the principal social media platforms is also aiming to push their Oculus VR. Facebook will bring up plenty of surprises in the future, and VR is one of them. In 2022 we might see more uses of VR in the social media platforms, specially in the one lead by Mark Zuckerberg. Will VR have a better impact in daily lives or businessess? That is a thing that we must keep waiting since the major use goes in the gaming industry,

Short Video Content

The growth of Tik Tok has pushed the use of Short Video Content among different platforms.

We have recently seen the inclusion of short videos in Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

For sure 2022 will see a growth on number of videos uploaded in this format since it has become a highly consumable content format.

There is no doubt that the digital world is open for the creativity of the users of social media, since we have seen different types of content under the same short video content.

Influencer Marketing

Businesses can still rely on Influencer Marketing, but they do have to really check who has an active audience.

The Word of Mouth marketing has been the best of all times, therefore, it might be a trend for 2022 to choose influencers who have a smalle but well targeted audience rather than big accounts with less engagement.

At the end, the ROI is what probably will be more important or establishing a connection and partnership with influencers who actually look and take care of their accounts and audiences.

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In-App Shopping

Buying products directly from the social media platforms has probably been an added feature to improve the user experience and avoid them to leave the app while observing branded products.

We might see in 2022 more features that can help social media users to have a better experience while shopping directly from the app and not from the vendor’s website.

Towards a World Wide Stability

As the world start to leave behind the pandemic years, we will start to see again the dynamic of people moving around cities and countries.

Social Media played an important role to keep users informed and connected to their loved ones.

2022 will probably bring many more trends that businesses should keep a track and use them to their advantage.

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