Small Business Marketing Agency Opportunities in Post-Covid Times

2020 shaked many small businesses that were not ready for the digital transformation. The alternative for them is to get closer to digital marketing agencies.
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Small Businesses and Digital Transformation

No one can deny, 2020 was a year that brought many changes worldwide.

It was a such an unexpected year, that businesses from all sizes had to react quickly to the circumstances.

Priority was health, but certainly the economy was struggling.

In the meanwhile, big businesses where readjusting their budget for digital transformation.

The businesses that were having positive outcome during 2020 were the ones that were already on digital platforms.

Small local businesses had to search for ways to deal with uncertainity, without knowing when they can open and make sales again.

So what actually rushed the digital transformation of businesses was actually a pandemic, rather than the proper need of further developing a business.


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Small Businesses need help on digitalization

Here is where the opportunity for consultants and marketing experts rised and the possibility is open to create business and support small businesses with their digital transformation process. 

Small Businesses need to improve their processes, including their digital marketing.

Even for some business owners, they might still think that a website will make the job or just having a Facebook profile with some posts, but they are missing a whole world of opportunities.

The Marketing Agencies for Small Business are aware that working hand in hand with Small Businesses is a growth opportunity for both, but to work further, this must be understood by the two parties.

Small Businesses have the potential to grow online and even compete against big corporations, a thing that was not possible in the past, by even reaching new markets in just seconds.

But to do so, it is useful to know which digital marketing strategies fit best for them.

Digital Marketing Strategies that Small Business have to further develop.

E-Commerce Strategy

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There are multiple ways for small businesses to take leverage on technologies that are already supporting other businesses to participate on E-Commerce.

It could be the use of third party apps, or build their online store.

As a quick case example, the rise of apps like Shopify or Woocommerce, have also made possible for small local businesses to be at the service of consumers, without the need of investing fortunes on the development of their own app, but for sure they will require the support of marketing agencies to start the migration and implementation of this technology.

Platforms such as Amazon, Ebay or Mercado Libre make even easier to start selling online.

But also small businesses could start their own platform and have total control of it.

Either way, digital marketing agencies are there to help to decide which is the best alternative for small businesses.

Social Media

Robot professor explains the essence of the concept of social media.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Whatsapp and now TikTok, where should a business be participating?

It is known that Small Businesses budget is limited, so it is important to choose if they are going to spend resources on the different social platforms, and if they are going to set some social media advertising.

Creating the copy and the visuals might take time, so small businesses have to work closely with the agency to reach the desired results.

Content Marketing

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A website with no proper Content Marketing Strategy will deliver few to zero results.

Small Businesses have also to take advantage of attracting potential customers with the use of content.

A simple Small Business Website might be considered just for informative purposes, but they have to take advantage also of a proper SEO strategy.

As well, A Content Marketing Mix should be done in collaboration with the Social Media team, to aim to the right direction.

Usually, Small Businesses lacks of big teams, therefore outsourcing this would be beneficial.

E-mail Marketing

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The advantage of Small Businesses is that they have a closer connection with their customer base.

In this case, having a more personalized e-mail marketing strategy would keep a closer connection.

But for that, Small Businesses will require the use of CRMs and E-mail Marketing Platforms that could give them the support to develop a proper E-mail Marketing campaign.

Local Influencer Marketing

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Leverage in some influencers on the local markets is an opportunity that some Small Businesses have to take advantage.

Digital Marketing Agencies have the opportunity to have a pool of local influencers and hire them for their digital marketing strategy.

It will be a matter of knowing pretty well the market, let say for example in Colombia would be better to hire a Medellin Marketing Agency if you are a small business only serving local consumers, rather then going to Google to search Influencers online and reach an international websites.

Global Solutions sometimes are not the best when you are thinking local. 

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