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By optimizing WordPress images with Shortpixel you provide a better experience for your blog users and contribute to your blog’s SEO ranking, while taking up less space on the server for storage. Find out everything you need to know about this wonderful plugin, below.

Optimize WordPress images with Shortpixel Review
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What is image optimization for WordPress?

The optimization of an image is a process that is performed with the purpose of reducing its size as a file, in order to speed up the loading of the page where it is displayed.

This conversion can be obtained by using a script or plugin, tools that allow its compression.

When the images have a very large size, they generate slowness in your web page and this deteriorates the experience of your users, who can get tired of waiting and leave before reading the content.

 It is therefore advisable to optimize WordPress images with Shortpixel, to improve the SEO of your website and have more chances of appearing in the first results of the search engine.

You should know that images make up at least 21% of the total weight of a web page, so by optimizing them you will be increasing the performance of your blog and you will offer quality content to your followers without them missing any essential detail of the information you are transmitting to them.


What is Shortpixel?

Shortpixel is an image optimizer that uses the latest compression technology to reduce the size of each photo without affecting its quality, allowing the pages where they are placed to load much faster. 

By using Shortpixel you will improve the speed and SEO ranking of your WordPress page following simple and intuitive steps, since it is a plugin that is installed directly on the panel of your content manager to easily manage the entire process of optimizing your images.

Even better, all of them will be adjusted automatically, and you can also configure an add-on available in Shortpixel to compress those old images that are part of the history of your website.

Undoubtedly, Shortpixel is one of the most popular online tools with a high reputation, especially for offering a fairly simple optimization without you having to waste time to completely change all your images and thus improve the user experience on your platform.

Advantages of Shortpixel

In order to take advantage of the resources that Shortpixel offers you, it is convenient that you know its specifications.
You will find it available for formats such as WebP, JPG, PNG, GIF and PDF that you will optimize to the ideal size to improve the loading speed of your page or if you want to create other web versions.

These are some of the best benefits it offers:

Shortpixel a good to have plugin for WordPress Image Optimization.

Shortpixel is the best WordPress plugin for image compression and although it has a free version, you should know that it will only allow you to process a certain number of files per month, which in a way will represent a disadvantage if you need to optimize a large number of photos.

In other words, it will be free as long as you do not compress more than 100 images per month; so if you want to change an undetermined number of files you can purchase a paid version with many other additional benefits.

Install Shortpixel to start improving the loading of your WordPress. The process is really simple, just go to the plugin section of your dashboard menu and enter the “add new” tab. 

Then, in the search engine type Shortpixel and immediately this tool will appear, then you will continue with its installation followed by its activation. 

You must keep in mind that it is necessary to have an API Key for the process to be successful; which you can request on the Shortpixel platform, by easily entering your email address. In addition, the key you request can be used to manage other websites.

Shortpixel is a 100% recommended tool, every time you compress an image it checks the percentage of its optimization. In case it is less than 5%, it will not be subtracted from the counter you have contracted and thus you can process more images than you can imagine, in turn it is compatible with other popular plugins such as FooGallery and WooCommerce.

Check the effectiveness of WordPress image optimization with Shortpixel and you will discover that your website will improve its speed incredibly, improving SEO and increasing the chances of reaching the top of search engines.

If you are starting in this digital world and still do not have many image files, it will be free, so you will be testing it until you require more processing power, where you will need the paid version, which on the other hand has packages that fit different types of budget.

Remember that any self-respecting website must have optimized images to avoid filling your server with unnecessary data, when you want it to load quickly so that users enjoy browsing your platform smoothly and without wasting time.

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