15 Best SEO tools to optimize your website

In case you want to know which SEO tools to optimize your website will really give you a good result, we recommend you to read our article to the end.

We have 15 tools, one as good as the other, that will be able to give you solutions according to your problems.

15 SEO tools to optimize your website


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Mainly, the SEMrush tool is used for the analysis of data related to the SEO field. In other words, SEO.

Although it is also useful for the development of strategies in order to get backlinks to a website, or the construction of advertising. 

Another reason why it has become so popular is because of the ability it gives you when you want to detect and analyze your competition.

For example, to know what keywords they use to position themselves.



Spyfu is known to be one of the best SEO tools for analyzing your competition, as its useful features and functions make it useful when you want to discover the tricks of others. 

You should keep in mind that, when you know what your competition is doing, you have the option of placing yourself above them, in a clean way, attacking those niches that they have left up in the air.

Although, to be honest, the user interface they offer is not the best.



It is a tool that was created with the intention of being an all-in-one tool for SEO, PPC and Content Marketing.

In its different sections you can notice that it groups functions that other tools may offer in a more specific way than this one. 

Although it does not go very deep into certain types of SEO analysis, it is still an interesting enough option that has the advantage of allowing access to a lot of information, which will be of interest to you, without having to be and coming from different sites to get it.

Long Tail Pro


When we talk about Long Tail Pro we are referring to that SEO tool to optimize your website that gives you the opportunity to discover and analyze niche markets in order to find out if they have enough potential to benefit from them in case you start your online business. 

Many say that the price of this SEO tool is high. However, there are many others who point out its benefits and are absolutely sure that it is worth paying for. It all depends on the amount of money you can invest in using these solutions.



This is another SEO tool that promises to save you time managing your links so that you don’t lose hard earned backlinks. What it does is to test them around the clock and send you reports directly to your email if any of them have been removed or changed. 

Besides, Linkody’s link metrics and analytics can help you optimize your link acquisition strategy.

Forget about spreadsheets and other desktop applications. We assure you that you will have a link management and monitoring tool that is not only secure, but also very easy to use.



In itself, Mangools is composed of a group of applications to use different SEO strategies, so that you can perceive a better positioning on the web. It differs from its peers because it offers everything you would see in a premium package, in its basic offer. 

It is another one of those all-in-one software to optimize your website, so it can be defined as a set of SEO tools in one place. You’ll be able to do keyword research, SERP analysis, rank tracking, among a couple of other features.



Anyone who knows will tell you that Ahrefs is nothing more than a backlink monitoring tool, what we have already mentioned as backlinks, which has a high accuracy and good speed.

It will help you discover the links that are being created directly to your domain. 

However, another function given to this tool is to know the volume of links that your competitors have.

When you manage this information you will be able to better understand their linkbuilding strategy, and find platforms of interest to leave your links always providing the greatest possible value to users.



Ryte is one of those SEO tools to optimize websites and their positioning in search engines.

What it offers is a solution that adapts to each area, helping to give the boost that every Digital Marketing strategy needs to achieve success. 

The purpose of Ryte is to offer its users a platform that serves to monitor, analyze and optimize all their digital assets.

Being able to help them in such important points within what is considered necessary to achieve digital success.

Netpeak Software

netpeak software

Although many call it Netpeak Software, there is also another way to refer to it as Netpeak Spider.

However, the definition of both terms is the same: it is a tool that is intended to help you solve your difficulties with the technical part of On Page SEO. 

It has a great optimization capacity in reference to essential operations, which will give you an ease that you have never seen before when it comes to optimizing your website and making it fit perfectly in the SERPs of any search engine.

Fat Joe


Although the artist may come to mind at first, it is a provider of link building and content creation services for SEO agencies. Serving both for these, publishers, and even independent consultants. 

All the services they are dedicated to create are resold with great ease, without any complications.

Whether you do it individually or as part of a campaign, there will be no way for your clients to know that your links or content was created by Fat Joe, taking all the credit for it.



ProRankTracker is one of those SEO tools that offer you to get all the most up-to-date, easy-to-digest SEO ranking information for all your websites so that you are always one step ahead of the competition, maximizing your profits as much as possible. 

What you can expect from this tool are advanced reports (both general, historical and progress reports), comparisons and reports that serve as a reference, apart from your rankings, among other things, from the comfort of your Android device, or iOS if you prefer.



Accuranker is a tool that can help you with the daily, on-demand tracking of your keyword rankings in both Google organic search and other search engines. Many users talk about the very comprehensive reports it is able to offer. 

Apart from that, it also stands out for being a tool that is very easy to use, and does not need a lot of time to be configured the way we want.

It is very successful especially with the tracking range. You should definitely give it a chance to surprise you.



MOZ defines itself as a great set of resources to perform analysis, monitoring, and optimization of sites always based on SEO techniques.

It is a set of tools full of interesting features, such as Twitter Analytics and Rank Checker. 

MOZ is undoubtedly another SEO tool to optimize your website that you cannot overlook. Professionals working with digital marketing may also come to love it. In total, there are about 12 tools in one ready to make your job much easier.



Ubersuggest presents itself as a completely free keyword combination tool, which is essential for both SEM and SEO campaigns.

The platform suggests different keyword combinations in a short period of time, according to the one you have provided them with. 

What it will do is that you work your content in the long tail using synonyms of the keywords you have already entered.

If you want something to build confidence in this regard, you might be interested to know that it belongs to Neil Patel, who is one of the most important men in Digital Marketing worldwide.

Screaming Frog

screaming frog

Screaming Frog is a semi-free tool that gives you the possibility to analyze your website from top to bottom so that you can check the health status of the site’s URLs, internal and external links, and also map the web structure, among other actions. 

The main advantage of Screaming Frog is that it has the ability to simulate crawling in the same way that any algorithm does.

This is something very powerful, because it means that the analysis it will give you will be as detailed as if it were performed by Google itself.

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