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Working remotely is a modality that has become popular in recent years, many professionals need to make video calls to keep in touch with the office and for this they can use accessories such as Rode Videomic Me, the perfect portable microphone for your Smartphone, to which we will dedicate the content of this post.

Rode Videomic Me
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Why use a good microphone for your cell phone?

Using a portable microphone on your mobile improves the quality of audio for communication, as well as being very useful in recording narrated videos. 

You may think that your smartphone transmits audio perfectly, but when you add the Rode Videomic Me you will notice the difference and possibly be amazed, especially when you discover that each of your words are clearly perceived without being affected by ambient noise, since it uses an efficient filter.

rode videomic me
rode videmic me with cover

Rode Videomic Me

It is a high quality, compact and lightweight directional microphone that connects to the iPhone’s TRRS microphone/headphone jack. 

The Rode brand represents an Australian company with worldwide prestige in the design of quality microphones within reach of all budgets; they base their manufacture on resistant condensers of high technical performance, which they have not skimped when creating the Rode Videomic Me.

Description of the Rode Videomic Me

Rode Videomic Me is a microphone that connects quickly to the mobile and is easy to use; its mounting bracket is flexible and adapts to different types of smartphones.

Additionally, it is compatible with the use of both the main and front camera and has the following technical specifications:
Its design is elegant and versatile; made in black color, with directional adjustment and a special furry windshield for outdoor recordings or in those cases where weather conditions are adverse.

It has been manufactured by Rode with only 0.45 grams of weight, while its dimensions are 8 x 2.1 x 3.8 cm.

It is compact and portable, allowing you to carry it in your pocket and connects to your cell phone via 3.5 mm jack without the need for any additional configuration.

It has a frequency range of 100Hz – 20kHz, which considerably improves the audio quality of your cell phone.
It allows video playback without having to remove the microphone.

Its noise level is 20dB-A, with sensitivity of -33dB 1 Volt -Pascal and 140dB SPL.

Its acoustic principle is the pressure gradient.

The microphone is built based on capacitors and has the factory warranty by the company Rode.

Rode Videomic Me pros and cons

It is a special microphone for cell phones that do not have their camera near its Jack input; however it can be used with other devices compatible with this type of connector and has a number of interesting positive aspects such as those listed below:


The best thing about this type of microphone is that it fits comfortably to your mobile and has extensive benefits:


It is certainly an ideal microphone for recording vlogs, videos or conducting interviews, its operation is simple and intuitive.

However, the following aspects can be mentioned against it:

Many of the customers who currently enjoy the Rode Videomic Me have left a number of positive reviews on websites, indicating that they love it for being small and portable. 

It has also allowed them to work not only with the mobile, but also with cameras, in which they take full advantage of its filter and anti-vibration base.

It is an excellent microphone that fully meets its directional function, recording with the right volume in a clear way. Its price is commensurate with its level of quality and includes in its packaging the respective warranty.

It is worth mentioning that some of its users have recommended using it with boom and medium shot to take it out of the frame.

If you are looking for a perfect portable microphone for your smartphone, battery-free, directional, small and powerful, no doubt the Rode Videomic Me will be your best alternative, not only in terms of quality and price, but for the support of its brand. 

Take a moment to read the comments of many satisfied customers who have improved their communication via cell phone with the Rode Videomic Me, allowing all those who listen to them, clearly perceive the message transmitted.

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