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Rank Math Pro Review

Carlos' Opinion -
Rank Math Pro Review.

When it comes to creating a WordPress Website and we want some support on our SEO work, we use to go for Yoast, since it has been the most known WordPress SEO plugin.

Of course, years ago the best and easy option to work on SEO for WordPress was Yoast.

It was easy to install, and easy to add the Meta Data.

It helped to create the sitemap and it seem that it was fine.

But as I kept learning more about SEO, Technical SEO, On-Page and Off-Page SEO, Backlinks, and so on, I understood a bit more that SEO was more than just adding a plugin.

Creating content for the user is the main aim that will help your website to attract visitors.

As you gain more traffic, and you improve your content, it would be higher the possibility to rank better on search engines.

But I kept learning more and I got to know more about Structured Data and Schema Markup.

As search engines still read content on a structured way, there are elements on websites that help those crawlers to understand better your website.

So when I was aiming to add the structured data on my blog, I found out that Yoast was not supporting this side.

At least on the paid version that I got. 

I searched for other plugins that could support this area of Schema Generators, but didn’t found anything really good.

It was a matter of time until I find out about Rank Math.

They had a free plugin that was similiar to Yoast.

Rank Math seem to be a good option to test out, since all the reviews out there were positive.

I decided to give it a try, and by my surprise it was similar and even better than Yoast.

Rank Math was compatible with WPML, an important compatibility that I was looking for, since my blog is in multiple languages, and I aim for International SEO

I can’t say that I am a SEO expert, and I am still behind from the full SEO Pros, but I can see that my website it is slowly positioning itself on search engines.

Adding Rank Math helped me on the same areas that Yoast did.

Rank Math is leightweight so it doesn’t adds too much code to your WordPress Website, and it doesn’t slow you that much.

As Rank Math have been improving, it had add some analytics so that you can observe how are your numbers going, but it still needs improvement, due to some bugs.

After a year I started to use Rank Math, then they offered Rank Math Pro, which the main support was on the Schema Generator, and the addition of Schema Markup for Video, and Local SEO.

Getting Rank Math Pro at its earliest, might not be the best decision, since it was probably too early to buy it, and that meant that there were many things under development.

As time has past, Rank Math Pro had received plenty updates that have improved the plugin.

On their changelog, you can find out more about the improvements and fixes that Rank Math Pro has received.

One of the big advantages is the analytics module, where you can keep a better track and connection with your site numbers.

It also has a connection with Bing Webmasters, which facilitates the indexation to Microsoft’s search engines.

I hope that this brief Rank Math Pro Review, helps you to know more about the best WordPress SEO plugin.

My Blog is still far from reaching the point I was years ago, but now that I am reactivating it, for sure it is growing slow and steady.

As we all know, SEO is a long term process, and a right work, for sure it will help to improve its positions.

Why is SEO important in WordPress?

If you’ve come this far, it’s because you understand not only the purpose of WordPress, but you’re also sure that if you don’t work hard to improve your content and adapt it each season to what’s trending among the public, you won’t be able to get your career as an SEO off the ground.

In general, nowadays developers have tools that make their work much easier.

As you have observed, both plugins and WordPress functionality are vital for the goal to be achieved.

However, just because you know the goal doesn’t mean you have a clear picture to reach success.

Knowing how to take advantage of the tools, benefits and functions of each plugin that we can install to WordPress is already an art in itself.

Consequently, the best recommendation we can give you is to devote time not only to your project, but to study the options that are available so that you can learn about those that can help you. 

On the other hand, the study of Internet user behavior will allow you to recognize when it is the right time to give a twist to your work and thus ensure that users remain loyal and bring more with them.

Learn how to create optimal content to get your project off the ground in WordPress SEO

The main thing is to be clear that this work is a slow process, which must be done step by step.

However, to the extent that you strive to specialize in the topic, you will reach the goal faster.

So, check this list of tasks that you should put into practice so that your work in WordPress is positively valued by users from the first moment.

Define an SEO Title.

Take into account that this information is the one that will represent your content, being shown as the result that will appear in Google every time a user enters his request in the search engine. 

Keep in mind that web pages are not the ones that give your content the place in the users’ preference table. It is the search engines, with their counting and behavioral evaluation functions that determine which SEO Title most closely matches the user’s search. 

Google, for example, relies on an algorithm that analyzes the information entered by the user in the search bar, after which it returns the results that come closest to what the user needs, highlighting the most relevant articles.

Be sure to optimize the titles and subtitles of your work.

Due to current events, it is now a proven fact that Internet searches have skyrocketed to levels that even content developers never imagined.

At least not so abruptly.

Based on that premise, developers not only turned to the task of creating more content, but also quality titles and keywords, which gives them as their main goal to become the search need of many Google visitors. 

Nowadays, articles must have at least 4 subtitles, disseminating the content so that the reader does not get lost between paragraphs and end up getting bored.

Set a goal and generate alliances with other websites

Collaborative work between content developers in the same field almost always yields good results.

Of course, you must first set a goal and stick to it.

However, investing in external links is one of the wisest alternatives that WordPress SEO offers you, as they will give your project the opportunity to become visible in other scenarios.

What is Rank Math Pro?

Surely at the time you were a loyal follower of Yoast.

And when someone asked you for a recommendation on the best WordPress plugin for SEO you didn’t hesitate to talk about this one, but nowadays we have to recognize (including you) that since Rank Math PRO arrived to the plugin niche it did it stomping.

Today the comparisons between one or the other are inclined according to the preference of each content developer.

However, we can’t fail to mention that both one and the other have a pretty similar fan club that is also matched in numbers. 

So, without further words, we will show you why Rank Math PRO is the best WordPress SEO plugin and what you need to know to start using it now.

As we had mentioned before, numbers speak for themselves, and it is evident that when you have more than 500 thousand WordPress installs it is because you have made sure to do the job better than many expected. 

Well, this story belongs to Rank Math PRO.

While it is true that for some this plugin is still one of the bunch, the truth is that it represents much more than that. 

The first advantage of installing Rank Math is that it is completely free, so, in that aspect, you already have a plus that many plugins do not offer you and less with functions and features so out of series. 

Basically, the main function of Rank Math PRO is that it gets involved in all the relevant aspects such the Schema Generator that have to do with your website and how to optimize it.

From the very beginning Rank Math will study your content to provide you with keywords that, according to it, are the most suitable to position your website as fast as possible. 

It will also help you to improve the descriptions and titles you have thought of for your content, which will give it a much more elaborate image and expression. 

On the other hand, the 15 modules that compose it will allow you to configure, activate and deactivate functions that adjust to the real nature of your website. 

It should be noted that, since its inception, Rank Math developers have made public the decision to release a paid version of the plugin to the public, however, no date has been set for it.

They have also made it clear that the free version will remain free forever, thus pleasing the most loyal followers of this platform.

Rank Math Pro Features

The truth is that the features of Rank Math PRO make up quite an extensive list, however, here we will mention the most outstanding ones:

Rank Math Pro Advantages

Once you install it, Rank Math offers you the help of a configuration wizard, which will allow you to set which options and functions will be most useful to you.

Like all plugins, Rank Math will not waste the opportunity to use your site as a brand sponsor. However, this won't steal the spotlight from your content, as the interface will appear as a simple and clean space.

By connecting to your Google account, Rank Math will start working its magic thanks to this link. From your Google Search Console account you will be able to see the most important information without having to leave your WordPress site as an administrator.

You will be able to see and monitor the frequency of errors 044 or reported on your website, which will give you a statistic that you can analyze in detail, in order to fix the errors that your page gives at certain times.

The Title and ALT fields can be filled in automatically once Rank Math gets the information from the image name of the content.

This is thanks to its behavioral analysis algorithm and information development patterns.

You will be able to manage the content that is included in your site, as well as the content that should be discarded thanks to the XML Sitemap feature.

The Schema markup of your content can be configured quickly and easily.

Every time you create new content, Rank Math will automatically ping it. This system will then take care of the fast indexing of your content in the search engines most used by users reading and researching similar content to yours.

Rank Math has an evaluation with a range of 4 points on which your content will be reviewed. This analysis will allow you to verify in detail the position of your project and thus recognize the improvements that you should apply to boost it.

It allows you to select and classify the content by categories, so that you can decide if it is canonical, if it should be included in the sitemap or if the URL should be indexed.

One of the best features of Rank Math is that it works as a multi task plugin, allowing you to create and manage all the redirects that are integrated with your website.

Its installation will not create conflict with other plugins that you already have installed in WordPress, since its design allows you to export the configurations applied in these with just a click.

Rank Math has one of the most user-friendly and intuitive platforms that you can find on the network.

You don't need to activate all the functions it contains. Its modular design is ideal for those who only use what they really need.

If you have an online store, the integration with WooCommerce will help you boost visits and sales of your products through this medium.

For those users who want to go further when searching for your business on Google Business, Rank Math gives you the option to share your company's contact details so they can find you.

In addition, its SEO evaluation surveys the performance, security and content of your page to give you a result based on analysis of that content.

Integration of Rank Math Pro with other plugins

The developers of Rank Math are sure that the acceptance it had among WordPress users was due to the integration and collaborative work it had with other plugins from the moment of its entry.

In fact, thanks to this successful integration, the creators started working on the development of other plugins in order to improve its quality, among which are Buddy Press, BB Press and WooCommerce.

On the other hand, Rank Math’s integration with other plugins is achieved thanks to the free and public API that both users and developers can use whenever they want.

However, there are plugins that even when they do not have specific modules are integrated seamlessly thanks to the programming with which it was developed, as seen when integrated with Divi or Elementor, which are also useful and familiar to many WordPress users. 

On the other hand, when it comes to working with plugins to generate content, such as WP All Import or Page Generator, Rank Math supports the integration of options and settings without problems.

In summary, as you have seen, Rank Math PRO is one of the most user-friendly multifunctional plugins that you can install to work in WordPress. In addition to optimizing the operation of the platform, it enriches it with new features that do not interfere with its main purpose.

Rank Math Pro is for all kind of websites.

It is evident that, after having seen the description of Rank Math PRO you will have no doubt of the benefits and advantages that will be added when you install it as the main plugin in WordPress.

On the other hand, the analytical information that the developers of the program have extracted to evaluate its acceptance among WordPress users have shown that the content generators that most benefit and use the tool are those who work as:

Any page in WordPress.
Photographers and artists.
Real Estate.
Local businesses.
Businesses in general.
Niche sites.
E-commerce and online store owners.

It should be noted that this plugin is not limited to work in only one way, since its objective, as we have said before, is to support, accompany and guide the developer in his work so that he can see the opportunities for content improvement that he should apply so that his work can be triggered and begin to be a trend among the target audience.

Rank Math Pro Pricing

Rank Math Pro Pricing is based on a annual license plan.

The difference of choosing the two plans is that one is aimed for personal websites, and the other plan is aimed for customers.

As previously mentioned, the benefit of having Rank Math Pro, relies on the Schem Generator, and the easeness of using it.

Rank Math Pro

$ 59 per year
  • Unlimited personal websites
  • Track 500 Keywords
  • Schema Generator

Rank Math Business

$ 199 per year
  • For Client Websites
  • Track 10,000 Keywords
  • Schema Generator
Rank Math Pro Review

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