7 Best Powerpoint Templates for Social Media 

Powerpoint templates are an essential tool for creating great presentations. With the ever-growing importance of social media marketing, having a great Powerpoint presentation to deliver your message is more important than ever.

The 7 Best Powerpoint Templates for Social Media make it easier than ever to create a professional looking presentation that stands out from the crowd.

These PPTs are highly editable and come with a variety of options to customize them according to your needs.

They can be easily downloaded from Envato Elements and used in any presentation software or app.

As well, you can find Google Slide Themes and more PowerPoint Social Media Presentation templates.

With these templates, you can create powerful presentations that will impress your audience.

Powerpoint Templates for Social Media
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Social Media Guide PowerPoint Template

Social Media Guide PowerPoint Template

This Social Media Guide template provides an elegant presentation for your extraordinary Microsoft PowerPoint slides.

32 ready-made templates in a 4:3 aspect ratio are available to select from to find the ideal design for your content.

The attractive, refined designs go beyond simple backgrounds, fonts and bullets: they include coordinated charts, diagrams, tables and other data visualizations for trends.

It is easy to modify the majority of items in the template by changing colors, forms, positioning or deleting.

You can customize the backdrop by picking a hue, ombre or photograph with few steps.

Paste your own text, increase or reduce the number of text boxes and edit the font if you prefer. Adapt the graphs and illustrations to fit your facts.

Replace the standard visuals with personal photos or images by editing the media holders.

Social Media PowerPoint Template

Social Media PowerPoint Template

Are you in need of a Social Media Strategy Template but concerned about the cost?

The Social Media Marketing Presentation Template is here to help!

You’ll need some editing skills, but don’t worry – it’s 100% editable with Microsoft PowerPoint.

Creating designs for digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube has never been easier!

With these amazing templates, you can customize text and images to create stunning mockups for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Complete with pixel-perfect image guides that have been updated for 2019, these templates also include meticulously organized and labeled layers as well as high-resolution PPTx files in two sizes – 1080 x 1920 and 1080 x 1080.

Designing has never been simpler!

Social Media Template for Powerpoint

Social Media PowerPoint Template 2

Nowadays, there are numerous outstanding PowerPoint presentation templates available.

Consequently, it is necessary to change our perception not only to exhibit ideal slides but also to enhance the experience associated with them.

Therefore, here we offer you Infographic Pack to complement every step of your business growth with an overall brand presence, ranging from beginning a new venture, being acknowledged amidst competitors and completing it with an augmented objective statement.

This PowerPoint template includes a variety of features to help you customize your presentations.

It contains 16 unique slides, 90+ XML files with custom Microsoft Office theme colours and options for both light and dark backgrounds. It also comes with a widescreen (16:9) ratio, handmade infographics and a free icon pack.

All of these features make it easy to create stunning presentations that will draw attention and capture the audience’s imagination.

Social Media Marketing Powerpoint Presentation Template

Social Media Marketing Presentation Template

This Social Media Slides Template has been designed with expert care and a contemporary aesthetic to ensure that your next presentation looks extraordinary.

This presentation comes with 20+ slides, each of which has been crafted by hand in Powerpoint.

There are section break slides as well as a gallery and portfolio slide.

All graphics are resizable and editable, so you can adjust them to fit your needs. Furthermore, there is a picture placeholder that allows you to just drag and drop images into the design.

This Social Media advertising presentation is based on master slides, so you can be sure it will look pixel-perfect no matter what device it’s viewed on.

Mindmap & Social Media Presentation PowerPoint Template

Mindmap Social Media PowerPoint Template

These days, there are numerous outstanding easy to use presentation templates available.

Thus, we must alter our thought process not just to display ideal slides but to increase the experience within them.

We offer you an Infographic Pack to supplement every aspect of your business growth with unified brand touchpoints, from initiating a fresh venture, creating awareness among opponents and completing itwith an improved goal offering.

This presentation comes with a plethora of features that make it incredibly versatile. 14 individual slides provide plenty of content for a variety of purposes, while 90+ XML files offer custom Microsoft Office theme colors.

It also provides users with light and dark background options.

Additionally, the widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio is well-suited for modern displays.

Furthermore, handmade infographics ensure an attractive presentation, and every element is fully customizable to suit personal needs.

Lastly, a free icon pack is included to enhance the overall look and feel.

Socialita Social Media Ppt Template

Socialita Social Media Powerpoint Template

This presentation template is highly customizable, stylish, chic, sophisticated, and suitable for both corporate and personal presentations.

Utilizing this presentation will enable you to elevate the quality of your presentation and help attract more customers.

This presentation contains a total of 60 slides, with 30 slides in light mode and 30 in dark mode.

It has been designed to fit a widescreen ratio of 16:9. Customization is made easy, due to the inclusion of master slide layouts as well as free fonts. Therefore, you have everything you need to create an engaging and professional presentation.

Social Media Marketing PowerPoint Template Slides

Social Media Marketing PowerPoint Template

Introducing Socialina, a PowerPoint Template perfect for Social Media Marketing. This Template is ideal for Tech Companies, Digital Marketing Strategies or any Business Portfolio.

With its Modern, Elegant, Professional and Unique design, it’s sure to make a lasting impression.

This presentation includes thirty slides, all of which can be adjusted to fit your needs.

You can resize and customize the included graphics as you wish.

The fonts used in this presentation are free web fonts that have been recommended.

Each slide is based on a master slide, and picture placeholders are available for easy drag-and-drop action.

Editing is simple and straightforward – the ratio of 16:9 will match your 1920×1080 screen resolution precisely.

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