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What is Pitchground?


Within the wide variety of portals that are known as SaaS Marketplace, we can find Pitchground, a great place where you can not only find hundreds of offers for software tools that serve entrepreneurs, but also a series of content, courses, projects and programs that seek to give users all the necessary software tools to grow with and for their company.

Pitchground presents a series of SaaS startups that you can purchase for a one-time lifetime deals fee and courses that you can pay for as well. This guarantees access to all the features of the chosen software and content in that coupon code package, wherever you want and whenever you need it, without any type of restriction.

The difference with other SaaS Marketplaces for entrepreneurs, such Appsumo lifetime deals, is that Pitchground specializes in taking education as the main source for the growth of entrepreneurship, therefore, presents different types of courses and the space for any entrepreneur to present their project and this can get an average seed funding.

Pitchground’s SaaS Marketplace for entrepreneurs, bets on new talents, new businesses and small companies, being one of the main funders of low-cost or accessible software and free education courses. 

Advantages of Pitchground

The main advantage of Pitchground is that it is not only presented as a “software marketplace”, it is presented as a SaaS Marketplace for entrepreneurs, where the entrepreneur is the first to benefit from the different Pitchground deals and products found in the portal.

The SaaS Marketplace for entrepreneurs will always present the best possible deals of SaaS startups software and content options available in the market to guarantee the growth of your company. 

For the entrepreneurs who are early adopters getting to buy a SaaS product is a good long term decision since the Pitchground deals are offering at a lower price the access to the product.

Based on its values and mission as a company, we can determine a series of advantages that anyone who wants to be part of the digital business and wants to start a business with Pitchground can enjoy.

Why is it better to acquire a software in a single payment than in monthly payments?

Normally within the SaaS Marketplace for entrepreneurs, you will find a series of paid software, which users can acquire through subscriptions or one-time payments. It is very common to find both types of payment modalities, as it depends on the creator and who offers the service within the marketplace.

For example, Pitchground handles annual or lifetime payments, which means that you only make a single payment to get access to the software of your choice and you do not have to pay again, unless you upgrade and the additional payment would be for the extension or upgrade.

Other SaaS Marketplaces for entrepreneurs, apart from Pitchground, have monthly payments for their software or by subscription where you have to constantly access the page where you have purchased the software for its use and usually have constant updates.

There are many reasons to acquire a single payment software, since it has a series of advantages that you would not enjoy with the software of monthly payments.

Some of the reasons to look at Pitchground for your One Time Payment Software are as follows: 

Payment for the software in the SaaS Marketplace for Entrepreneurs, will be made on a one-time basis, which guarantees that you will not have to make any further payments until the software is obsolete or goes out of service.

By obtaining the software in Pitchground, you ensure indefinite access from wherever you want with the creation of your account and the one-time payment of the software of your choice.

You don’t have to license it on an ongoing basis, as it is a one-time purchase and may need to be updated annually, but never monthly.

You get great ease and convenience by making a one-time payment for software.

You get a lifetime service guarantee, so make sure you purchase software from Pitchground that you will use consistently and for a long time. 

The difference with the monthly payment software is that you must subscribe to packages that offer certain benefits for the monthly payment.

In the case of SaaS Marketplace for entrepreneurs where there is monthly payment software, you usually pay high fees for packages that do not have all the benefits that the customer needs.

In conclusion, it is better to acquire a single payment software, as long as it is something that can be used constantly and that is essential for the enterprise. 

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