Pagefly, the page builder for Shopify

The page builder for Shopify, Pagefly, has managed to gain a great reputation with experts and users who decided to give it a chance to help them build their website, but how good is it?

In this article, we will not only help you understand why use a page builder for Shopify, but we will tell you about one that will leave nothing unresolved.

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Why use a page builder for Shopify?

There is no doubt that page builders have been enjoying great popularity for a couple of years now, there are more than enough reasons, as these web builders are known to be full of advantages for those who know how to take advantage of them. 

Page builders for Shopify are almost indispensable.

Their arrival brought with it a great level of competitiveness on the part of the providers.

To let you know why to use a page builder for Shopify, here are its three main advantages:

They are easy to use

This type of add-ons, whether they are aimed at advanced users or beginners, have a simple operation and self-explanatory functions, so it is really easy to understand them without knowledge of HTML, CSS, or PHP, as long as you pay close attention.

The changes you will make to your website will not require an external service provider, they will be implemented easily and quickly by your hand. This is an absolute advantage especially for inexperienced users, as they will be fully involved in the process and learn as they go.

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It has a wide range of functions

These are multifunctional tools, with the help of one of these page builders you can take the simplest template and turn it into a great wildcard because, when you install it, you get almost unlimited possibilities for building your website.

This means then that they come with almost everything. There will be no need to install additional plugins for simple business websites, modern blogs, or fancy portfolio pages. If your project is among any of the above, you will undoubtedly benefit a lot.

They are very economical

If you're still wondering why use a page builder for Shopify you might be interested to know that everything we've mentioned above is complemented by making your budget a little more economical. Starting with the fact that you will save on hiring a web design agency, or a freelancer.

If you thought that financial resources would be an impediment to getting a modern website with a truly competitive range of functions, you will be glad to know that page builders are a quite acceptable solution. Even the ones that can cost the most, are much cheaper than hiring other services.

What is Pagefly?


In case you still don’t know what Pagefly is, we must tell you that it is presented as one of the best solutions for online businesses. No matter what is the niche in which it operates, as they themselves point out on their website. 

They enjoy the possibility of being able to call themselves the most powerful tool to take a business to the next level, and, in fact, the reviews from experts, and users who have decided to trust their websites in this page builder, are more than good and positive. 

It is a Freemiun page builder, which means that you have the option to opt for its services for free. However, to access more features you will have to pay a subscription, on a monthly basis, to any of the plans you are interested in or want to give it a try.
Pagefly’s price is quite affordable, even in its most expensive version, since we have the Silver plan, for which you pay only $19 per month.

Then comes the Gold plan, for which you would be paying about $39 per month. And we would close with the Platinum, which has a cost of $99 per month. 

Of course, the features that make up the different plans are improved and complemented as you progress from the free version to the most expensive version.

However, you don’t necessarily have to sign up for the aforementioned to have a good service. 

To help you decide which Pagefly plan to hire you must take into account what are the needs you have as a web page creator, and then go to their website where all the plans are specified so you can choose the right one for your project.

Advantages and disadvantages of Pagefly

Finding advantages of Pagefly is as simple as asking ourselves why we should use it, and here are a couple of them:

It is easy to use.

It's as easy as grabbing an element directly from the application's library and placing it on the page. From there you can play with margins, among other things, to make sure everything looks good no matter what device it's displayed on.

It has a high conversion rate.

Not only are the pre-designed templates of this page builder made to optimize conversion rates, but its coding and Pagefly designs are made with the intention of optimizing page speed.

The variety and customization is great.

You'll have standard elements, Shopify elements (everything that requires Shopify data), third-party elements (everything from other applications that have been integrated into Pagefly), and sections (where all the sections you've previously created and saved will be).

Does Pagefly have disadvantages?


The disadvantages of Pagefly will depend on the usage and perspective of each user. 

Of course, not all creative minds think alike, so we can certainly find some negative reviews of this page builder if we set out to look for them. 

However, we believe that opinions based on personal preferences should not define an element as such. 

So there is nothing better than to encourage you to use Pagefly for Shopify and, based on your experience, you can define how bad it can really be, or if it is as good as we are told.

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