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From conversations with friends, to business meetings, interviews, lectures and training through online portals, Otter Ai, the automatic transcription software for collaborative teams, presents a wide range of functions and tools to make your meeting more useful.

It is one of the best speech to text software.

If you are part of a company, Otter_Ai, presents all the necessary tools to automatically organize your group in the same space and give them the necessary functions so that the information given is recorded and transcribed accurately.

Learn everything you need to know about Otter Ai as an automatic transcription software.

What is Otter AI?

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Otter.Ai is known as the software capable of transcribing a group conversation in real time.

Yes, it is an automatic transcription software, which can be used both in a dual and in a team conversation.

Normally, when you want to get the transcription instantly from audio to text, you use platforms or virtual assistants that perform the note-taking capture from a recording of the meeting or call, this transcript can be done during the call, having the artificial intelligence function that facilitates voice recognition in an infinite number of versions and languages.

The transcription software achieves that the work of a person that can last hours of transcription, from a recording, can be done quickly, accurate, without errors and in real time.

It is very easy to use and this is one of the advantages it has over other automatic transcription software, in addition to the fact that it will not have the possible spelling and writing errors that a human transcriptionist can make.

For all those who want to know this product easily, how it works and everything it offers to its users, do not stop reading and do not miss the opportunity to take your free trial through its extension for Google Meet.

How much does Otter AI technology cost?

Initially, Otter Ai as an automatic transcription software was available only for the Zoom meeting platform, where it was mandatory to have a paid account in order to use the software, nowadays, the Google Meet version of Otter Ai allows access to the platform and its basic functions for free.

But it is important to know how much Otter Ai costs and everything it offers in each of its payment plans.

Basic Plan: Otter AI plan, designed for those who are just starting in the world of automatic transcription or just want to try what Otter Ai software offers to its users. It is open access and completely free, where you can enjoy the following accessible features.

Pro Plan: Those of you who already know Otter Ai as automatic transcription software and want more features and more recording and real time transcription, the Pro plan is designed for you.

Business Plan: Otter Ai’s Business premium plan was designed for small groups of people who need to hold meetings and collaborate in order to advance their work faster. This plan for a cost of $20 per month, billed on an annual basis, features all the functions of the Pro Plan.

All Otter’s plans as automatic transcription software, have annual billing, giving more room and time for payment.

$ 0
  • Live recordings and transcriptions for a time limit.
  • Editing comments, highlighting and inserting them into the stream
  • Privacy and security with two-factor authentication.
$ 12
  • Limited trial of Otter Assistant for meeting platforms such as generate rich notes for Zoom, Microsoft teams and Google Meet.
  • You can save and import previously recorded files.
  • Insert custom vocabulary for better transcription.
  • Enhanced search for recordings and exports.
$ 30 Monthly
  • You will be able to have the Otter assistant for meeting platforms.
  • All collaboration features.
  • You will be able to access the Beta test of the schema overview feature.
  • Necessary and priority support for your system problems.
$ Custom Monthly
  • Customized single sign-on for better integration of suppliers and participants.
  • Otter Ai can be implemented in all sectors of the organization.
  • Possesses greater flexibility and payment methods.

How does Otter AI work?

Otter Ai works by downloading software and integrating it into meeting platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft teams, but you can also find the free function and extension that Otter.AI offers as transcription software in Google Meet, which you just have to search for in the Google store and activate the extension from the meeting platform.

When you start your meeting, you must click from the start Google service to start recording the voice conversation and meetings thus start the automatic transcription with the desired vocabulary and the indicated language.

The automatic caption software has a number of functions from its Otter Ai education version or note-taking app.

With Otter AI you can get the following functions and perform a number of actions that are not possible with other software.

This app provides a transcription of English audio, including different accents and word choices.

You can also customize your own vocabulary for more fluent writing.

This app can also identify speakers by name.

You can import files/videos from your device and the app will automatically transcribe it.

The app is also able to sync recordings from the cloud in Zoom.

This app allows you to record audio from the web or mobile app, as well as input audio from a built-in microphone, bluetooth, or AirPods.

The app will highlight synchronized words during playback and allows you to share recordings with other people.

Access to all users and group management: You’ll be able to see who is using the app, as well as manage different groups of users.

Usage analysis reporting: You’ll be able to track how Otter AI is being used, so you can optimize your usage.

Security by means of two-factor authentication: This will help keep your data safe by requiring an additional step to login.

Single sign-on for improved vendor integration: This will make it easier to connect Otter AI with other applications you use.

Support via e-mail and in-app messaging: You can reach out to Otter AI’s support team via email or in-app messages.

What makes Otter AI product better than other tools?

Otter Ai presents a number of tools and alternatives to engage users who do not have the purchasing power to afford Otter Ai’s paid plans, which is why Otter Ai’s automatic transcription software is different from other artificial intelligence transcription tools.

In addition, Otter Ai software has features that will make the meeting more interesting, entertaining and interactive, making it easier for users to pay attention to their interlocutors and better utilized by students, since they will not lose information by trying to transcribe the most important information and listen at the same time.

Thanks to its customized vocabulary, with Otter Ai lets you transcribe more fluent and with a vocabulary adapted to the context and the necessary jargon. Don’t lose information because it is in another language, since the extension allows you to place subtitles as the recording is being made, which you can stop at any time you want.

Otter Ai makes life easier for students, workers and entrepreneurs, giving them functions and tools adapted to each group of people.

Otter AI Highlights

Otter Ai automatic transcription software can be used by anyone who wants it, since its functionality is compatible with the most used meeting platforms worldwide, such as Zoom, Google Meets and Microsoft Teams.

These platforms accommodate people who just want to have a conversation with someone they have at a distance or hold conferences and educational or business meetings.

No matter what you want to use Otter Ai for, this software is able to meet all your demands, from a short voice notes to a maximum of 4 hours of recording.

Go to Otter Ai’s official website and try the free version of Otter Ai, get to know all it has to offer to automate for your company, business or personal practice.

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