11 Easy to start Online Home Based Businesses

That the pandemic and quarantine are not an obstacle to start a business and start earning money comfortably from home.

Here we bring you 11 businesses to start online from home, in which you only need a device with internet access, a fast and stable internet, in addition to the product, service or content you want to begin with. 

There are many areas in which you can start virtual businesses, such as graphic design, social media management, application development, among others.

Let’s see which are the 11 most profitable businesses in 2022.

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Advantages of having an online Home Based business

Starting a business from home can be the solution for the new generations or people who have been forced not to go to work due to biosecurity issues.

In the great world of the Internet, there are countless business ideas that can be as true as false, where the user or potential entrepreneur must invest different sums of money, without assured profits. 

Before starting a virtual business, it is very important that you get detailed information about each option offered by the web portals and do not waste time or invest money in platforms that will not benefit you in the right way. 

Likewise, there are many advantages of starting an online Home Based business from scratch, or investing in a virtual venture. 

These are the advantages that you can find when starting an online business:

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There are many more advantages to start virtual business ideas in this 2021, but let’s see what are some of the options you can find in the web portals and the area of interest.

Online Home Based Business ideas

The catalog of businesses in which you can invest or undertake virtually in 2021 is very broad, taking into account different areas of work, obtaining a variety in which you can find what best suits your tastes or knowledge.

Graphic Design

If you have knowledge about graphic design, we bring you 11 business ideas in which you can easily invest from home.

Online graphic design businesses are the most sought after and in demand, since normally in normal conditions all the work can be done remotely.

Give graphic design classes from home, put your knowledge in virtual classes and help others to become graphic designers. Edit and make videos for important events such as birthdays, babyshower, weddings, among others. Make animations and short films for clients on blogs and websites. 

With some knowledge of graphic design, you can create and offer the creation and design of websites. Create the corporate decoration of a company. Create and design digital and printed magazines. 

Take pictures of products and make digital corporate catalogs. Create designs for prints and sell them to printing companies or small businesses. Make advertisements with digital designs. Sell digital strategies in blogs or forums. 


Print on Demand

Create custom merchandise with print on demand services. T-shirts, mugs, hoodies, sneakers, face masks, and other types of merchandise can become a great source of income once you discover your niche and start promoting the products.

There is no need to invest money in manufacturing equipment, warehousing, and such. No, all the fulfillment is taken care of for you, which means that you can focus on customer service and marketing.

And even if you have no graphic design knowledge, you can utilize a mockup generator for a simplified custom product creation or partner with a professional designer and create a joint venture.

Web site creation

There are many web portals that teach the creation of web pages easily and quickly, but not everyone has the ability to create their own website.

With the knowledge base you can offer the creation of websites through social networks, blogs or your own website.

Article writing

Offer your skills as a SEO copywriter, in many web portals you can register as a copywriter and apply for orders for specific topics or quantity of articles required.

Some sites are: Freelancer, Jooble, Workana and Lowpost.


Sell products from the comfort of your home.

Through a supplier, you only have to take care of selling a series of products on a website, advertising and marketing everything necessary to obtain the sale of the product. 

The advantage of Dropshipping is that you do not have to take care of having the product or shipping it, since the supplier will take care of that. Creating a Dropshipping page can be an investment of 150 dollars and the rest will only be profit.

Writing and selling Books

If you have writing skills, you can open a business writing and selling your own or other writers’ books through self-publishing sites such as Wattpad, free market and Amazon.

Design the cover and edit your book, advertise and market it from your online home-based business.

Online tutoring

Do you have a lot of knowledge in one area? Math, Spanish, English, Biology, among other subjects or maybe you are very good at making crafts, editing, videos, etc.

Offer tutoring of whatever you want on the internet, advertise with friends, social networks and spread the word. 

You just need a web cam and a place to make video calls and give classes of what you are knowledgeable in.

Social media management

Some companies offer remotely the position of social network administrator, community manager or social media manager, where you are in charge of positioning a brand, company or product through digital marketing. 

If you have knowledge in the area of advertising and digital marketing, offer your services as a social media manager through web portals, social networks or create your own community manager blog.

Virtual Assistant

Working as a virtual assistant opens many doors, since within the virtual assistance are activities such as writing, editing videos, editing writings, where you can develop skills that can lead you to undertake more specific online business and higher income. 

Normally the virtual assistant is responsible for managing the inbox, writing and receiving emails, keeping the client’s agenda up to date, as well as updating the content requested, organizing events, creating reports, maintaining active Facebook groups, posting new content on social networks, among other activities that depend on the client.

Application development

The analysis, design, creation and marketing of applications can be one of the most profitable online businesses of 2021.

If you have knowledge in the development of applications, either web or mobile, you have a wide area of work on the Internet, where you can create your own applications and sell them on specialized pages. 

You can also teach courses on application development through virtual platforms, as well as collaborate in the creation of other applications and charge for the knowledge given. This allows you flexibility, comfort and work from the comfort of your home.

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How can you start an online Home Based business?

After knowing the range of options you have in the world of web portals, it is good that you know the steps to follow in order to start an online business and succeed in the process.

There are 8 steps that you can combine and follow in the way that best suits your goals. 

Whether you start your own online business, start working in someone else’s business or offer your services in a specialized web portal, it is good that you know the following steps.

What are you waiting for to start your online Home Based business?

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