Increase your sales with Google Ads and PPC

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Nowadays, in order to compete in the digital world, it is essential to have a presence on the Internet and to advertise online.

Google Ads is one of the most effective tools to achieve this.

This advertising platform allows you to create PPC ( pay per click ) campaigns and reach potential customers effectively.

In this article, we will talk about the different campaigns that can be developed in Google Ads and how it can help your business.

Increase your sales with Google Ads and PPC

Search campaigns

Google Ads offers different types of campaigns to adapt to the needs of each company and by working in collaboration with a Google Ads Agency in Spain businesses can improve their results in such campaigns.

Google Ads search campaigns allow businesses to display ads to users who are actively searching for information about products or services related to their business.

Ads appear on the Google search results page and are paid for only when someone clicks on the ad.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping is a tool that allows merchants to display their products on the Google search results page. This option is especially useful for businesses that sell products online.

Google Shopping ads appear alongside product descriptions and photos. Users can click on the ads to see more information about the products and visit the online store page.

Ad display campaigns

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Google Ads display campaigns allow businesses to display graphical ads on different websites in the Google Display network. 

The Google Display network includes websites and applications that have partnered with Google to display ads. Display campaigns can be a good option to increase brand visibility and attract new potential customers.

Remarketing with video and banners

Video and banner remarketing is a strategy that allows companies to show ads to people who have previously visited their website. The ads are displayed on different websites and applications associated with Google. Video remarketing can be especially effective because video ads can have a greater visual and emotional impact on users than text or image ads.

Video is a very powerful advertising format. Video ad campaigns can be very effective because video allows for greater interaction with the user, increasing the impact and effectiveness of the ads. In addition, video ads can be a good option for storytelling and conveying complex advertising messages.

Find success in your Google Ads Campaign

The success of an online advertising campaign depends on many factors, such as the quality of the ad, the target audience and the optimization of the campaign. 

Working with proficient professionals like Daniel del Valle Google Ads expert in Spain, can be a great support for your business.

To achieve a successful Google Ads campaign it is necessary to test, analyze the results and adjust the strategy according to the results obtained.

In conclusion, Google Ads is a very effective tool to reach potential customers and increase online sales. The different campaign options allow companies to adapt to the specific needs of their business. Video and banner remarketing and display campaigns can be especially effective in attracting new leads and engaging existing customers. Video advertising campaigns can be very effective, as video allows for greater interaction with the user, increasing the impact and effectiveness of the campaign.

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