How to take advantage of inexpensive marketing tactics to keep your business ticking over

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Finding inexpensive marketing tactics can seem next to impossible. However, depending on who your target market is and how they react to different forms of marketing, there are more options than you think. This is due to the consumer being educated to accept marketing in certain ways. 

For instance, the much older generation is less likely to be swayed by social media influencers but could more likely be influenced by a magazine advert, TV commercial, or an advertisement in their local newspaper – so the areas you need to look at will be defined by this and will fall into certain categories.

How to take advantage of inexpensive marketing tactics to keep your business ticking over

#1 Enforce workforce uniforms

It is a good idea to enforce a workplace uniform, even if you change it slightly for each of the different teams within your business. This would obviously make certain employees easier to spot, but there is another side to this also. If you have to visit customers (or have customers come to your place of business), it will make your workforce look unison and smart. 

Plus, if your employees are situated out and about – either in public or at a customer’s location – your business will also gain free advertising. However, this is only the case if you make full use of the space clothing items provide by putting your business name or logo on them. For instance, you can customize apparel and place your company’s slogan and logo on clothing pieces, such as the backs and fronts of t-shirts, hoodies, and jackets, as well as on the front of headwear – like snapbacks, beanies, 5-panel hats, caps, and other types of custom hats.

#2 Use vehicle transfers

Adopt a uniform for your business vehicles using vehicle transfers or a vehicle wrap, and your employees could be advertising your business as they drive around or even while parked curbside or in a parking lot.

Vehicle transfers and body wraps do not damage paintwork, although they do have a certain lifespan that can be affected by your regional weather and how you store your vehicles while they are not in use.

#3 Utilize old-school methods

As stated above, old-school marketing methods do work for certain people. For instance, those that are unlikely to use the internet much, be that trusting of it, do not have access or have limited access, or simply prefer to read content on paper or watch TV. 

Those kinds of people will definitely fare better when seeing or hearing some of the following advertisement types:

It is important to realize that the newspapers and magazines of yesteryear were only available in local areas or from certain stores – meaning their target audience range was much more limited. Today, they are available online and downloadable to smartphones, tablets, and computers – and can therefore offer a large audience for your advertising.

To wrap it all up

It is well worth trying your hand at different types of marketing rather than just sticking to the same old choices repeatedly. You may well be surprised by the number of potential customers you have missed by not initiating old-school methods.

In saying this, you should take advantage of areas of your business vehicles and your company uniform to show off your business name and logo. After all, when you have paid out for this space once, all other advertising that happens is free!

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